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September 26 [Thu], 2013, 11:31
; When tossing in Lin Danni, Liu Yu and Zhong Xiao-man, Chen Ran, Du Manni was driving home. www. sitting beside Liu Yu Zhong Xiao-man nervous embrace a long strip of ebony box, indecisive from time to time, whenever a vehicle is close, she will Bengzhi body, with a look at the thief's eyes tightly fixed hold the vehicle until it leaves. Finally back home, she finally relaxed, the ebony box carefully on the coffee table, soft himself down on the sofa, spit out a heavy sigh of relief. As for you? Du Manni face expression do anything: tensions in this way ...... I can not nervous? ZHONG Xiao-man hammer the hammer somewhat sore arm, separated sight around ebony box: This is worth six million dollar baby ah! Of course I would be frightened to have any unexpected accident ah ...... ah? ! Chen Ran shook his head, smiled and said: obviously is your psychological qualities, however hard, told you to take it easy for you to say ...... lightweight! ZHONG Xiao-man curled his lip and said: Mens North Face Denali Hoodie you are born rich, millions of levels baby see more, but I just a flat head small people, when seen over forty million yuan antique ah? ! I can easily get down when pigs fly! Besides, an accident is an accident, but also be able to advance the desired called 'accidents' do? I was afraid to fall, and secondly also afraid someone would rob ...... Duman Ni and Chen halfway burning phase, as shaking his head, have to take the sisters can not do anything. And this time, Liu Yu can not wait, urged: Well, do not talk nonsense, quick open look! Chen fired a stare, snapped: which eye you see us say nonsense ...... OK, so Ranran! Chen Zhong Xiao-Man holding burning arm sweetly: I also want to look at this more than forty million yuan worth of Ruyi it! Saw a face with the fawn-colored bell Xiaoman, Chen Ran no temper, only mumbled bitterly: you're accustomed to him that one day there will be no ...... Hello by Chen Ran's prophecy mind, ZHONG Xiao-Man face looked Duman Ni Tao pray: Manning sister ~ ~ silent Yi Tan, Du Manni shook his head, slowly opened the ebony box, so that caused a lot of trouble Zhebing Ruyi reveal the true capacity. Zhebing Ruyi quintana milky white, should look with a carved piece of suet. Hollow handle parts and inlaid metallic and red gems. Wishful head is carved into a fungus-like, apparently borrowed this fungus has always been considered to be immortal symbolizes longevity drug smug. Innovative design, sophisticated technology, precious timber, should be the three major characteristics of the Zhebing Ruyi! At least, their three sisters Zhong Xiao-man's eyes is like this! In Liu Yu's eyes, these three characteristics are completely not attract his attention factor. Closely watching the handle carved out of three Xiaozhuan Xuemu Hua, Liu Yu hearts of excitement, could not resist reaching out to Ruyi. Pop! Liu Yu Chen Ran's hand shot open, Nose bridge vertical eye and asked: What are you doing? Liu Yu did not bother to pick things like Chen Ran, watching Du Manni said: Can I play with it? Duman Ni Chen Ran angrily looked, and looked at the clock on his face pray Xiaoman, a slight chuckle: Jade and Gold is not the same, it would have to need people to 'support', and you can certainly play with! Thank you. Liu Yu Ruyi carefully picked up the check, and ultimately determine the hands of Zhebing is seen in the illustrations themselves Nabing Ruyi! Took a deep breath, Liu Yu face Du Manni said: Ruyi Zhebing can sell me? Du Manni slightly surprised, pained face emerges. Already have opinions on Liu Yu Chen fired immediately took the lead, as sisters siege: sell it to you? This is more than forty million yuan, you North Face Denali Fleece Clearance Sale have so much money do? Liu Yu Conspire take his supreme UnionPay cards on the coffee table, pushed to the front of Du Manni, light, said: there are eleven million dollars and nearly forty million yuan, I can give you the password, how much your own plan ...... Duman Ni slight frown, looked deeply Liu Yu a, said: This is not a question of money! Zhebing Ruyi is my brother bought for my father, won the Father's love, I can not sell it! Perhaps look at Liu Yu Ruyi really like Zhebing's sake, or do not want to let bell Xiaoman difficult, Du Manni then added the sentence: Although we can not sell you the Zhebing Ruyi, but I can call the shots the jade Wishful lend you one night, you can play with some good, tomorrow I turn it back to Du! Liu Yu silent a moment, nodded his head slowly. Duman Ni and Chen burning longer care for him, and made a call bell Xiaoman, you each wash, back to the house and went to sleep. Liu Yu Zhong Xiao-man sat beside, first with a sigh, and then only gently said: Yu Yu, if you really like the jade, her sister earned money to give after you buy! However, this sister really can not help you, Zhebing Ruyi is Du Bobo's favorite objects, the gentleman does away people opt ...... I understand. Liu Yu faint smile, said: Actually, I do not want this in mind ...... Ruyi, Liu Yu has added a few words: ...... Actually, I really want is this Ruyi stuff inside! In memory of Liu Yu that the ancestors compiled by the Down's "Memoirs", the detailed records of the time as a close friend of Xuemu Hua Tang Men's life story. Xuemu Hua, this is secularly person, smart, studious, came with adventure, thanks to the best in the world at the current debate, Mr. Satoshi smart people as a teacher, learning all sorts of miscellaneous learning. Unfortunately, every youth home changed dramatically over the door thirty-three do is wicked killing, only friends of Xuemu Hua outer body free. To be able to personally revenge, since childhood hi Women's North Face Hyvent Clearance do not like moving Xuemu Hua Jing began practicing martial arts. Although there are many cheats its door division, but he had twenty years of his bones have been finalized, although the practice ground, but little success. Can be stubborn Xuemu Hua extreme personality but did not give up, refused their revenge a friend suggested that under the guidance of Mr. Satoshi debate hammered medical knowledge, which lasted thirteen out, and finally refined into a way to reshape the meridians, and then refining bones odd drug - Yi Jin forging bone Dan! Subsequently, Mr. Cong debate pull strings, Xuemu Hua Yi Jin forging with two bone Dan wangzhuang redeemed from drug can increase the skill of three Pei-Yuan Dan. Another three years, is innate master Xuemu Hua finally personally beheaded enemies, to comfort their loved ones passed away. As Xuemu Hua Yi Jin wrought revenge big hero of Dan and not run out of bone, remove only the transaction, give it away, but finally the rest of the seven. In order to preserve immortality, but also to commemorate finally get their hands-avenged, Xuemu Hua please craftsman to create a form of wishful Yuxia. Through the "travelogue" on illustrations, Liu Yu can be determined, the legendary used for installing the Yi Jin Dan forging bone Ruyi, which is edged in their hands!
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