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The standing committee and make public relations cheap ghd good person is not a few, but everybody unity choose silence about make public recently to box the many, but has been no clear statement, ZhaoYangLin several openly about it gushes forth, on the surface to make public, but in fact it is DuTianYe refers to the sword. It's not that they don't wish for publicity to talk, but not necessary to DuTianYe nature, will certainly counterattack, and this counterattack won't wait too long. Today's some strange, YuanChengXi this always don't like a man of words and talked: "two days ago I entertain British foreign time. Somebody else will mention it, say we river of the delegation a leadership, in the investigation period to the red light district". Here he deliberately paused, then make indignation expression way: "still contracted venereal disease!" The standing committee of the first kernel a jump out to people is the organization minister XuBiao, who all see today this three old guy in to act in an opera, their targeted make public, even if others don't talk, he XuBiao have to say, make public XuBiao to him good, if not make public, he XuBiao may grieve in dongjiang. His daughter, xu drop justice will not help to get back, XuBiao way: "yuen vice mayor English is good. Have been able to and foreign direct exchange!" One more, and chapter! , (to be continued) Chapter three hundred and nine of on striking table (below) XuBiao quips, "others are diagnosis is talk about economic. Yuen vice mayor and foreign meet is talk about red light district, is really admire you!" The member of standing committee who all know that this is a serious situation, can XuBiao words too provoking smiled. Finally several could not help but laugh, this one to take the lead. Everyone laughed. YuanChengXi a prestige rose red, he loudly way: "xu minister, is somebody else you talk to me. I don't know that red light district is what?" XuBiao sigh a way: "yuen vice mayor don't know red light district is what? You go abroad also have several times, haven't been to?" YuanChengXi obvious nu: "xu minister. How can I go to that place?" XuBiao way: "learn capitalist advanced party at the same time, also want to recognize the capitalist decay side, yuen vice mayor even went to a nothing important also, to you a senior party member's quality, to is in critical look at problems." The XuBiao unify slanting stirring harass the YuanChengXi gas inside out. MaYiMin way: "into a tin comrade reaction things ear is not trivial, now society upload very wide. Say we went to Europe became investigation delegation visiting group, said someone under the cover of this opportunity to public funds, and did eat and drink. Public money prostitution, but also with a disease, let's face the river to throw out Always did not speak of the public security bureau Eva peng fly way: "this matter I also heard, but we make a criminal investigation, any matter all to have to pay attention to the evidence. Opponents who have no society according to the rumors. We should smile at!" ZhaoYang circle: the "smoke is not necessarily uncaused. If we each leading cadres can be strict with oneself, also won't produce so many rumors." DuTianYe insignificant way: "this matter I also heard, specific things I also clearly, this time to Europe during the investigation, the delegation deputy head of make public because of his illness, so advance from European returns, recently he is sick, all procedures all conform to the program.

He told YanXinJian nodded way: "make public early return is a strict vice mayor approved cheap ghd straighteners it." YanXinJian nodded way: "yes, it is my approval." Actually make public not to leave him at all, but DuTianYe so ask, YanXinJian of course will come out quite a. It is not only shows that the problem of position, he and make public due is very good, also make clear the background, in his view to ZhaoYangLin for the gang is obviously the himself humiliation, don't say these things just rumors, it is fact what? Far not said that the said river. Secretary of municipal committee of the CPC DuTianYe and make public relations who don't know? As long as DuTianYe want to cover the make public. The gang jump to huan and can how? DuTianYe way: "I don't understand! Our party always some comrades to fantastical things so interested in seeking truth from facts, all the day to hang on the mouth, can be set to make a, what public funds, and did eat and drink? What public funds whoring? Even we do not pay attention to maintaining this collective image, others will also care about?" He ShuangHu eye gaze at ZhaoYangLin coldly. ZhaoYangLin expression some not natural, he knew DuTianYe will maintain make public, but did not think of ZhaoYangLin will maintain him to this point. DuTianYe way: "make public problem, since everyone is so interested, so let's let him say clearly clearly, it is very simple. European things have strict delegation, deputy mayor and so many people prove, Beijing hospital things have a record, I think this thing is don't bother discipline inspection commission, strict vice mayor, you as head of delegation, I'll leave it to you, hope you are the next time the standing committee on take out a let everyone a satisfactory report. " YanXinJian nodded his head. Organization minister XuBiao sneer at a way: "so many original standing committee gather here is to discuss a deputy place class cadre thing!" DuTianYe way: "the meeting!" ZuoYuanChao and has not publicly support make public. But his heart to ZhaoYangLin the gang as feel very puzzled, ZhaoYangLin, MaYiMin, YuanChengXi the three old guy is all political old fox, in the river was in official circles for many years, the gang up public challenge the authority of the DuTianYe. Don't is gaga? Can their minds should not like, ZuoYuanChao political sense of smell is undoubtedly very sharp, he noticed the subtleties. This meeting let DuTianYe mood how many have taken some influence, get back to the office. The secretary JiangLe has to see this, want to being a good secretary, first you need to learn and silently, want to understand the conjecture leadership psychology, nowadays flat sea province, south tin city's new mayor XiaBoDa has become all secretaries of the model, the somebody else is good at conjecture leadership psychology, silently with the secretary for many years. Finally in the secretary retired in airness before. Now has become a party official. JiangLe whispered: "du secretary, zhang. In office waiting for you!" DuTianYe oh a voice, he still keep the pace of just now, DuTianYe walks tiger tiger born wind, this and he was born on military families, a lot of people to see him for the first time that he has joined the army experience, in fact is not the case. Make public sitting in sand fine him, see DuTianYe back, he smiling stood up to three "du secretary good". DuTianYe cross gave him a blank look, didn't good the spirit way: "you know come back?"

Make public nodded way: "come back two days. For sick leave don't expire, I'm afraid I came home early was talk, so stayed at home for ghd white two days. DuTianYe came to executive chair and sat down, and wanted to commanding looked at make public, but now this fellow still stood there, in height than himself will have an advantage, DuTianYe is wrinkly to knit the brows a way: "sit down!" Make public did not return to sit down on the sand. Stretched out his hand and took a revolving chair, DuTianYe dragged across . DuTianYe some disgruntled stared at him: "who let you sit here?" Make public of hippies way: "this is not close leadership and subordinate distance!" DuTianYe backward depend on on the back of the chair, narrowed eyes: "you be afraid influence you do? What thing afraid of influence? You let me how to say you just good? You do every thing before, can consider the subsequent influence? Even if is more words, to do more explanation, things will not make to the point of town." ZhangYangDao: "I do anything wrong? The explanation I have explained, leave formalities complete also. The others would like to how to say, I also take care of not to live!" DuTianYe way: "you are not in the hospital? Back to the hospital medical records copy a send come!" "What you really think?" "What do you mean? Now, you everywhere river in Europe alone action. Ann the red light district, the result by the dye the venereal disease. Ask in Beijing is the cure. ZhangYangDao: "who said that? I'm going to smoke his ya of!" DuTianYe way: "you still full cross, you when he is? You look like you are now. The whole a social rascal, where also like a national cadre?" Make public is said to be some fire. Others say so he calculate. Can DuTianYe here he is advance called false, and evil from zhaohui also specially dozen hello, ZhangYangDao: "du secretary, you want to do with how to deal with, I calculate see through, anything can be justified!" DuTianYe pa sound pat on the table, pointing to make public nose roar a way: "what is he who has a mind? You can put the European things clear? I did it my way, and in other places to work, but in the system just doesn't work, you after work, to put this period of time explaining things clear, self-reflection oneself behavior, the fly does not bite the seamless egg, others why would undermine you, that is because there is something wrong with you." "I have what's wrong with it?" Others fear DuTianYe, make public can be not afraid of him. DuTianYe way: "you are not yourself, you feel the world is too rich and colorful? You and many people are having!" The person is afraid that the words out words, in front of the make public DuTianYe originally have no leadership shelf, a excited talk don't scruple so much. Make public pa! Sound pat on the table. A anger and up: "I have nothing to do with the feelings of the things work. It's none of your business." DuTianYe nu way: "mix boy, you dare to strike table with me, you forget what is this place?" He pa! Land took the table, and stood up. A pair of eyes full of majesty glared at make public. Two people you stare at me, I stare at you, until DuTianYe cell phone rang, make public order this, have softened down: "call!" DuTianYe malicious stared his one eye, picked up the phone: "feed!"