Peng hopeless inhaled deeply breath best memories

November 23 [Fri], 2012, 15:33
about all the things that occurred after the drunken, then certainly nodded Yes, it should be demons.Zheng Dan Shan big hands shoved stretched over, cupped Peng hopeless face, abruptly put his face towards him, and then said Well! Told me all demons Why suddenly take things too hard, to commit suicide. Peng hopeless dazed looked serious face Dan Shan Cheng and the next breathless, listening attentively concept Luo Ming chords and extraordinary, swallowed.

Say ah! Zheng Tam Hill Some anxious demons death news too surprisingly, he was not sure until now have some.Peng hopeless knew what, coughed, and said Brother, in fact, I ...You can not tell me you killed him. Zheng Tam Hill was stunned I do not look down on you, the third brother, but this is simply impossible.That in the end is not demons? Hua extraordinary finally said.Peng hopeless Although despondency, lack of energy, but still they amused laugh, said In fact, to join with me and Ares heavenly kill him.

Then, from his waist, he took the ink of Ares heavenly taken out, handed Zheng Tam Hill and extraordinary front.Looked at the Ares multitude of the heavenly ghd hair straightener host hundreds of ghost Yunshi the terrorist pattern, Hua extraordinary, Dan Shan Zheng and Luo Ming chord was covered with blood frozen in a moment.Master! Luo Ming chord gasped You did successfully removed the Ares heavenly! So, you are the master of the Ares heavenly?


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