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As for FuLinYi, he also won't be silly to natural publicly laid a hand on him, then nodded his head: that's right, this needs careful consideration on that, but not too long, or my strength will be returned to normal condition, dozen however that boy! Stop worrying, panther elder brother, this is the thing of a few days! ZhongPin light also want to kill GHD that boy as soon as possible, and the more he see the more to gas, in the class incredibly dare to will yourself a kick back and let his to lose face, this the enemies, ZhongPin light is not secure. Good! That I leave! This is my phone number, said, and will be a panther wrote his phone the note to ZhongPin light: I escape of news, will soon release, then the police will pay attention to you, I was afraid, I now what the strength they couldn't catch me, but don't linked to you! Good, the panthers elder brother, I let my daddy raise good one million will call you! ZhongPin light some moved, the ghd australia panther elder brother is, it is a good return afraid linked to yourself. That don't try so hard, the first kill GHD to say again. GHD of panthers have apparently spirit the tooth itch: the boy die, all my life I will not have peace! The line, the panthers elder brother, you go first, I and my dad a connection, and then want to good to FuLinYi method, will give you a call. ZhongPin window head said. Panther nodded, then do not say anything, patted ZhongPin bright shoulder, sou once, jumped on the windowsill, then disappeared in the dark. I depend, can't? How is it and the legendary wulin general? ZhongPin bright look at empty windowsill, not from sucks the tongue, and went to the windowsill edge to see below, the panthers elder brother have absent, want to have walked off. If it weren't for the scene before clearly visible and hand to his brother the panthers and a contact number, ZhongPin light even thought I was dreaming! The elder brother of the panthers and go after, ZhongPin bright quickly took out mobile phone, dialed father's phone. After a long while, the telephone there to get through, from the noisy sound, obviously ZhongFa white outside the dinner party, are drinking: product bright, of something?

Dad, are anxious matter, can you come back? ZhongPin bright subconscious very low voice said, although he know, this wasn't near anyone listening. What's the matter? I was out with customers, your mama also in, all is a couple of old friends, not walk! ZhongFa white said. Is really anxious matter, daddy, you come back! ZhongPin bright afraid of father's phone next to someone can hear, so don't dare to say too believe. Product, what's on? You how so don't understand about, dad here really busy! ZhongFa white some unhappy, this big night can have what thing? The elder brother of the panthers escaped from the prison...... ZhongPin bright voice of the lowest pressure again. What? You say?? ZhongFa white one leng, then a way: that you wait for me, I'll go back. Hear the panthers elder brother escapes, ZhongFa white in the heart immediately a tight, also can not consider of again with clients, this is a big event ah, lane is bad to just his ghd sale own son! Before his very easy to find a lawyer saw the panthers side, let he will carry it all down, and then when he got out of jail, you will be ChongXie, but panther ran, things get some complicated, but don't what the most! Look at himself at his wife, ZhongFa were: wah, first you have to spend more time with my old friend, here is a little light there's a thing, I have to hurry back! Good, that you go. ZhongFa white wife natural know, her husband left at this time, is certainly a great things, also without asking, just let him at ease: this way is to me, my friend, all know sister-in-law I can drink, let's continue! On the wine table guest although to ZhongFa white abruptly left and some complaints, after all, is not the time to drink, but hearing ZhongFa white wife word, also can nod should, everyone is very close relationship, also not say anything more. ZhongFa white from wine field down, the car to his wife, downstairs in direct stopped a taxi went back to his house.

Cloak didn't regard from, enter the door to be shouted: product light, where are you? I'm home! ZhongPin bright heard the voice of the father, rapidly from the room out, run down: dad, I'm here! What's happening? How do the panthers escapes? You and I say, how do you know that? The news did not seem to spread? ZhongFa white some asked the. After all the panthers escapes, this is a big event, the news report of what should be out, but it's still no news, ZhongPin light is how can anyone know of? Still, ZhongPin ranging from light openings, ZhongFa white of the telephone rang up. ZhongFa white look at call display, and then immediately ZhongPin bright son made a sign, let him not to make any noise, just picked up the phone: song team, so night, how a phone call for me? The clock always? Tell you a bad news, panther escaped. SongLingShan didn't want to make this call, but she would have to be to play, because the panthers how to escape, revenge of the object is a GHD, the other is ZhongFa white. For the panthers to school , SongLingShan also not silly, nature can guess out something about reason, just recognize the things under the panthers, ZhongFa ghd online white in the city and the forces not small, its big jiu elder brother or exhibition corporation's shareholders peng, so involves many parties, no evidence of things, SongLingShan also not a suspect. Chapter 0214 plot to late at night Since into the JuZi panthers, ZhongFa white adopted a it attitude, just hired a lawyer, and then stopped to ignore. By rights, to ZhongFa white in the city relationships, enough to find several say up words and characters to say hello, but no! So SongLingShan think ZhongFa white is afraid of involving his and his son, give up the panthers. Her natural don't know, ZhongFa white has secretly passed the lawyers and the panthers reached the agreement in private, so the panthers not possible to revenge clock's family.

Oh? Is he? ZhongFa white to light after said: song team, I and the panthers also is not very well. He just I hired by the police captain and he is now you grasp to go to, I also of humanitarian help he hired a lawyer, now he and our company has no any relation...... SongLingShan listen to the words of ZhongFa white some angry, you will leave all do it, but the panthers will not think so? He will not go to get you? The clock always, but I'm going to remind you is, black panther may find your revenge. SongLingShan endure anger light said. Revenge? He revenge I do?? I every month to his salary, and bonuses. ZhongFa white say with smile: song team, you seem? But thank you for your warning, I'll be careful. Why do you know I don't need to say, natural so see. SongLingShan sneer at 1: had better ask a bodyguard 24 hours to protect your personal son, if need to police to help, feel free to contact me! SongLingShan though hate ZhongFa white, but as the police have to remind his attention to safety. Oh, I will, don't worry. ZhongFa were: I have black panther news, the first time it and you contact. Hang up the phone SongLingShan,ghd precious gift set ZhongFa white face grew heavy serious to get up: product bright, how do you know the panthers fled out of? The police to give oneself make a phone call, and ZhongPin already know the son light panthers to escape, then the news channels...... son Dad, I see the panthers elder brother, he has just come! ZhongPin bright said. He? He to do?? Did he threat you? ZhongFa white face more scary, before he is just deal with SongLingShan, abandoned to clear their relationship so, but SongLingShan words he or written in the in the mind noodles...... Panthers, it really possible revenge his own son.

Daddy, you feel it, black panther elder brother not that man! ZhongPin bright said: he could not deal with our, the saddle on debt have a Lord, he will have to deal with people, not me! Is GHD Oh? How do you know that, this is he and you say? ZhongFa white slightly one leng, ask a way: product, you and I talk about light, what happened to me? Dad, this is what happened! ZhongPin light explained: just now I was in the room watching movies, the results suddenly a shadow of hop on the windowsill, will I jumped...... Jump on the windowsill? Are you kidding? You the room on the second floor, this is almost ten meters height...... ZhongFa white one leng, some incredible looked at his son. Dad, this I'm not sure, but he said in his early years, when the worship into a affiliation, the affiliation has a rapid ascension personal strength of the , in order to reduce the cost of five NianShou yuan within a month can ascend to the late HuangJie strength what top...... ZhongPin bright said. ?? HuangJie peak late? ZhongPin light not to know the level of the concept, but ZhongFa white could not know! He is in river's lake on mix so long, to understand that it is a natural what concept! Don't say HuangJie later, in their friends, also there is only one has just arrived at HuangJie at the ghd wave early stage of the masters, the person also is only and their LunJiao equals, not for their own use, just have a difficult time to find him... This man, you can already tell is freely urban invincible hand, so late HuangJie peak, how is the existence of the cow force? Panther actually get to that level? Although only a month, it is not easy! Yes, he said so. ZhongPin window nod: dad, the late HuangJie top fierce? Very fierce! The severe can't imagine! He is and what did you say? ZhongFa white draw on his air conditioning, lost by lawyers and the panthers and before, and reached an agreement, if otherwise, panther it out, I'm afraid of is the first revenge sons and ZhongPin bright!