How a father? Lei Yu heart suddenly felt a rush of panic stuffy.

December 04 [Tue], 2012, 10:31
 Gritted his teeth, Bo said, the master of the house decided to let you leave the Lui family, he said Lei Yang the unwanted, so ..  Lei Yu pharyngeal pharyngeal throat, long while speechless to see the expression of Lei Yu, Bo-sigh, shook his head helplessly left   Why? Why? Does the father did not see that my years of hard work? Why assumed I was a waste? Is it necessary to have the stigma can be considered family Ray home? Why? Lei Yu force shaking his head, he does not believe that such a thing really happen to them, this is true. Bastard! Less than brisk walking! Still hanging doing here!   Lei Yu agony suddenly heard someone shouting outside, go back, the most ugly and most disgusting of a face appeared in the hearts of Lei Yu, is the grandson of the family elders, Ming Jiaolei cloud, is under term elders successor, since a baptism the end of five years ago, this bigger than themselves on how old the Thundercloud
     Lei Yu a cold eyes keeping a close eye this gloating Thundercloud, Go! Thundercloud suddenly startled face, he did not think the family waste actually dare to talk to yourself, Moreover, they have been scheduled for next Presbyterian successor, followed by, waved, came up a few peers behind The teenagers, all of them cheeky poor.  You considered what? Actually dare you talk to me! Looked around several teenagers, said He gave me dragged o  Lei Yu hard practiced martial arts, the face of so few childhood family accept special practice within the Department of the children, Lei Yu could not resist, was strapped to the arm strapped to legs onto the edge of the cliff.
 What do you want! Lei Yu force the struggling, screaming.  ghd hair straighteners Several people threw Lei Yu in the edge of the cliff edge, kicking Lei Yu, which also contains a the Lui family unique flame ability, Lei Yu a man how could stand it?  Raising his hand to withstand a punch, Lei Yu, from the bottom up, from the chest through the punch severely hit in the chin on the Thundercloud suddenly click sound Cui Xiang, Thundercloud mouth outflow of blood spit out a tooth from the mouth.When received this sin? Thundercloud completely angered, He gave me thrown down!

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