Out the Chinese Embassy in the Chinese

December 03 [Mon], 2012, 10:17
groups fleet of less than 10 minutes, Petrie Sir shaking his fat body squeezed into the door of Donelin 10th Street, British Prime Minister Winston Churchills dinner was interrupted. You can be sure that they are taken away by the Chinese embassys military attache? Mr. Prime Minister, believe in the ability of http://www.ghdssales-uk.com/ MI5 No, I did not mean Churchill some absences waved his hand, The Chinese Mission in the end want to do it? Petrie Sir, you have any bright ideas And I want to figure it out but fortunately was not too afraid to open the gap explosives, harming our interests ...... Petrie, Sir, to strengthen the monitoring of the Chinese group camp, I

Fastest got the news again everything after Churchill decisively drawn a blank sheet of paper, write down a few lines shabu shabu shabu, then solemnly signed his name, he gave Petrie, said This I to Prime Minister granted the land in the name of the budget of 10 million pounds, and hope that the Security Service will not allow our taxpayers disappointed Thank you very much, Prime Minister ...... The wooden doors of the meeting room is suddenly open, and a young female Jichong Chong rushed and tagging behind edgy Attlee.

No! Miss Gu, you can not be so casually broke into the office of the Prime Minister! Sorry, Mr. Churchill, I immediately put the Miss Gu take out No, Attlee, before you go out, so Miss Gu stay here, Churchill slight displeasure looked panting Gu Lan a, Oh, Mr. Attlee, trouble you pour a cup of water came Miss Gu, you just behavior is very rude, but also a violation of ghd sale the basic common sense of diplomacy, I hope you say in three minutes you have come, and then go out to apologize to Mr. Attlee Mr. Prime Minister, Im sorry my reckless, but now really is a big thing the Austrian Mr. Attlee, Thank you for the tea, just very sorry Gu Lan smiled gently Lelong disperse stay sea and



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