two This in the living room

July 24 [Wed], 2013, 10:06
> Autumn is getting stronger, computer research in the agency, Wu Kang Zhang trio still hard at reading. WWw.QUAnbEN.COm I watched,Oakley Oil Rig Outlet, Tianxuan sad because it turned out he was a girl dumped. Wu Zhiheng comfort: "Do not cry Well, girl dumped so many times will really hurt?" Tianxuan cried: "Woo, I do not believe a woman, huh! I've decided to join the" rolling roll ", after seeing lovers, we should call them roll! seniors, and you have an up to join it!" Kang Qixun shook his head and said: "Come on, I like you so Johnson, I would do a girlfriend, I do not join. "Shiko asked:" What is the rolling roll ah? "Tianxuan choked a moment and said:" That is a network of organizations, is dedicated to collecting really like me do not get love single computer designed for gamers . loving couple who roll! bother prodigal son who roll! welcomed by the girls who rolling rolling rolling rolling ..... only need a computer is the man! "Kangqi Xun said:" No wonder you're so annoying that Liu Ming Ang information research community. "Tianxuan said:" Woo, you do not mention him, he .. he stole my .. hum! "Shiko and Kai Xun asked:" He robbed you what ah? "Tianxuan he said: "Well, I tell you. Actually, I used to love a girl called Guo Jiafeng, I did not expect my confession, she said she liked that Liu Ming Ang, or his sister dry, woo ..." Kai Xun easy said: "Also Okay, just dry sister, but not the will of the dead." cries Tianxuan greater, said: "It's just so that it really hurt! rather dry only when his sister was unwilling .. woo .. "Wu Zhiheng stand crying, do go outside to get some fresh air club, a girl came quietly. "Will you do Wu Zhiheng president?" Girl began to ask, Shiko turned to look, is actually information research club members Lu Mercy, close look at how nice to know how she was charming. Shiko asked: "You, you are not the message of clubs do? How will come to me?" Lu Grace said: "The fact is this, I heard about the game between our two societies thing, I think, you immediately stop the game, otherwise you would be finished societies. "Shiko surprised asked:" finished? Why is finished? "Lu Grace said:" Because ... suspect? What is that sound? "door and then came the Tianxuan crying, Grace Wu Zhiheng walked quickly pulled Lu cafe sit. Lu Grace said: "I heard our president inadvertently conversation, the game is actually good your calculations." Shiko ask: "I do not understand why it is good to our calculations?" Lu Grace said: "In fact, because , maybe you still do not know, but we have to grasp your membership president Zhou Yucheng's secret. "Shiko shocked, and continued to ask:" in the end what is the secret? "Lu Grace said:" In fact, he is also do not know how the computer. "Shiko almost did not scare guts to, ask:" So, why do you know? "Lu Grace said:" I do not know, but they seem to test him. "Shiko asked:" So Why do you want to tell me? "Lu Cien blushing, said:" Because, because I do not want you to lose. "Shiko also blushing, said:" You, you do not want me to lose,Cheap Oakley Holbrook, because there are special reasons for it? "Lu Grace said: "Last week, I stood in our community table, gung-ho to see you cry, I think you are a very hard worker, never give up, so I do not want your community just disappeared." Shiko helpless smile, said: "But I work so hard, but still did not re-pulled half a person join a company, huh, huh." Lu Grace smiled and said: "Do not be discouraged, I think God will not abandon efforts to people." Wu Zhiheng but shake shook his head, said: "No,Oakley Sunglasses UK, anyway, the game could not be suspended." Lu Grace asked: "Why?" Shiko said: "Because the school has decided to keep a society not two, so the Computer Research and Information Society Research Society there is only one, not two communities co-exist, there must be a result, it is better so let it be. "Lu Cien suddenly had an idea:" You can not merge two societies do? "Shiko also surprised:" Consolidation ? really can merge it? "Lu Grace said:" In fact, our club has always been separate from the computer research community out; should merge into it is not impossible, I think, if we combined benefits should be the greatest. " Shiko shook his head and said: "That's impossible, you will not be president promised." Lu Cien said: "I will try to convince the president." They finished talking, leave each phone, Lu went to Grace Chan Ping River classrooms, Shiko then do go back to society. Back to the club to do later, Kang Qixun just come out of the documents said: "The school decided to race the day after tomorrow." Shiko surprised and said: "the day after tomorrow? So fast? That is also impossible to stop the match." Kang Qixun surprised this sentence to ask said: "Abort? Why do you want to abort?" Shiko, said: "No ... no .. By the way, I have to take a trip to find woo, woo Tianxuan you call me into it, and asked him to commune-run Yunfei , say that they are going to discuss the things it wants to contest the day after tomorrow. "Tianxuan soon call Yu Cheng, both at this time on the computer-aided processing elective courses. "Damn!" Yunfei operation for a moment, said: "There's really more of a computer virus." "I'll help you!" Fanjian Ren suddenly rushed over to help clear the virus, a mouse and keyboard control away. Unusually side poles, but all eyes onto here. Cast a disgruntled boys looked at Fanjian Ren once again staged a good show, pushy, and also voted to expect girls looked at Fanjian Ren performance capabilities. Yunfei thought: "This guy is doing what? Even came to this nosy? Really nasty feeling." Operation End Fanjian Ren said: "Okay, so it cleared the virus, then it should be no problem with it. "Open the log file to see Yunfei, thinking:" did not make sense, as only a temporary program to kill the virus, but in the log file automatically execute machine code still exists, even if the software was gone, the next boot over the network Road line, attached to the promoter region of the hidden key will bring the virus to the host via ftp. "delete machine code, Yu Cheng told Yunfei community thing, Yunfei not in the mood and then down, then rush Societies. Two to the rear, Shiko on Yu Cheng said: "Yu Cheng, simulate what I want first, and now I ask a question you have to answer it." Shiko is simulated on the surface, in fact, want to test to see Lu Cien say is not true . I saw Yu Cheng confidently said: "Come on!" Yu Cheng received in the past few days catching Gifted Yunfei devil-style, all aspects of knowledge have increased a lot, say it is also an expert on the surface not before. "Although it looks is a master" on the surface Yunfei think so, in fact, Yunfei thought was: "Although many of his short instill knowledge, but may also be used for questions and answers, to actually use this knowledge but it is impossible. Yucheng lack practical experience, the lack of inflection on exercises, reading like a dead man. really sad, I actually learn from spoon-feeding education schools to teach people. "Yunfei helpless thinking. Shiko tentative asked a few questions simple subject, Yucheng soon got it. Then asked a number of difficult questions, Yu Cheng also quickly answer out. Shiko finally ask a few questions of difficult topics, Yu did not expect all the correct answers can also be turned into. Shiko thought: "Sure enough, I should not doubt his genius is that genius. Damn, Chan River Ping Lu Cien kind of woman actually sent to charm me, almost with his road and I understand, he first knew the day after tomorrow To match, send another Lu Cien to lobby me, let me find ways to stop the match if not aborted successfully, then they more than make up time, and we lost the last effort of the time; if the suspension is successful, then the future We certainly have some prejudices schools in determining when the surviving community will not choose us. "After Lu Cien call again, Shiko not followed up. The day before the game, month-Wen Yu Cheng call, asking him to her side with Yunfei. Yu into a door, open the door of the heart is to see Yu-ting into it, blushing Yucheng say hello, paused after the heart-ting only response, so Yu Cheng also stiff in the door. Yunfei to push it into the buildings, two This in the living room and sat down. Lu Grace said: "I'm sorry, I should not have said to you before the game, but I hope you will not participate in the competition, we have calculated a good president, that we move this challenge match. Two classmates, I would like to You do not want your community right away, ask you to convince you to let you strike president race. "Wen month shocked and said:" Wait a minute first, upper years, you want them to do is to stop the game do? "Lu Grace said: "This has always been unfair competition, too difficult for you." "I refuse!" Yunfei up and said: "I am not a coward to escape the game." "I was!" Yu Cheng said: "You Rest assured, I probably know why before Guo seniors want me to his house, and asked me some questions, but do not worry, I will not let you down, you can come up with the strength of challenge. "heart Ting Yu Cheng also said : "Tomorrow, come on!" Yu Cheng also smiling response. Wen on May Yunfei, said: "You do not mind a blank and it?" Yunfei will head to the side, said: "Well, I do not know!" Then left with Yucheng, Continued (behind the screen! Crying Tianxuan: "Man is the only computer needed!") (a wholly novel network <
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