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May 14 [Tue], 2013, 15:35
> Ye so oil and salt into the North River lay very stressful, especially these days, and self-cultivation sector know they Kunlun School are doing, if leaked ...... Lay North River think of here immediately in the eyes showing a trace of the beholder, mind pondering the feasibility of these two kill, how? Anyway, he could have saved a similar idea, but then I thought Shushan or to draw value, especially Ye mastered the TV drama Kyushu Ding, this thing is at stake, Ye refining, do not know to kill him after energy No successful and that tripod. wWw, quanbeN, cOM his side Sharp mind, opposite Ye did not dry pestle there, this time the idea is spinning, it is aware of the North River lay faint comes out of the murderous know Kunlun head actually is a heart black hands spicy Lord, may want to kill the witness. Two accidents as a moment, the results are saved with their mind two immediately reveal a very kindly smile, like a very cordial and the same. "I hypocrisy!" Hearts for their own change heaved a sigh of relief at the same time, Ye Wenshun potential asked the sentence: "Do not know exactly what you want Guipai how these small world?" North River lay a mysterious smile, but not a direct answer, wanted to come to this matter is confidential, but this angered leaves secretly dissatisfied: the group outsiders can know, but I can not know? "Therefore, this North River lay invite their own and others also But the spur of the moment, it is not too concerned about, so it seems, this guy may be more inclined to get rid of their own. Just why the sudden change in thought and out to meet with their own? Ye just wondering, immediately thought of their own hands, then some Kyushu Ding! "This guy will certainly want to get my hands Baoding, so it kept the talk with their mind! Estimated to save the idea of ​​just Yiyanbuge saw the opportunity to direct shot just Qiaochu me the repair into this hasty shot! "actually leaves guess basically guessed, North River lay at the moment there is indeed a sort of fear skyrocketing skill Ye (leaf off independently Emei things and not reached the ears of the North River lay), he did not know there is a bit of chance of winning because he had not seen the Ye shot. With leaves but Wu Xiu, North River lay Wu repair or fear, this has been to hold back the idea of ​​shot conversation with Ye. He talked to the two this time, Bai Xu Yin just quietly stood until the Bai opening: "Hey, you're not going to help me what?" Her large eyes then looked at Ye, like leaves the ** big bad! Remark, North River lay noticed this woman, he would have thought that this woman is a human Bale Shushan, heard these words before, knowing that things are not so turned his head and looked up and down a lot, stunning also curious asked: "This is ..." "This is the lord of the South China Sea Asgard, now come to you to recover your own home!" Ye also mouthful of crap, not to mention before the departure of the South China Sea Dragon King South China Sea Asgard entrusted to She more care, the SHE more hope now handed their daughter and her hands, on the whole not lie. "The lord of the South China Sea Asgard?" North River lay at first surprised, then a look of sneer, only when the leaf was deliberate nonsense nausea, what words of the master of the South China Sea Asgard is do not believe: "Ye head , some things are best Mo nonsense! "," I can not nonsense, lay know this woman is? "Although Ye looks like a certainty, the North River lay just do not believe. This is of course, He thought that many of the South China Sea Asgard Dragon Once upon a long to go, the South China Sea Asgard is equal to the abandoned house waste, which may pop up a host family? So he only when it is nonsense, Ye do not want to work with their own, or even want to swallow up the South China Sea Asgard So the hearts of the Ye addition of a somewhat kill the idea. "Lay not believe even, but that the lady was this Asgard, who is beyond doubt, it is the South China Sea Dragon King entrusted ......" North River lay curl one's lip, said: "South China Sea Dragon King? Big tone! Do not know How to testify? "words uttered, I saw beside him suddenly out of an old view holds the hands of the pipe in his mouth emitting a smoke:" Naturally, I am self-energy testify! "North River lay looks a cold but it is not aware of this old man exactly what time it is quietly went to his side, this human skill outrageously high fear: "You're who?" "Boss She more, then by two Dragon King the trust to take care of two Asgard in the East China Sea and South China Sea, is preparing the South China Sea Asgard entrusted to the care of my daughter, but only to be accounted for to go to! "while talking casually puffed smoke, The eyes just looked at the foot of the land. totally did not lay on the kind of the North River. ...... Well, quackish to the atmosphere, two old Dragon King seep go to this profession for thousands of years, the authors you have lived for thousands of years? "She is more spit mouth smoke:" little doll must not bragging, old lady really have been, and for thousands of years! , The word went out, the North River lay a burst of laughter: "ridiculous, If you really can live for thousands of years, one reason or another have not soaring? "In general, human monk If we can really practice for thousands of years, has certainly been soaring so long time even a little bit of grinding can skill grinding is so realm. Grinding not live to see such a for a long time has gone away "So this sector may never have to live for thousands of years the monks,Coach Outlet. Now the oldest, but also Kankan over a thousand years, but this people can not break the date of vanished, but also in day and night, that Zhang Sanfeng is known as the most likely soaring, if it can not break, a few hundred years later can not discuss the fate of his death. She said more to live for thousands of years, the North River lay only when these people simply quackish atmosphere, deliberately find yourself happy. The angry heart hand is drawn, even remove a bronze Tiebian, followed by a SHE more: "The elderly want to win this Nanhai the Asgard straight anyway, the Lay is not what moron which will be a few words lie this wonderland handed it over? "mouth sneer, look eye Ye:" Ye head to find someone to play such a drama, is it when I was a fool not? "His words, and suddenly felt something, just gas ruthless mind not how to turn, to collect myself: "Ye originally do not know Kunlun School, who is here will naturally not come up with ridiculous play, plus has been in four visits mostly foreign forces, leaves even check it out in advance over 80% also thought here by foreigners accounted for, categorically not think of his head, but can not arrange such a lie to snookered himself! ", said to be snookered those foreigners? Do not be silly, to say the reality, more realistic group of foreigners! They have occupied here is absolutely not what this place would have belongs to me, a reason will be the place for the biggest is probably their most accustomed way to solve this problem Xiangxi resort to force, the way all the guys are all a thousand out. Ye the mettle of these guys absolutely can not fail in this case he has the necessary arrangements for this lie? "Could that be true?" Slightly cropped a little cold sweat on his forehead, North River lay suddenly thought of a possible Xiangxi human monk can not survive for thousands of years but those demon repair after the successful practice, life expectancy longer than that. Of course, the drawback is that the speed of practice is always very slow, can not break through the cents and angel then that bottleneck, the speed of practice is much less than human monk. But their advantage is that you can go with a longer period of time practicing slowly, look at the old man goes for looks almost human, really the demon repair repair, it will certainly be very tyrannical presence. More terrible even feel less than half Yaoqi. North River lay calm down and think a lot of things that we do not see more She looked at the North River lay in the hands of the whip suddenly said: "turned out to be playing Kamimuchi Unfortunately, on I play Kamimuchi useless fight against the Gods of the people, not on the list, the effect is limited! up is equivalent to a general attack magic, but is actually very strong, unusual magic head, damaged most of the time not more playing Kamimuchi or many right way monks the original will not want to use this thing go boom Kyushu Ding hear this old man even know to play Kamimuchi North River Lay the hearts of more and more felt boat pushed into the abyss is nothing wrong with this, then things are a bit complicated and trouble. Shiranui the dance stood, eyes had become blood red, be careful to guard against looking at a few people, let her weakness is that she thinks if it is really a fight may be that he is most likely to lose his life, so she is the most do not want to fight. Fortunately, her idea to the North River lay benzene playing Kamimuchi to close the back seems to have stopped the hands of mind, and the old man simply said: "Do you really is Dragon King entrusted to him? "Naturalism is true! , North River lay Look for a long while, suddenly asked: "You're not the Dragon? Questioning at the same time, holds the hands of the playing Kamimuchi hand and tighten a little more, it may be heard wrong answer, and immediately is a whipping in the past, be sure to fight to get rid of a master under the first strike, to secure some advantage,Coach(R) Madison Factory. old man finally looked up and glanced at the North River lay, and then shook his head: "Boss is not a Dragon! "North River lay this out of breath, pinching play Kamimuchi hand also loose a bit:" per say, stay here, 80% to that of longchi? "When he finished, the appearance of a faint smile looked She more, even if the old man then straighten the backs, a pair of old eyes do not re just been that atheism looks like, but is fine shiny staring at him." Elderly not to worry, that of longchi I do not have far-reaching effects, and there is no conflict between us! ", The original North River lay this South China Sea Asgard have considerable understanding, because he has been here for a while, made the Asgard every inch of view aside. That of longchi, naturally, he can not escape check it out. had just asked the old man is not a Maronite First, in order to try whether he is not lying, just want to know the purpose of guarding two Asgard really a try under the immediately know this old man indeed not lying if he said he was Maronite, North River lay will be shot immediately, because the Dragon is absolutely impossible to stay the Dragon King even loss of skill will give all away, only a close race is likely to be left next She Yue answer they are not North River we believe that a little more, and then to the of longchi Trial, etc. to see the reaction of the elderly immediately know this old man really is true! Ye has been sit on the sidelines, has been heard here, before we know where the key turned out to be that sub-Laus longchi of, and Young, as a glance, I suddenly felt a bit unfortunate trend of the situation, neither man seems to reach an agreement adding that saw the North River lay faint smile Road loudly: "The elderly want it can also slightly help solve some of longchi help solve the problem that the lay good Jackie Chan type, just Asgard give you bad! She more wondering, last stiff back to the sentence: "as long as fixed that of longchi, but when I need without blocking, this Asgard, old man, I also did not rise ! Elsewhere even if you also ruined anyway! "Here it comes, see North River lay look happy, but it is through said something:" However, before that of longchi I have not, you can not line that is connected to the world of things! North River lay know is that the elderly when connected to concerns that the world changes, that of longchi to the destroyed heart thought for a moment, think it is not not accept, anyway, that is too much trouble to do things, 1:30 would not be able to do delay for some time anyway, he did not know the water longchi not years will be able to accumulate, or do not know that he will not be good patience to wait forever. two She turned more like an agreement was reached after the head-to-Bai Road loudly: "This thing, white with me to go back! "Bai know his godfather the most important is that of longchi'd not care about this Asgard, after all, they both live in the big East China Sea Asgard is also no problem. She more call her, She went to the side of his father, with two to the extrauterine line to go. Bai just remember She said, pointing to Ye said: "They do? "She is more thought:" well in advance that completed the things that will help them! Today, things are not what they do, naturally do not have to bother about them! "Then a pull Bai:" Come on! Words uttered, the people have no shadow, want to come is what the mysterious escape Direct departed is also possible that this old man know the special Dharma directly from Ranhai Asgard prohibition to leave the Wonderland. Watching this old man just leave, leaves, also a belly stuffiness But you know, understand: I completed the thing, I'll help you deal with nailhead seven arrows book and now this thing is not Ye do is the old man personally, naturally do not have to help him feel a little uncomfortable, but the fact is the case, but there is no good resentment North River lay to the side to see Ye look as usual, also Anzan out leaf palm door reactive big raise gas is really good, the situation has greatly he is not good, but still very leisurely standing there. "Today I have reached with the original owner of an agreement, do not know leaf head What to say? "Ye looked at North River lay:" nothing to say, since the things here, that Yemou say good-bye! "Having said we should turn away unexpectedly before to move on see Behr Lay North Huanliaoyisheng:" Wait a minute! , "" Lay there are what? "This place is now the moment do not want to be, this things done so that really made him feel suffocated for now is that the Young immediately replied Penglai fairyland and exceedingly practice, wait until the skill further, and these double Eye of God practice into the realm of the op freely and then come to find these guys afterwards! Of course, this does not mean that he was afraid of the Kunlun School, North River lay really want to hard, he does not mind this guy to kill , by the way, all of these in the South China Sea Asgard kill twelve hundred net anyway, are a group of foreign forces, but had also sad, he really did not kind necessary. the Kunlun School? Ye suddenly thought of the original Kyushu Ding will be targeted, in addition to the Treasure of the Sierra ancestors four declared Yang, the Kunlun School eighty percent also secretly to stir up trouble a lot. originally he does not think so, but learned of the Kunlun School want all the world together into a community, and then, after the occupation of their own, he discovered that these guys have a motive. since the motivation, they will naturally be a suspect! Ye impression Kunlun School is plummeting, now more hostile North River Lay gently smile, but said the sentence: "Ye head or think clearly before you leave good! , "" What do you mean? North River lay without saying, Ye looked just head held high: "I hope the next leaf head today give an accurate answer, to join or not to join? "Added how?" Not to join and how? "Ye God read startled, found around has been around a lot of people, it seems The North River lay not answer lay of the North River which is ready to kill the witness. Simply said:" Ye head is sensible, presumably do not need in the next much to say! , "Ye heard suddenly laughed, prompting the North River lay burst of displeasure:" What are you laughing? "Laugh at you naive! "North River lay furious:" Mo Bushihaodai! Words before falling, I saw around suddenly out of many people, these people dress different, the image is different, leaf, just looked eye look,Coach(R) Multicolor Bags Factory, including blacks, whites, there are many EGL dress many feel particularly familiar shape. "I was very surprised, why these foreigners will be willing to help you mulberry? "I saw the North River lay in the hands of play Kamimuchi light up:" That's because they can not escape the temptation may become God! "Crying and Swagger a finger leaves the text:" Unfortunately, the leaf head there is no chance! "," Is not it? "Ye Wen does not matter shrugged his shoulders:" But Yemou and do not care! Said this, hands slight lift, Liangbing purple sword suddenly appear in the top of the hands, pointing to the front of the distant North River lay! ~! ..
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