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May 12 [Sat], 2012, 17:10

"Damn it, this is scarlet judgment!" Hoffman a pair of eyes fierce of opened, he and his ashes together in the wind warlock plain, although between each other and how much is going, but for the second only to aspen rick's big ronny turiaf, is more or less some understand, this time the horse of the cast bartholomew diaz, is most proud of ashes warlock dark magic ruling. The audience suddenly quiet down, all bowed, held his breath, that the storm comes before peace, as if the sky of dark clouds generally full of depressive breath, all in fear, worried that the young wizard from garros, they even want to silence remind him, let him leave the place as soon as possible, from the storm center of the judgment of scarlet. But, already too late... The blood-red vortex crazy rotation, even the ghd australia time like frozen. Floating in the sky full of quiet, a hand slowly from the ring of endless storm took out one thing, that is a cross sniper crossbow, came to AnRuiEr after the world, the cross a sniper crossbows share the three times, once in the valley of shadows, first in Montenegro town, and once in the fire plume mountain, almost every time, make full escaped a termination. "Damn it, FeiLei exactly want to do......" The scarlet judgment spell sing sound continuously came, medellin entire people all hyperventilate, he held a pair of eyes staring at the dawn of the square in two tries the apprentice, whether tone or look, is full of a difficult yan of anxious. "Ah..." This time, even Mr German are not shook his head, of the deep door already appeared, scarlet decision also began to sing, even if it is Mr German powerful, also cannot terminate the will of the disaster, the only thing he can do, also can be continuously to vanity barriers of input magic to minimize the impact of the ruling will scarlet...... Still floating in the sky with quietly among, see his and slowly will be reached into his endless storm ring, from inside take out a root thin vanity spike, in the rays of the dark vanity thorn is flashing faint light, with full hand on the top of the thorn is vanity, this just slowly will it fill in the smooth crossbow slot, at finish this all the time, stacks of action meticulous and slow, as are the beloved girl touch hair... "Mama of FeiLei, hurry to run, you his mama's run!!!!!" The ceiling medellin lambaste, but fundamental of no help, because across the vanity barriers, at full hear what he was crying.

The sniper take in thine hand crossbows, vanity thorn is slowly fill in rough crossbows, amongst the mind into a mysterious thoroughly jin state, that kind of feeling, as if returned to a long time ago, back to his wrath of the handheld stars, and vertical and horizontal in endless world, all around, there is no truth in line with the relationship, whether it is as if the general red mist swirls, or the audience the wizard of line only concern, just their own hands the sniper crossbow, and dawn square on, that are flashing dark red...... Yes, there is blood eye crystal source of power, of the deep in the center of the door. Perhaps because stacks of expression, perhaps because of vanity spike breath, in a word, when lining up the sniper crossbow, aimed at the point of dark red, the horse of spell sing speed bartholomew diaz is obviously accelerate, brake when between, all are just think, a thick bloody breath is the dawn square diffuses to come. "I'm sorry, ma, my luck bartholomew diaz mage, I'm afraid it will continue to good down..." With the moment of falling voice, has been the hand also then coach outlet store online pulled the trigger, listen to or "shwoosh" with a light ring, sharp matchless vanity spike, up in the sky to pull a long the shadow, that a high voice sound of ride, like a alarm, let the audience sat on the thousands of mage, coincidentally the heart in my mouth will be mentioned. Follow, is "bang" a loud noise. Vanity spike as LiuXingGanYue general, was tied at that point above the dark red, brake when between, and the world seems to lose color, enchanting color vortex, almost instantly winding down, only in the square in the dawn leave a pale. And almost at the same time, stacks of figure is suddenly become fuzzy, the whole like ghost general, the silent in the horse behind bartholomew diaz, follow a heavy is a boxing, the horse of the vest bartholomew diaz, before the horse return to absolute bartholomew diaz line is fierce of body will have a turn, follow is more than ten pieces wind blade "SouSou sou" pour out, as if a machine of wind blade attack, even if the horse was bartholomew diaz whole body and scales package, is also an instant was cut to black and blue. Thoroughly mastered after battle rhythm line don't give him a chance bartholomew diaz, the magic of very large surge of crazy, with again and again mages guild, now forced to bartholomew diaz horse on the brink of collapse......

"It can't be......" Dali Ann two eye hair straight, staring at the stacks of time, can be like is seen a ghost, full head big sweat, pale, a skinny hand your mouth tightly, desperately trying to suppress the scream of impulse. Among the many thousands of the sorcerer present, I'm afraid to secure the most clearly in the number of Dali, now of the horse to what state what strong bartholomew diaz, because his horse with the trial HuoLun bartholomew diaz between teacher, would have reached some kind of agreement. Big MoDao and level of power, may at any time of the awakening of the demon descent, in Dali Ann this, it seems, is not any a trial to the power of the apprentice contend that Dudley Ann and even some bosom Assist in Mr German has finished four word master the grain, the move by those T7 really necessary... But soon, he was no more suspicious, and necessary, it is necessary to! This garros mage, it is a real monster, from the start to now, show come out cheap vibram five fingers of it is a power than a scary, the beginning of the casting skills, is already enough for a thrill of, but soon, Dali, we found that the root nothing, for a relief to the ball out of sixty inflammation of the critical art monsters, and casting skills strong again calculate what. But even in many breath kept out of sixty inflammation of the critical art, Dudley Ann are never intended to, the sorcerer true have ability to garros horse rival bartholomew diaz, after all the horse inherited bartholomew diaz, but destroy the power of batu monarch, even if it is only part of the inheritance, is enough to make him sweep all rivals. But now, this should be swept all the horse opponent bartholomew diaz, but be a crossbow bolts thoroughly broken, lost the power of the door of the deep, the horse is a little weak down bartholomew diaz, both power and speed, are not comparable with previous, even casting magic, sing spell of time is also more than previously has nearly doubled. And on the other hand, the young wizard is from garros YueZhanYueYong, just a moment between, will force the horse bartholomew diaz no have the strength. Bartholomew diaz a pair of color in the horse meat wings have been broken, bunches of flake completely lost luster, and, with the blood of foul thick, is down on the wound to flow, this time the horse bartholomew diaz, can mess on top of the world, a short while ago, he also is proposing this how to play the game of cat and mouse, but after a few moments, but is like a dead dog like people to the ground a malicious beat.

After trailing down from the sky, the horse has been full of vacant face bartholomew diaz, how he also not understand, this garros the sorcerer what and where do you come from power, and in a flash was knocked out of the awakening of the demon lineages within themselves, in the horse bartholomew diaz opinion, it's like a dream, the power of the monarchy from destruction, at this time is that the weakness of appear so, no signs of resistance of leeway, just watched a boxing and a boxing opponent of playing in his face, as if heavy hammer again and again as it, for a while, dawn on the square is terrible static, only fall in his fist, and before he can hear because heavy MenXiang, horse bartholomew diaz only can do, also can is hands hold the head, as far as possible reduce their own has been hurt... Lining is never a magnanimous person, just not promoting the horse under be bartholomew diaz a fat beat, have been suppressed plenty to temper, got the chance at this time, and which have not hit a worthy life enough of truth? Besides, a whole a black lotus can match out not destroy the potion, don't let the horse beat into an idiot christian louboutin mens shoes bartholomew diaz, that a black lotus not in vain? At this time of it just like it was full of changing a people, than wind speed faster, stronger attacks than thunder, horse bartholomew diaz in front of him, just like a funny clown, no struggle not resist, like a punching bag, was he "boom boom" keep the beat of...... Crazy attack let lining, with his red eyes a face full of dense of murderous look, see his one hand pressed upon horse of the throat bartholomew diaz, will that be full of thickly dotted with scales body, was hit in the dawn on the square, brake when between, only hear the "bang" loud noise and the hard rock, was once was it spread apart, the whole people all deep bartholomew diaz horse sinks to go in, the fluttering gravel and diffuse and stood up, let whole dawn square all static down... "This......" Hoffman difficult swallowed up repeatedly water, a pair of eyes can quick stick out, how he had not thought that, this looks dangerous genius pharmacist, once killed red eye, should such a violent so aggressive, completely is gladiator general bloody combat. This time, hoffman and even some doubts his decision, he has always been thinking, with such a people doing business, is what is a good idea...