Euro-Greece two overtime losses out of Croatia last 8

September 17 [Tue], 2013, 15:54

Croatia battled two in overtime, to 92-88 access to Greece, bringing all European Championship quarterfinals.

Boyang-bogedannuoweiqi for Croatia scored 22 points, and Tomic 15 points and 12 rebounds, Ukic 14 minutes, Rory Delap, 13 minutes.

Greece qualify for the quarterfinals. Boluoxisi scored 21 points and Spanoulis 18 points, zexisi and kaimakegelu each have 14 points. Greece hit 35%, also 42-54 on the rebounding disadvantage.

Before the game began, Greece still have a chance. nike roshe run sverigeIf they beat Croatia, Spain loses the game. Greece portion of the self can control have failed to do, this group of four top teams advance, namely, Croatia, and Slovenia, and Spain and Italy. Another group of four has at least one of the teams is Serbia, and Lithuania, and France and Ukraine.

Today is the last round of the group, in fact only one seat left is uncertain. Spain still haven't locked, while Greece only chance left. Greece situation is very bad, the General papanikelao due to ankle injury sidelined, maluokefalidisi also failed to play. Croatia enjoy numerical superiority. Bogedannuoweiqi 16.9 points per game and ranks fourth among the top 12 players. Defender Marco-Marco belineli,nike free run 3 dam the Golan-delajiqi [Twitter] and the tender shoot of Kobol are very accurate.

Greece is to fight, coach statements will fight to the last second, that's what they do. After opening exchanged tit-for-tat, alternating lead several times, the biggest gap between the first section just 4 points. Greece ended with 17-16 a 1 point lead.

Section II has not opened the gap of the two teams. This section also with 3 minutes and 30 seconds, the peipeiluogelu two free, Greece 33-29 slightly dominant, continuous shooting but bogedannuoweiqi hit, one person who had 5 points, Croatia 34-33 go-ahead. 1 seconds left when this section, tomich layups his way, nike free run 3 dam Croatia leads 36-34.

Section III with 4 minutes, Saric neither voted nor penalties scored 3 points, Croatia 49-43 expansion of advantage. Vasileios Spanoulis one person who had 4 minutes, Greece to 7-0 attack waves, 50-49 ahead. Croatia in continuous shooting does not, until this section only when there is 1 second by Ukic fast break layups to score, and they held the lead with 51-50.

Fourth day competition more intense. 4 minutes 21 seconds before the end of this section, hit third Ukic, Croatia leads 65-61, Greece right now with 4-0 Spanoulis after free throws made, equalised. Greece ahead of the opportunity, but Spanoulis thereafter no, Croatia by Ukic Beatdown again succeeded, in this section there are 2 minutes and 31 seconds, they lead 67-65. Greece points one by one as close to the edge of being eliminated, they are unwilling to disarm. Boluoxisi-OOP layups his way, and zexisi in this section when you have 10 seconds to hit three points come into 70-70. Croatia suspended launched after the last attack, Ukic failed this time, nike roshe run sverigetwo teams into overtime.

Greece people a long walk in the Palace of Hell were, after the start of extra-time, both sides still deadly enemies. When the first overtime with 2 minutes 21 seconds, kaimakegelu three-hit, Greece will score exceeded, zexisi jump shot his way, Greece to lead 77-74. While this section with 25 seconds left, bogedannuoweiqi three-hit, drawing both sides once again. Zexisi the last minute layup misses, the two teams into extra time.

Greece should strive to survive, while Croatia even though tickets have been made, but did not relax. Second overtime with 1 minute, two sides draw 86-86.

Rory Delap in the final 33 seconds before the attack succeeded, bogedannuoweiqi also fined two balls, and Croatia in the final 18 seconds before a 4 point lead. Greece moment shooting does not, once again, sending his opponent to the free throw line. Although both Simon does not, but Greece's time is less and less.

Just before the 1 second, kaimakegelu in both of the two, Greece is still down 88-90. Croatia after two two, easily stretched their unbeaten run ended the long race, while Greece this Euro tour ends here.
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