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July 19 [Fri], 2013, 12:34
> And just to hear the sound at the same time, he also heard the voice of the Lord God reward. "Completing the main task two, the team rewarded Class B Line plot a 3000 bonus points." Chu empty rows at the same time to hear all the 9527 squad members have heard, the new people instantly cheered, they have a sufficiently fear long, and could not wait to get out of this damn place, so they chose not hesitate to return, one figure are lost in the white inside,Oakleys Sunglasses Cheap, thanks to the presence of planes no one is indigenous, or big trouble . And there have been several experienced senior of the task they are more intelligent, they do not leave immediately, but through an empty row squad channels to Chu current situation and asked his advice. "Captain, how kind, whether immediately return to the Lord God space?" Is almost the same time, four men came asking. "Ma Xiao, and Liu Zuo you go back, you two have been seriously injured, even if not much help to stay here, and go back healed." At the same time, appear on the battlefield two bright white light, almost is instantaneous, Ma Xiao and Liu Zuo to turn into one white spot disappeared in the eyes of Chu empty line up. The distant Patrick and Professor X is confrontation with the professor suddenly spoke up: "That is the Lord God of escorts light, as long as you kill, I will be able to enter." X professors reveal how much sound a little crazy . And Patrick's almost no way to speak at the moment, he can barely struggled to say: "Yes, you said to do a good person? Then hurry up and tell me what you do in the end is how, and how to fool them , and then the truth in the end is how is it? Do not tell me you do not know, I have just received the Lord God hints, has completed the main quest two squads, the presence of one year as you know how it is now inevitable . "Patrick finished and then spat out a mouthful of blood, but this is a strange blood just landed but returned to his side,Oakley FLAK JACKET, into his body inside. At the same time, Chu-line communications channel space in the squad, said: "Fan Yu, you immediately go to my master control room, all the big power control type weapons gave me ready, target coordinates to be in my place now once I inform you immediately put all the firepower are pouring to come here. And as for you, Xiao, if so, your speed a little faster than the Fan Yu, hastened to the north twenty kilometers outside of a long or seven young trees hill there, where there is a small cave, before we hid inside some weapons of mass destruction, you and Fan Yu, as long as I have requested, immediately put the fire emitted over. "Chu quickly developed a line of air combat programs. For his plan, Fan Yu said there is no pressure, and if so is some concern Xiao said: "Captain, something you would not be hiding a nuclear bomb it!" He heard Chu OK but empty planes on an outstanding record , especially for the final cleaning before leaving bomb exceptionally clear, after all he strengthened Paladin apprenticeship system, it is an empty row from Chu Paladin Journey here know things like, so feel good side, if someone put bombs rain down here he can do without the guilt, but if you do it by yourself is one thing, and this and his paladins completely contrary to the precepts, he did not do. "Do not worry, this time is not a nuclear bomb." Chu line blank voice full of smiles feeling, so if so Ann Xiao heart. Then he added one in mind: "Although similar results." Then he closed his eyes, a way to die, coupled with his face pale in complexion and a host of other external state, does not really look like a die. "Speaking of my story, that was a long time ago and it had not long from my ignorance, I have telepathic abilities, I might just seven years old, when I feel like a monster different from others know Wenruitang soon. "professor's voice is full of fond memories, but Patrick clearly does not want to hear this, he feels his time is running out, the professor continued to nag if then these things, there is no chance he listened, So he was forced to cough twice, but did not hear the professor seemed as continued: "That was a very interesting night, I heard some strange ring downstairs, they looked down and found my His mother was rummage fridge, I ran over and asked her how, who knows only two did not say she revealed the secret, finally, I know she is Wenruitang, that is, you say the magic-shaped woman, she can become anyone like she was an orphan, so I adopted her and since then, we are best friends. "professor said, very ecstatic, but Patrick obviously do not want to hear any more, but he also knows that kind Professor interrupted and can not stop,Oakley Glasses Online, so he directly said: "Hey, old man, nobody meaningless to you of the past to those interested, and quickly said, focus!" interrupted the professor is obviously very upset, but he also no extra action, continued: "Then we grew up, there were a lot of things." said Professor cover their own head, and then thought again and said: "It seems you have seen the movie these things right! ah? ha ha! "His voice reveal a little mad. "Let me tell you some things you do not know it. Year we are very young, very good, until I discovered the world often some particularly strange people, they always will do some mess of things, a lot of places will tattered get confused and then suddenly disappear, they do not have the slightest contact, the only similarity is that when they leave before, something is bound to wreak havoc while and disappear without a trace, as if they were Satan arrangements messenger, to be carried out without a trace. "professor's eyes once again revealed the memories look. Then again, his voice becoming crazy, said: "You know who these people do? Haha, they are reincarnation, damn reincarnation until one day I found a little bit of clues, so I decided to track down, eventually I traced to a few new reincarnation of the world body, and finally I found some secrets about the world, for example, this is just a reincarnation were allowed to come and go in the world, they can just go to the many in a world, in their eyes, but those of us who are a group of indigenous people without civilized nothing. "<
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