The the audience Han Shasheng screeching

November 26 [Mon], 2012, 10:27
halt at the moment, the all Turkic Scout looked stunned, Zhang Tao behind. Suddenly a Turkic The Scout crisp three pronounce Chinese words called out Peng hopeless! The presence ofAll soldiers only hair I heard shouting, have turned around and flew, no one would dare to glance back.Originally Shasheng around the battlefield immediately caught a quiet Tien Mi. Zhang Tao, I felt only seems like prostration general, to softly Zuodao, fainting to the ground, in front of a black past.

Do not know how long, Zhang Tao drowsily waking up from sleeping, just saw a painted face of blood and soil.Ah! Zhang Tao uncontrollably called up.Zhang brothers, are you awake? That black man smiled the Yi Bacao ash coated on top of the shoulder wound Tao, then ripped off the skirt of the wound firmly properly tied.Zhang Tao surprised, opening their eyes tightly pegged to the black guys face, a long while before suddenly said My God, youre hopeless Peng Peng Daxia!Peng hopeless sighed and said may I, how do you only think of it.

I, I, Im not Zhang Tao quickly excuse Peng Daxia, you Manlianshixue that, even my own father also did not recognize. Peng hopeless startled by startled, suddenly said Youre right, these days simply have to hurry, forgetting to wash the No wonder you can not recognize it.He turned around to find a rainwater aggregation creek in a roadside simply lifted the water on your face a lot of face wash away the dust and blood stains.Peng Daxia, How cheap ghd straighteners can you not here? You not to the Bohai care dart to you? Zhang Tao back to the spirit, and immediately began to show his true nature of the wind-pollinated.This is a long story, you tell me, why are you here? Shura killing field, is not the land of rivers and lakes anemophilous nostalgia. Peng hopeless face showing a trace of the stiff, cold smile.


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