To the government for almost two months, right?

November 19 [Mon], 2012, 11:02
 Tonight I bring you around this Xuchang City? Ride up and smile looking at him, suddenly outdated yawned Jinqiu Leng Leng looked at her heart feel muttering, regardlessNiang before in the prime minister should also pay attention to etiquette, right? Enron was lying on the table, fingers gently knocked on the desktop sound:Not to go yesterday night and did not sleep well, today intends to fill a nap. Cao Cao looked Enron, squint, glide imperceptible smile on her lips, and refused his request, he do not believe that this small womanHe would hold on to her? Courtesy, rein in peoples minds? This trick is really good, but he can not wai    Enron sleep in the house, the candle faint flashing Mars excesses of Enron oblique, watch the Mars swing around sloshing suddenly a cool breeze blowing that candle flash off. Enron to find a comfortable position.Curled. Tonight is New Years Eve, if she was given in the past, and the father and mother together, curled up together in the fireplace to stay up till dawn, whenever that time, she always wanted the time fly past, New Years Day, the brothers always mention

Forward to cake and wine come the New Year, and she is sure to have a New Years gift, the unknown little thought of her daughter at home. However, today, the quilt cool stickers on her clothes, how cover heat, she held herGas, fear of the man of the house will come in at the moment, alas, how many nights she not had a good sleep the Cao Cao separated by only a wall with her. Enron shook his head, not to think about him, unconsciously turn bind tightly quilt some.Looked up at the window, already dark.    Night trance, only faintly heard voice burst Xixisuosuo, Enron vigilant eyes open and looked and saw the dark, standing by the bed clothes, neatly solution, Enron was shocked, hurriedly rolled the bed

What people? Word shouted, hearts immediately clear, the question is, Who! Which detract from the fact that the Prime Minister House can anyone be so bold! Cao Cao did not know Enron woke also surprised a moment, then laughed: You say, who I am What can I do? Enron, Ive put up with than a few days! Said, climbing onto the bed, Enron head Om chaos ring, scared casually kicked him, the Cao Cao see machine Enron feet grabbed, the moment she draggedInto the arms, Enron suddenly awake and see Cao Cao hungry, hearts taken aback and lay ghd straighteners mind fast rotation Enron shouted:Cao Cao, I can help you win the world, you want me or to the world? Cao Cao looked up to see her stubborn biting his lips to Enron, feel Hey smile: I would not choose the two I have to ! Then the Enron pressure in the body, Enron hurriedly pointed at his chest near, but the power completely breaks against, Stern said:


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