Therefore needs to carry on the pointed reshaping

December 08 [Thu], 2011, 10:44
The pointed reshaping step is similar to the standard reshaping is the same, mirror holder's pointed reshaping must defer to the specific order to carry on: horizontal reshaping inclination angle reshaping mirror holder width side bend mirror foot curved spot long dissects the curving 1st step: Horizontal reshaping. The observation and the eyebrow and the pupil related reference point, consider the lens type; . If is the double light microscope, under discount oakley sunglasses inspects two aconite piece altitude (to be away from jian) whether equal; . If is the single light lens, inspection optical center Position; . If is the gradation mirror, the inspection matches the mirror cross before whether to be located at the pupil. If this mirror holder you in looking like level very straight, then other people observe time looks like should also be very straight. If the mirror holder already passed through the standard reshaping beforehand, presents the mirror Cannot maintain the horizontal balance, then explains the wearing face full symmetry, but is not mirror holder's problem.

Therefore needs to carry on the pointed reshaping. If about lens position not contour, explained that the wearing two ear position height varies. If right eyeglasses The piece position is high, then must raise the right mirror foot angle, or left mirror foot sink. Vice versa. However when reshaping must pay attention to the angle of bank the influence. The oakley sunglasses discount 2nd step: The inspection angle of bank angle of bank is between the mirror rack surface and the vertical plane included angle, generally for anteversion 10 , Examines matches when the gradation mirror the front rake scope between 10-12 degrees. Now the wearing cheeks take the reference point, the mirror holder base should draw close to as far as possible with the cheeks, but does not touch, even if wearing smiles time. If touches the cheeks, should reduce the front rake, or After the reshaping metal mirror holder's nose holds increases, the apex distance. After then inspects again, the apex distance, namely the lens distance wearing face is far. In order to obtain corrects defects of vision best, this distance should be as far as possible small, by does not touch the eyelash to be limited.

If the lens are away from the discounted oakley sunglasses eyelash to be too near, plays shrinks Narrow bridge of the nose; If the lens are away from the eyelash to be too far, then broadens the bridge of the nose. When reshaping angle of bank easiest to use accent angle pliers, when reshaping opens two mirror feet. The 3rd step: The inspection mirror holder width mirror holder pointed reshaping's order is before, is the same with the standard reshaping. Inspects the mirror holder to be wide When needs to consider two points: . Inspects two spectacle lenses and eye's distances to be whether same, namely observes the both sides apex distance from the place above to be whether equal; . The inspection mirror foot and ear's action as well as the mirror holder width to the forehead action relate whether appropriately. The oakley minute above two inspections must simultaneously Carries on, what because involves is the identical reshaping. If discovery left eye lens comparison depending on, then the reshaping left side mirror foot, similarly may also inward outward the reshaping right side mirror foot. Vice versa.
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