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September 28 [Fri], 2012, 16:23
From the cheap nike air griffey max 1 perspective of one breakthrough, Kagawa also called efficient. Kagawa true one-to-one breakthrough Division 4 attempts so far, successfully 3 times, breaking the success rate had reached 75%. Last season, Ashley-Yang tried to breakthrough 37 times, success 18 times. While Nani is trying to hit 79 times, successful 53 times. Although the position is different from the manner of ball playing make Kagawa true Division of breakthrough times difficult compared with Nani, but at least the Japanese have demonstrated their efficiency in this.  
But even so, Manchester United will still be one of the top clubs in the world. According to statistics by the daily mail, two thousand eleven-twelveths season, European soccer's highest-paid are real Madrid and kobe dream season 4 for sale Barcelona, to £ 415 million and 399 million pounds, respectively. Despite the modest reduction of United's income, but you can still in 3rd place. Torres had some not happy! After being replaced in the Queens Park in the first world war, United Kingdom media said he also continued unhappiness, also no good face in Monday's training.  
Yes, according to Deloitte's statistics, the turnover of two thousand five-sixths season, the giants of Europe (phone earlier, Juventus beat Champions League) and Serie a is still high in Europe. Top Real cheap nike air penny 1 Madrid 292 million, Barcelona 259 million, Juventus third 251 million, Barcelona is close. 239 million then Milan, inter 207 million. 5 years after the two thousand ten-elevenths season which Juventus also has European war years (EU Cup group game 6 ruled lianping), Real Madrid's 480 million, Barcelona 450 million, 367 million for United, Bayern 321 million, 235 million in Milan, inter 211 million, while Juve only 154 million, fell out of the top 10 in Europe, 13. Rome and Naples and 15th respectively. People are doubled up, Milan city fair, Ewing is back.  
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