Yellowjackets Youth and bald-headed

October 31 [Wed], 2012, 11:52

Discussion with the buzz of the crowd, the time came quietly. When the sun reached the altar halfway, a group of people, from the entrance, comes toward the main Nuisance seats station ... Then, all eyes are invariably, search up in the ranks. Ultimately, their eyes are stuck in one spot ... dressed in a white gown, face Toshihaya, Yi Meipiao contingent of young people, with a lightly a calm after many elders. He is so young, among the group of infirm old man, seems extremely attention. Especially the separation of the girls on this one, you could move not open. He just like the sun,North Face Windstopper Jackets, dazzling, just so quietly walking, but still the people's eyes involuntarily attracted to him go. He's calm, he's indifferent, as if a sword fiercely inserted into their heart Nuisance no longer be able to forget. Between heaven and earth he is the most eye-catching one. He is naive, and is the darling of the heavens and the earth. Him, as if meant to be so much attention! Girl Huaichun? In the world of the jungle, in front of this young man, has ordinary elusive and body Nuisance status and strength, he is simply the dreams of all women! And he is precisely the Luo family the youngest elders Luo Yi! Luo [the dream water] Yat expression calm and indifferent, but in reality, however, is some frustration. Forty thousand pairs of burning eyes peering at you what a feeling? sense, Luo Yi had to maintain the face of the indifferent and calm, seemed wind Danyun light ... the simple But the distance of several hundred meters, Luo Yi feel so unexpectedly long on the main the Nuisance seats Desk furniture everyone stand. Luo Yi, as elders, stood in the front row in his side, precisely Rochon et al. the Luojia below the younger generation fanaticism eyes still tightly locked him. and more, these eyes have predicament lethal .... with a hint of the power of their souls. Soul force, although not very powerful, but together, but also enough to make people feel. Does not bother me if they Murder overflowing. But is this inexplicable frenzy made me do not know and should respond ...... Bi meaning ... who is the most elusive thing. a brief silence, diffuse audience in an instant. instant, above the original noisy wide Nuisance field,Air Max 24-7 Mens Outlet, suddenly silence down. the original look eyes to Luo Yi, nor by to see the look of dignified silence Rochon. After Luoxiong Wei Yan indifferent voice, slowly rang,UGG Kids Bailey Button. ...... not slow about the Millennium generation Luojia hero, heroic deeds. demons certain ...... Five Dynasties ...... Dream, however [water], whether to listen more, when once again see Rochon a solemn look like, indifferent and empty sound that meanders all the Luo family, will not help the quiet, quietly listening . This is a family pride, Chronicles Law family ancestors with blood and tears, the sweat, only in exchange for the the Luojia today's brilliant. As Luo family despise what reason? Rochon's voice as if with a magic Nuisance force, with people through the space-time, back to the mighty history, to witness a Luo family pride the deeds. Yearly sacrifice, that is, over and over again to remind future generations, not forgetting the ancestors. The ancestors can forget what qualifications foothold in this mighty world into? Luo Yi also listened carefully to the heart praise. Luo family ancestors repair or not too high, however, is such a group of people, and lay a Luojia foothold heaven and earth for thousands of years, down. Millennium that is how the vast period of years? The time is over a hundred years, changes in general it is gloomy. Not to mention thousands of years? Among these, do not know how many things, but being in this jungle world, the Luo family still stands. Luo family ancestors, and how not to admire? Think of here, Luo Yat again Qingtu to breath. However, at this time, Luo Yi looked suddenly moving, eyes looked toward a direction in the past. Then frowned. Yellow jersey youth who glowing Yellow Nuisance color light in the air, darting, assertive voice from his mouth. Bald brawny body flashing purple light, heard the crack mouth smile, forehead bloodthirsty: Wan top grade stone! how? Song Yu three young people can not fly, beat cultivation reached the quenching days throughout several people, casually true through the body, will be able to take them with flying. Yellowjackets Youth and bald-headed young very contented. This culling Luo family, in their view, there is not really anything. If it were not to worry about their own and other people's whereabouts are five major sects, I am afraid that, as early as a year ago, this Luojia exterminate. Murder a row than simply go outing even pleasant. Side Song Ying, see the appearance of the two men simply no one else, can not help but slightly wrinkled brow, then lightly: I assure you, this Law Ka strongest also, but a 'more days throughout' initial repair old man just kill Luojia, waving a matter between Bale. Song eagle slightly wrinkled brow, but [Dream Water] did not say more what. Eyes swept away, but suddenly found that white youth look like some solemn look. His heart could not help meal, frowning: feeling. Tsing Yi has a talent, can blur sensitive to the crisis. Over the years, they have ten thousand devils, among the clouds] action, with or without several times down their lives to save all of this talent of Tsing Yi. Today, one in Tsing Yi actually said some jittery mood? How is this going? Eight figure, instantly stopped in the air. At this point, the door from the Luo family has been less than ten. Song eagle did not bother him, but look to the white thin youth, frowned and said: , then closed his eyes. Full after a moment, he opened his eyes, brow hesitated. But after a moment, he shook his head: direction Tianducheng. There, inevitably there are several huge momentum, which is hidden. Song eagle brow wrinkled, also looked back to the Yellowjackets Youth with that bald Road, the hearts of some figuring to see: Greater Mount the original risqué youth of the yellow jersey with bald brawny heard Yi Zheng,Expedition Canada Goose, the reigning convergence of the face do not care, but also gently nodded his head. Personality Taitailielie of the two men, but, after all, had fought out in the life and death figures, also this team for many years, Tsing Yi had a premonition of powerful naturally know immediately no longer dare to the effect. ......

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