was three long and rich wide filial piety

August 30 [Fri], 2013, 11:41
Li Yi now; impression of the Luo Zhi Ming is not good, know nothing nice to say to yourself, just say what also not clear. Li Yi smiled, said: Luo team, what do you say, as long as I can do, I will do it, if I cannot and, I try, if it is not, then no way. Luo Zhiming hey hey a smile, way: the first thing, is Hito Mi recently in a cultural relics, has at last night to clinch a deal, we overnight interrogation Luan Ren Mei's men, got the message. The men who do business with Luan Ren Mei is a criminal gang the notorious repute, insiders call the help, don't know what I mean. At the national level cultural relics and their loss, according to the information we have seven parts, they are now sold a piece, just yesterday the micro scale of traditional Chinese painting. Li Yiyi suddenly thought of that painting, heart slightly Deng. Luo Zhiming: Hito Mi is dead, but his case no node, but also down to the help that group of people, they gave the job to me, oh, he became a machine, I'm exhausted not life. But Canada Goose Calgary Jacket they have this requirement, I as a subordinate to say what, of course, is it. You don't worry, I'm not told you to the help that person was undercover, they flee hither and thither at home, you can not do. I want you to do, is to wait. The group now estimates that are not in Haizhou, but they will be back, well, I want to come back. After coming back Canada Goose Yukon Bomber Men to find someone, I think they will find Luan Westmount Parka Men Sale Ren mei. But Luan Ren Mei died, they would find Luan Renmei contact with a person. These people are Luan Ren Mei's men, now the city made the decision, to judge the dragon three and Fuhiro Xiao these Luan Ren Mei's gunner. The total not to look for help which was three long and rich wide filial piety. So they will go to the White River, to Li Quanzhong, to find you, those two men are not my people, and I can't ask him to do anything, let alone the help people find them, there wouldn't be any result. You are different, you are my people. We do say, ah, you are now in the national work, hope you keep. And no one can say, including your good friend, what Li Guozhu and the like, can't say. Did you talk to people, will have a bad effect on their. Even lost Xing life, so don't take trouble to them. Li Yi felt the impulse, really want to escape one's lips: you're not afraid of the trouble to me? But forbearance, or didn't say. Luo Zhiming: so what. I wanted to ask you to help, if you have the help people find you. You can press the I gave the signal transmitter for you, and keep these people. I take a person to catch immediately. They are on the road for a long time, very experienced, also have a set, that will also sorcery, I do not know is true or false, as long as it is not a good deal, not easy to catch, only through this way. Li Yi felt confused, casually said: Luo team, I don't understand, the help people come back to do what? Why do I want a Luan Ren Mei? Why do you want it? They have what purpose? Luo Zhiming HM, said: This is something you don't ask, just do as I say it, know too much for you no good)
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