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December 11 [Tue], 2012, 11:03
how do i tell my parents i lost my phone

i've lost my phone several time in the past, but have found it every time. this is the longest though (about 2 months), and i haven't been able to find it anywhere at all. if i told them that my phone was gone they'd be furious with me. i think they're ting suspicious and i really need help!

the first step would to be to call your service provider and have a phone lookup done using gps. if they can locate it (and then if you can locate it) you may be safe, but who knows what condition it is in. if you can't it back, then you should tell them to lock the phone so no more time can be might also want to do some investigative research like your account on the phone or anything you have logged into. sometimes people use the current email Reverse Cell Phone lookup or social sites and the account holder and log in and see what they look like if they upload their pic (yeah people are this stupid) or put any information may just have to face the music. it's lost and unless you want another one, you will have to tell them.i also suggest making a password so that if your phone is lost again nobody will be able to use it. they might as well turn it in or throw it away.

i've lost my phone before, but i pay for my own phone, so i never had to worry about the rents ting mad. i assume they're paying for your phone if you're on a plan, they probably would be mad that you didn't tell them sooner.the industry leading thing to do would be to tell them that you lost it. they can't be too mad Reverse Cell Phone if you tell them the truth.if you pay for your own phone, just go out and buy another phone that's about all you can do.

someone could be using your phone for 2 months now and running up bills you don't owe and you're worried about telling your parents your phone is missing face the music. walk in and tell them you lost your phone and that the service needs to be dionnected. and please remember there are much worse things in life than ting yelled at because you lost a cell phone.

you don't need to say it to your parents as long as you don't mind to not having a cellphone.

mum dad i lost my phone.
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