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June 09 [Sat], 2012, 17:13

This point. ZuoYuanChao to make public taste want to lower, big officer person also is not pick up to the basket are the role of the dishes, like summer this woman to ouyang he is not interested in, ouyang like summer very will talk, two people talking around the topic is the TV thing, this time a bellboy send compote, HaiDeEr bowling alley boss DingZhaoYong also follow to come over, he is the head of Lao zi, and ZhaoJiTing is also very well, very kind the past dozen hello, he is not familiar with and ZuoYuanChao tonight, these people here are ouyang like summer proposal. DingZhaoYong came to ouyang like summer and sat down beside her, say with smile: "old classmate, you every time I want to QingChang. I don't know if I should thank you take care of my business? Or should complain or two?" Ouyang like summer say with smile: "you little full belly complaints, I help you a contact, and next week we in Taiwan the worker is in your ghd straightener cheap bowling tournament here, you count the money!" She put the make public is introduced to d . DingZhaoYong smiling hand way: "I've heard a lot about!" This sentence and there is no exaggeration, make public had broke into his home. The younger brother DingBin frighten jump off a building and run things he still fresh, he was not at home, and then they heard that DingBin and make public sister feelings of a section: d north yong to make public hasn't much good impression, not please him is a businessman, appearance is DiaoCi people in number of sleek, very polite and make public shook hands. Guess he is DingBin also make public the SEC. Bro, for the sake of ZhaoJing sister, he and have nothing to LaoDing home impression, so shook hands, and no active talk. DingZhaoYong to ouyang like summer way: "zhao deputy governor more and more hale and hearty!" Ouyang like summer to listen to he implied, stared at him: "have to make wrong, somebody else but young cadre!" DingZhaoYong smiled. Some words not continue to go on, he got up and said: "I still have the elder brothers to come over, you talked about the ah" "the distance this time few people walked to come over, to the province is incredibly icbc, director of the credit ChenShaoBin, he saw make public here is very happy, a introduction to know, he and DingZhaoYong, ouyang like summer is all the dongjiang a classmate.

ChenShaoBin although people long civilized, and can speak is shoot your mouth. He offered to mention the things LiangDongPing reporter, say with smile: "that boy was being detained, he really is not a thing to go to to get. Incredibly to jump off a building across the street from the provincial government, the whole a mental derangement Ouyang like summer to this thing is interested: "he's got a lot of courage ah, incredibly dare to in a conference call with reporters to the governor asked the song so much bold problems have a lot of respect for the press with fighter!" ChenShaoBin despise way: "a fool to do things! Without thinking about the consequences, such people die did not know how to die". If not ChenShaoBin active brought, make public almost forgot this man, LiangDongPing in his mind is just a small roles, but it is the small role in education system with river in fund-raising everybody knows everything, no wonder there will be such a statement, even a little pushpin will plunge into an your feet. ChenShaoBin filed a LangTaoSha, his performance that night make public his memory, thinking coach outlet store and make public think again together to play a, make public since the real club is LangTaoSha know after the national security bureau, he lost interest. ZhangBiJun must also find themselves. ZhaoJiTing standing deputy governor in 10:30 at night to leave the bowling alley, ZuoYuanChao sent him to the parking lot, and came back the make public that alone to one side, he see that make public and ChenShaoBin a good relationship, and want to make public and the ChenShaoBin he ChenPingChao meet each other. It is difficult to make public is not what he was immediately put ChenShaoBin and ZuoYuanChao did introduce. , ZhaoJiTing is sitting like summer car ouyang leave, before leaving ZuoYuanChao technically still gave him a hardcover book, ZhaoJiTing open in the car, and now cover book inside is hollowed, put a piece of moderate hetian jade, ZhaoJiTing couldn't help laughing: "this ZuoYuanChao!" Like summer to the piece he glanced at hetian jade, jade market of her don't understand, but now that is jiang city mayor gift, I think value does not poor.

ZhaoJiTing closed: "you help me back to him!" Ouyang like summer way: "why?" ZhaoJiTing close the binocular way: "I don't like!" "But I remember you like dial the set hetian jade!" ZhaoJiTing way: "some things can't get too hot! National economy, the open, I can't do things the Lord, the Lord of other can do!" Ouyang like summer way: "that is not to say the left temple incense to appear before signing it some blind?" ZhaoJiTing way: "we all know this is a major exhibition, all want to let an opportunity national economic and technical open area in their town, but ended only one Ouyang like summer little track: "do you think, ping the sea and lanshan Ming a hope that some more?" ZhaoJiTing way: "if in the past, I believe that will win, but lanshan now Ouyang like summer whispered: "is the hope of river more some?" ZhaoJiTing did not speak. Close by in the seat, recent big boss GuYun know raises the problem of economic balance of north and south. To advocate for strong sea flattening the northern economy, in a short time, shorten the gap between the north and south, and he was also in the policy of the flat HaiBei have lay particular coach outlet store online stress on, and he used the key southern exhibition, using the province of south economic drive exhibition policy has changed greatly. Single from this perspective, GuYun know the river are more likely to choose some. The opinions of perhaps some role. But eventually the final decision that person still should be GuYun know, thought of here ZhaoJiTing heart felt a sense of sorrow, a number, he has to GuYun known as successor, can SongHuaiMing suddenly thrust of the crushed his all dream, SongHuaiMing than his more young, backer more hard, ZhaoJiTing have seen already bleak future political career, he now of the flat sea has lost yearn to make changde precedent is here, he will never let SongHuaiMing will always live in the shadows . The national economy GuYun know the things on the standing committee ahead of open discussion on, the reason for this. Is he aware and lanshan in river around the thing to do with many efforts, a day without definitions, and that their work will continue to do it.

GuYun know is standing in the finally put forward about it, start and without warning, he suddenly mentioned this matter: "I think we all know that the department has approved in flat sea established national economic and technical things, according to the open sea, the practical condition of flat preliminary draft of the two cities is lanshan and river. I didn't mean it premature spread, can after all or be two city know, we don't say, it can some people say that, since it has opened it up anyway, let's discuss the question, in advance of the contracted and two river province cadres in provincial capital on not to go, I want to present member of the standing committee with their most private communication once?. The standing committee of laughed. Provincial party committee propaganda department minister ChenPingChao way: "do anything now marketing, a bouquet of deep lane, they sell your city and there's nothing wrong!" GuYun know smile nodded way: "actually, lanshan river, the two cities. They are all very understand, their advantages and disadvantages. Let's heart has a standard, national economy eventually settled in herve leger dress open area which city, we should be based on can let flat sea greater opportunities more exhibition, the principle of fair and impartial to decide it." His eyes looked out ChenPingChao way: "flat comrade, you get the tide is propaganda, you say first!" ChenPingChao way: "my view only represent myself ah, you listen to, set if you let me choose. I will choose, flat sea economic NaJiang river north weak, that imbalance will be affected to the coordination of the exhibition, the national economy was open area is a good opportunity, and set up in the river, can effectively drive the economy in the north, river as the center, to neighbouring radiation, in a short time, change NaJiang north weak situation. And the change of the river in recent years are obvious to everybody." GuYun known mesh. A field DaiShengChang SongHuai really care about is SongHuaiMing view six... SongHuai md: "I agree with the minister's view, Chen flat sea provinces want to obtain the comprehensive exhibition, must be compatible.

This is just as a team, ahead any faster. If someone left behind, so behind the fighting capacity of the team will be to sell at a discount greatly, the national economy open area can bring a lot of investment, can bring the opportunity to can't imagine, in the short term, can be in river greatly improve the awareness of the river. The river increase investment attraction." Standing deputy governor ZhaoJiTing way: "I should have a different opinion, I admit that song to the governor and the idea of the minister Chen is attractive. There is also a certain truth, but one thing I want to have need to remind everybody, let's * * people do anything want to pay attention to seek truth from facts, lanshan and have their respective river of the open area, we can get the status, they open than need not I said, everyone should be able to see that the existing gap. I know we all have sympathy for the weak state of mind, but they were flat river lanshan and the children of our own, we must be equally, can't because of the river in policy behind too much tend to him, this is not fair, lanshan lanshan economic open area, have the needs of the herve leger dress sale exhibition, who can guarantee, the national economy in open areas that play the leading role lanshan river could be less than the lead role?" The one standing start said, from the situation, in addition to standing deputy governor ZhaoJiTing and discipline to state secretary had contracted support other than almost all river of approval. BiJingPing gap between the north and south of the sea is put in front of reality, the national economy open area is one of the best of the opportunity to close the gap between the north and south. SongHuaiMing also didn't think there will be so much support of river, he was the choice is after a comprehensive comparison river, set to the operation of the exhibition in the result, it seems that this matter is basic have today the conclusion. All eyes looked out GuYun know, big ark also have words, he didn't speak before, it still has not decided GuYun know smiles to say: "the theory of eminent is fierce! So, shot.



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