Have you ever wondered how to improve your indoor lighting?

August 23 [Wed], 2017, 17:44

Add accent lights (picture lights, plant Linsheng Electrical Co., Ltd. uplights, sculpture lights, etc. Replace some of your translucent lampshades with opaque ones to increase the dramatic lighting effects.

Replace your recessed light trims with wall washers or eyeballs to redirect harsh overhead light to focal points (bookshelves, sculpture, pictures, fireplace, etc. Change your light bulbs! Put PAR bulbs in your accent recessed lights, regular reflector bulbs in recessed downlights, 3-way bulbs in table and floor lamps, and install dimmers on all switches.

Add LED High Bay Lamp wall sconces in strategic places (behind sofas, in hallways, above fireplace, etc.

Have you ever wondered how to improve your indoor lighting? Here are 10 tips and techniques to help you improve the lighting in your home.

Study the room at night to make sure you have balanced the light and have eliminated dark corners.) and emphasize them with uplighting.). Provide for a reading/task light beside each seating piece. Try pink and full-spectrum bulbs for a rosy glow!

Put your accent lights (for plants and sculpture) on automatic timers. Look for interesting architectural features (painted ceilings, columns, crown molding, etc.

 Imagine how soothing it will be to come home at night to subtle dramatic lighting!

Change your center ceiling light to a softly diffused glass fixture with an uplight function. These timers will control when the lights turn on and off.