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You said here, very naughty eyes blinked, extremely attractive and with a flush and climb the cheeks, however, was still natural, so appearance, but to pure in her, take a charm. ~ Effect is what ah? You miss, you say it! Is that what is a kind of good baby! Say,ghd miss you, we are all waiting to price! This man is 6 to please you of heart, also dont see the stand or fall of things need to or not... Magic land, and be a lot, the old treasures even if not to buy or sell anything here, also can open mind, ha ha... Many people are some cant wait, have loudly rang rang, they are not didnt see you in the face of the singular flush, in the heart of the confusion has become increasingly large. Keep a sweet you smile, also no longer suggestive these ghd people... Ha ha, HuaZi ghd australia effect, is actually used to double the technique, the men and women in the close. Before body, take HuaZi, combined with the double the technique, will double the power can improve 3-5 times, not only so, HuaZi still can look, such as yu men and women senses, ascension to the highest level! It, but bliss thing! You have very is said to come out. However, her this one out, a lot of strength is not high, the heart xing is not strong young man, immediately eyes straight... This is simply a no sequela, and there are countless good cun strong medicine!! LingYan also lose rou jump, surprisingly HuaZi should be so good, if had earlier know, and the blood female,ghd tomorrow, taking a, that our own strength, and maybe should have come ten change? Double the effect promotion 3, 5 times? What is this concept?

If ascension five times, that and the blood female that time, his can be jacked up the strength to the point of how terror? What a pity, what a shame! LingYan repeatedly shook his head, but after return, must take some practice! Now know there is still time! LingYan ghd lucky, also good to the land of magic, or what all dont know, but also LingYan also some disdain HuanLong.. You not is say four seasons box but like the day? But it seems to be more than the value of the HuaZi, so dot? The woman said, the HuaZi extremely difficult to a times, it is not possible, its just like with a winning, fortunately, youd hit the jackpot! But, I also dont know! HuanLong pie pie way. But also a bunch of property, but the four seasons box, the ten year is coming soon, probably will have to ghd change, I faster ghd will all the inside of the baby take out again! LingYan thought... At this time, have you offer. Five goals will not separate, I hope you will strive for, for their loving companion for a happy, fry attracted an initial bid two million point five spirit essence, a grain of four hundred thousand, every time increase not be less than fifty thousand! 7.. Say, the bullying, you all right? Oh... ok, this seems to be the method on pumice array some loose! Loose? No... It is I, the dazzling, the ghd wing, the heads of the god what seems to be pretty good, dont you need? Oh... ha ha.. will, of course, but this man to baby Haha... With the sound you be born, the scene is extremely hot, even the song has been crying, and yelled at out, of course, a song, KuangDao wont necessarily silence.

KuangDao elders, you are so old... A young man like jun lang, from the burning eyes on you move, looking at the appearance of the old KuangDao, gently say with smile. Hale and hearty dont know?? Again say, I just use the original looks, not like other people, unreal a pair of handsome face to confuse all this is true, I know!?? Chapter five hundred and twenty-eight price Although many people that had, but the outcry, still cant help reveal a little ghd desire. Of course, most of them are some to fix for the relatively low here young godsworn, at best, they also started eight fix for the change, the practice time is not long, at least they into practice, just for strength, the heart but not a very mature xing, the experience is far from those credentials the friars long ghd experience. And ghd straightener they look for yu control, obviously is not perfect, cant do not move a mountain of point. King HuaZi level, LingYan isnt understand, but the smell, but on top of the powerful spring. Medicine, combined the realistic you boast, this YiLiLi level king HuaZi, impressively became a taste of the fairy taste the elixir of the everyone wants. Under a moment, five HuaZi, have Fried to 2.7 million point five spirit essence.LingYan some YunHu, so is down, a grain of HuaZi minimum 500000 points to five spirit essence, own of spring in the box HuaZi although no XiaShu fruit so abnormal condition, but also many, a sparse, at least 100 many grain ah. This should ghd have how much? This can change how many five spirit essence? Millions?? And even more! LingYan deep took a breath, control of his own brain, let it dont think too much...

However, LingYan dont dare revealing too much, content with rare for expensive, this one, actually really understand thoroughly people and not how many, fix true history just also only one. 2.7 million, LingYan looked at the meeting, seems to boiling stage has passed,ghd not many people screaming at this time, and every time also only just 550000 one plus... LingYan Chou Chou KuangDao, at this time his do, have no way of beet red, and in the direction of his sight, song is revealing the a little light to smile, a deputy have answers is like. 2.75 million! Song of the slightly provocative said. It is KuangDao and song of the two people called, no wonder they dont sound, the two models, and they cried out again, is not to give two parties face, but also have become ghd fodder,ghd hair straightener a need. 2.8 million! KuangDao deep a breath, face off a lot of ruddy, low drink a way. The elder, this thing is useless... lets schematic to do not need to waste it more five spirit essence point The essence, can be all we point out the schematic disciple hard! The elder, hope can take general situation as heavy, between our future will! KuangDao after opening, theres two branches elite, low voice a man said 1, but only 1, the words, and not much said. 2.85 million! Song said ghd although there, but LingYan saw, his face with a little also sweating, this value, very sure more than his limits. In KuangDao, has discouraged...

Auction before nine unreal ice stones, had consumed the many, now he is, which also bear live? Together with two branches of the elite to persuade... KuangDao silent, just angry stare at the song, then head turn past, repose with eyes closed up. The people present, also no voice again, ghd once the elders kuixing mountain to get this thing song, now just losing a KuangDao, if they voice, must have been in the face of a song. Somehow also kuixing mountain-million-square-kilometer land of fix true one of ten pie, its strength, it is not the other people can compare of the interface. The big eyes you pure flickering ghd with a little crooked gently, ghd mini glance at the venue, clear and beautiful of voices, a again. And which friend, a song of the elders to high You look at the venue of shining eyes, in the heart not some down, although it is not top of good, but is very special, the female godsworn many, but they are very reserved chose not offer, so this is to remove the part of the guest, and so, this could take the high and low price, is very good. KuangDao elders, this HuaZi but good baby ah, you dont need You but hale and hearty ah, believe that the HuaZi, inevitable mora ah! This song will be a honesty person, but is KuangDao gas before the not light, this time, he certainly want to report ghd back. KuangDao close, not talking, but with his mouth were twitching, apparently in patience...