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August 17 [Sat], 2013, 15:32
This piece of cold Zhanjia gold out of the bag, Li Feng immediately see this piece of equipment belonging to the Xing: [cold] gold Zhanjia (purple se -- plate armour) based physical defense +130 output value +500 +170 magic defense force +30 added: enhance the users 170 physical defense bonus: enhance the user additional 5% physical defense to improve the users: 5% blood limited level: level 30 on clothes, the guards, 7 genera of Xing violet se super gourmet defense clothes! Li Feng was a shock, and ecstatic, strong degree of this dress is Xing far beyond his imagination, is the "God Pro" Canada Goose Mountaineer Jacket world belongs to Xing the best in a purple clothes se, two additional Xing was the best of the best! Li Feng sucked in a deep breath, put the cold gold Zhanjia into the auction, to participate in the forthcoming in two days after the auction, with a strong Xing this dress, selected is not the problem. Hum, when brother known to! Li Feng mood very excited, he now has a certain degree of visibility, but and the great forces that the long established than, or not Freestyle Vest Youth worth mentioning, only continue to create conditions, improve the strength of competition, and they can. The best armor, he can in the auction to further increase his popularity, to expand their influence, and anyone who dared to offend him, also have to weigh and action. Now the equipment all for good, go Bazhe invincible their revenge! For any one dare to provoke him, Li Feng will give a strong counterattack, only in this way, can we let those bad guys to face him, and not to him as a readily available pinch the soft persimmon. In order to strengthen their attack, Li Feng bought thirty pieces [gem] from the system to strengthen the auction, spent a total of three Expedition Women UK thousand dollars, the price is very expensive, ordinary game player can not afford. In the "Pro God", all the blue is above Se and the quality of equipment can be enhanced, but only the foundation of Xing can be enhanced, the highest can enhance to 9: strengthen the level 1 Effects: the foundation is xing+10%, the success rate of 75% grade 2: strengthening effect based xing+15%, the success rate of 60% grade 3: strengthening effect based on xing+20%, the success rate of 50% grade 4: strengthening effect based xing+30%, the success rate of 45% grade 5: strengthening effect based xing+40%, the success rate of 30% grade 6: strengthening effect based xing+60%, the success rate of 10% grade 7: strengthening effect based xing+90%, the success rate of 5% strengthen the level 8 effects: foundation of the genus xing+130%, the success rate of 2% grade 9: strengthening effect based xing+200%, the success rate was 1% after the failure of equipment to strengthen, strengthen the level will be reduced by 1, so want to put the equipment into a higher level, to a large extent depend on luck, will see the money. Have to say, equipment to strengthen to 9 quite scary, based Xing increases two times, if the body more than a dozen equipment all enhanced to 9, Xing do not know than ordinary game player is high.
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