Where Next For Ghd, The Hair And Beauty Super Brand

May 11 [Fri], 2012, 11:43
Just like Coke and Hoover (or laterally Dyson), the brand name of GHD has become synonymous with ceramic hair straighteners in the UK. The brand is quite simply a modern retail phenomenon and the GHD IV Styler is the must have accessory for every budding fashionista from London to Inverness.GHD is a relatively young brand, launching at the turn of the century when we were all still on a come down from the millenium and panicking about the millenium bug crashing our planes, or clearing our Bank accounts. The brand was born in 2001, when Yorkshire entrepreneur Martin Penny was advised by a hairdresser friend to buy the rights to a South Korean hair styling iron. The irons were branded GHD (Good Hair Day) and nothing would ever be the same in the hairdressing world again.Hairdressers were initially sceptical about whether clients would part with ?0 for the new irons, but once they were put into the hands of a few celebrities on the London fashion circuit the buzz spread like wildfire. Indeed, legend has it that the stylers were so in demand that customers were beating on the doors of GHD HQ, desperate to get their hands on the irons which were selling out as quickly as they could be manufactured.And not without good reason.

Unlike many 'next big things' in the hair and beauty industry GHDs lived up to the hype and changed the lives of millions of women in the UK, who for the first time could create poker straight hair in the comfort of their own home. GHD was fulfilling their promise of an end to bad hair days forever.Fast forward to 2009 and GHDs are as popular as ever, retailing for anything up to ?30 and now available in an array of designs and colours. In addition to the classic black stylers, GHD often run limited editions, such as 2008's purple gift set and the 'Hot Pink' styler, ghd straighteners uk sale which since 2005 has been released each October in support of the Breast Cancer awareness campaign. Annual sales turnover in 2008 was an incredible ?15 Million and the Company recently moved to cheap ghd straighteners uk a brand new multi million pound headquarters in Leeds, which includes a GHD training academy.Unfortunately, the success of the brand has attracted a large number of 'fraudsters', eager to jump on the GHD bandwagon. Fake GHD stylers are regularly found retailing on the internet for under ?0 on sites such as ebay and have even found their way onto the high street in high profile stores such as Superdrug.Fake GHDs are not guaranteed by GHD and may be poor quality, or even dangerous. Genuine GHD straighteners are only sold through salons and approved online retailers.In ghd straighteners uk 2008 GHD introduced a website validator service on their official website, which verifies that a website is an authorised stockist. There is also an approved online retailer badge, which should be displayed on any approved retailers web site and can be clicked to verify authenticity at the official GHD site.

Another good indicator that a styler is genuine or not is the price, as you will not find an authentic GHD Styler retailing for under ?0. There are also a number of GHD price comparison sites, which only list authorised retailers.So where will the brand go from here?Well, it looks like GHD may be positioning themselves as a beauty brand. There have been a number of recent indicators to suggest this, starting with the 2008 release of the Pink Styler, which came packaged with three pink lip glosses. GHD then released a Christmas pamper pack, including body creme and bubble bath and the first limited edition iron released in 2009, the Radiance Gift Set, was a partnership with Benefit Cosmetics.Needless to say, wherever they decide to take the brand, those three magical letters will guarantee that the success story continues and that women throughout the UK and beyond will continue to worship at the church of GHD.