Zhou Feng one he admitted that

August 19 [Mon], 2013, 19:01
() Froze Assembly child, Zhou Feng gang personnel recovered, shouting his mouth, ready to rush forward. Zhou Feng suddenly stopped by hand, watching Tommy said: "You are Tommy? Peng's brother?" Peng hear the person next to mention the name, all look surprised at Tommy. Tommy smile: "I was Tommy, however, and not the slightest relationship Peng that sucker," Zhou Feng one he admitted that he was Tommy, face turned black down: "Tommy, it's okay with you, better not control "Tommy a music:" My brother should be flat, TM you say I can no matter what? "Zhou Feng hear the words of Tommy, sè more ugly face, hesitated for a moment, a bite: "Tommy told two people stopped, the rest of this sucker punch Kill" Zhou Feng saw a fat man: "If someone does not play gooseberry, even he can get" Those who heard Zhou Feng brother's words did not go forward, the crowd suddenly someone spoke and said: "Peak brother, Peng boss's brother said it was his brother, hands-on is not right," Zhou Feng hear the fear in his eyes flashed significantly, but still said: "I let you beat, beat out of you give me any thing, I wore "those people one had to come to us, but Tommy was immediately stopped. I turned toward fat, said: "fast" run word yet exported, he was kicked to the ground stamp "Zhou Feng TM you dared to touch my brother, I will not let you," "In the summer, you have to stand up ah "In the fell to the ground at the moment, I will protect the back of the head with both hands, in addition to fists plus body pain and those momentum, to hear only those who curse, as well as Tommy's roar fat in my moment they fell to the ground ran to the distance, I do not feel fat no sense of obligation, but they think it is, after all, one more person to be beaten, always bad. And I usually do not look fat and Tommy two words to say very comfortable, but fat is an extremely timid person. Light intensity slowly fist a lot, probably because they no effort it fast, but I also went to the edge of a coma. Then suddenly my mind more of a voice: "Summer" "Summer Summer" sounds increasingly rapid breath, I will be back from the edge of a coma, it is the sound I've ox Meier mouth , however, and became Enchantress necklace is spiritual exchange, Meier see me conscious, he continued: "In the summer, do you want me to help you out, gang humans really an outrage," Meier hear the words, I a warm heart, but the thought of her identity can not be exposed to, I quickly said in his heart: "Do not, so that you will be exposed as I suffer Dayton beat nothing, this pile sucker no guts kill me" Meier did not sound a again said: "I have a way that they will not be found, you go to relax." Listen Meier, I taut body slowly relaxed, bringing the piercing pain, just when I was about to faint, a Shares heat, poured into my stomach. Heat flow into the abdomen of the moment, they would extend the body to the slightest thread, walk in my body. And no body pain,North Face Windstopper Sale, muscle a block uplift myself full of energy, who fist fight in my body, but there are some people hit by the feeling of nothing "Well," I grunted, the people directly from the ground up, those people from my past, I have all been thrown to the ground. Side of Tommy stood up to see me, he laughed: "Summer Good for you, give me beat them," Tommy said no, and I know what to do, man clutching a punch will have to play in the face of the man on, the man screams, nasal bone punch will be interrupted by me, clutching his nose filled with blood, on the floor playing the roll to. I did not stop, one by one break, dislocated dislocated arm, broken leg, broken leg, by contrast, the first person to be more fortunate. Did not take long before we left the Zhou Feng, no, there's stopping Tommy's two punks. While I went to Zhou Feng, while grinned: "Now it's your turn," But when I peak from the week just steps away, the body's heat suddenly disappeared, the whole body is full of exhaustion. Zhou Feng looked at me, her face sè become very ugly, fists clenched not help, it seems very nervous. But he did not know, with the disappearance of heat, this time, I have the oil burnout and even had no strength to stand up. "You go, this thing, I do not care if there next time, you are sure, those younger than you even worse," I put a calm tone of some cold front Zhou Feng said. Zhou Feng one, did not speak in front of the face sèyīn Shen remaining two brother waved, he held his brother who left, the side of Tommy some angry at me and said: "In the summer, Why let that sucker, this time you put him, but he will not let you ah "I'm helpless smile, is preparing to explain, fat sound suddenly came over:" I fight for you. " I turned to look, fat man holding a block tile, eyes closed, rushed over, "Oh," I laughed twice, intense fatigue swept through the body, a black eyes, they do not know anything when I woke up again, I found that I had come to the hospital. I do not know too tired or hospital that kind of unpleasant taste, so some of my head dizzy. Looked around,Palliser Coat Sale, and no fat and Tommy figure, the whole room was the only one bed. Sunlight from the window shè in. I have some thorns blinded, evidently, had to noon. "Meier could hear talking to me?" This can be escaped, it can be said is entirely Meier's credit, if not Meier, my fate must be more miserable than it is now, across more than twenty individuals, But I simply can not cope cried a few times, but did not answer me Meier. Quickly looked under the chest, that necklace is still, but why do not you answer my Enchantress words? Is what happened? They want more anxious hearts, in the hearts of non-stop shouting Meier's name. I am ready to give up, Meier's voice was weak called out: "I do," "Meier, how do you? Voice how so weak?" I'm afraid because I kind of force Meier, consumption much what happened. But Meier was snappily said: "You just woke up, then clearly you can spit ah" I heard surprised a moment, turned to sleep ah, let me worry about a white, but nothing like Meier. But I was afraid something Meier, opened his mouth and asked: "Meier, you give me that kind of force, and for your consumption it?" Not long Meier Teana sound like they came over: "Consumption is not much, But summer "Hear Meier shout my name, I quickly answered:" how? "" You can not rely too much on me, waiting for me after all the strength of recovery, enough to cover the body of yīn gas, will leave you "hear Meier said that the future will be to leave, I do not know why, my heart kind of strange feeling, seems a bit uncomfortable. But still on the Meier said: "ah, I know," Meier continued: "So, you now need to improve their strength, I go free, you have to be bullied by these human beings," "Do you want to pass my six decades skill? Hey, I do not what is invincible, "think of this child, I actually shameful hard, get this skill, I would not want to soak what girl, what girl on the bubble? In my infinite YY, and Meier's voice was snappily called out: "You Luanxiang what I'm talking about practice" to "practice?" Meier's words, all of a sudden I get confused. "In addition to the demon, we humans can practice?" I have some doubts, I feel somewhat unreal. Enchantress sighed: "Man is lord of creation, of course you can practice, practice together than we happen much faster," I a happy, eagerly asked: "How long practice, I can become and then you lent me strength as much? "Meier thought, said:" Six months, it was just so you become more effort fills half enough, maybe even stronger. "After I heard the music does not work , it seems that Meier had given me that kind of force but a drop in the bucket Bale: "You taught me," was ready to practice the method, but Meier suddenly said: "Someone's coming," Sure enough, in Meier's voice down moment, "click" sound, the hospital's doors will be opened, a pretty figure appeared in front of me, but I did not have any happy thoughts, the man turned out to be my beautiful old class, Tigress (new book , is not easy,Canada Goose Sale UK, if looked okay, they tap collection, this will not get pregnant. also not seeking VIP, bump votes, PK ticket pocket of these things, just flowers, collection, this time to ask for money. again next Updated daily three-shift, eight in the morning, six in the evening, 10pm. hope you can help, "fox" rise)
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