Looked bombs, firmly stuck in the ground

November 24 [Sat], 2012, 10:51
in front of three thousand Turkic cavalry suddenly together raised his saber, desperately paddled circles in the air, loud clamor with cheering imitation? Of Xiao Lie marks issued heartfelt ? United States.Xiao Lie marks stiffness of the left hand fork at the waist, http://www.ghdssales-uk.com/ with a right pointing to line in front of the Turkic leader to say a few Turks, loud words.That Turkic leader looking pale, desperately waving his hands, and the mouth the bombard broke a series of syllables.

At the same time, the soldiers behind him Rulangsihu towards him leap out, to press him on the ground, tied him up.Xiao Lie marks stand behind pointing to line leader, a Turkic generals, said a few words out loud.General face immediately smile, say it out loud a few Turkic words, although Peng hopeless people do not know what he was saying, but still able to hear the inside ebullient impassioned mean.

Xiao Lie marks nodded his head, pointing to line outside Camp fire direction, a few loud roar.Turkic generals forced a nod, a turn Horsehead saber from Yaopan drawn, waved in the air, something loud was feeding.Three thousand cavalry together loud roar, cheap ghd he led the mighty seed money toward the outside Camp away.Three thousand cavalry had gone a long time, Xiao Lie marks behind everyone will over to God, have pushed the horse came to him.

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