motioned him to stand

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> Brady planet horizon World "r-a1 neighborhoods. WWw, quanbeN, cOM planets in Brady underground world, r district has become almost synonymous with the citizens of the empire temporarily, but in the r region are concerned, A is a the beginning of the block was slightly different from other neighborhoods. including mountain blocks included, Brady planet underground world of r zone ** There are five that begin with a block. compared to a huge number of people homeless and replication mercenaries r -h3 region, r-a11 apparent to clean a lot of neighborhoods, where the living conditions are far superior to the noisy unbearable r-h3 area. "In the beginning of the five blocks A is a region of r privileged area,oakley outlet store, living in this five Street area residents basically have the title of Imperial citizens and their families. They have skills, have sufficient strength to support themselves and their families, so in general, be able to live in this five district of Empire citizens are very promising long-term residence in the empire down, and hopefully to get a title of nobility Empire . Thus, this five Street area living conditions better than other neighborhoods, but here, too, can often see some noble servant employed here come and go, for the nobility of their allegiance to recruit some of the appropriate personnel. "From the Tiger battalion headquarters way line, ao95 patiently for Robin introduces an overview of the whole underground world, the distribution of the various forces in the region, he also nothing to hide to make a detailed presentation, which makes Robin Brady planets, as well as the underlying population Hoffman empire have a more intuitive understanding of the Hoffman empire pursued this particular social system has gradually been adapted. "It looks like you really are very carefully Vivian in the care of their mother. "Robin careful attention to what the reality of this neighborhood after laughing." Do my best to nothing, but ............ "ao95 embarrassed shook his head, smile:" And after all, is a small Arab Alex Anse艾尔奥斯维 Germany's son, who wore a little less aristocratic aura. "Conversations" ao95 Robin would have been brought to a cabin door. Skilled janitor with a password to open the compartment system, ao95 man of the house is the same as if the invitation conversational Robin enter. Into which a young Robin found some "Anse Eyre, in which you are busy, and when he saw ao95, the face of the obvious becomes very respectful demeanor immediately put down the work to ao95 salute." This is a-so17, is one of Anse Al attendants during his lifetime. Currently, a total of Anse Ayr's personal attendants only six people, five of the other besides him I have been familiar to arrange some mercenary work, then stay here to take care of his mother Vivian . "To a-so17 waved motioned for him to continue working after the" ao95 Bianxiang Robin explained. "Six?" Hear this figure, Robin could not help frowned: "I remember Al Anse personal attendants, the Black Knight, a hundred people, right? Now only six? '" Anse Al death,Oakley Lifestyle clearance, Robert held ......, Rockefeller and Matches DuPont immediately with Duke, A Seda became the alliance agreement, and thereafter for a long period of time Petronas Knights dispatched a wide range of encirclement and suppression "Black Knight, troops, trying to extermination. If the new Federal President Clare, by his cousin Jerry Rex, Rex drum huò "unauthorized Huijun counterattack federal VII intercontinental high-speed channel," thus delaying the DU ghost ...... side, Arthur main, then Alex Vivian and small A no chance to escape alpha galaxies. "" A very difficult journey. "Robin nodded, he was able to imagine Vivian Hoffman Empire fled adventure along the way this time, a bunch of brisk footsteps suddenly in the ear. Immediately, they heard Vicki Robin Ann with a little sound of surprise. "you come up with, have guests come in yet? "Robin escape prestige, I saw wearing a light green dress Vivian sè appear in the eyes. Many years later, when Robin again saw Vivian, she has lost many years ago that no sense of the ubiquitous xìng charm, but early motherhood and time in the past year that difficult experience made her start reflecting a unique temperament, although less than the original dash of dazzling, but more bright spots. "Lo ...... Robin? "Look around in ao95 Robin" Vivian's face surprise God sè gradually faded, and turned in a guard's eyes look ao95. "Do not get me wrong, Mrs. Oswald, I'm here today and there is nothing malicious, so please do not because I take the liberty of visiting blame him." Robin Shou polite to Vivian. Robin said he was listening to Mrs. Oswald, Vivian's face inadvertently flashed a hint of nostalgia God sè, that the birth of the psychological readiness for Robin are unconsciously faded a lot. "Mrs. Oswald ......" softly chewing this gave her the coveted title, Vivian powerless shook his head: "Mr Robin, you are the first to use this title to call my people, but I am afraid I take the liberty, I do not think you and the friendship between my husband enough to allow you deliberately went to visit us Hoffmann Empire. "" Madame, though I was your husband's enemy, "but that does not hinder me His admiration. Of course, I will come here of course but also my purpose you believe that this goal with you and Alex did a small Arab relationship. "" You ... "You know A Alex! N" Listen Robin mentioned A Alex, Vivian's face suddenly a tight. She turned to look ao95, only to see ao95 helpless smile. "Madame, I already know all ao95 program and his attempts." Robin stared at Vivian's eyes, shrugged his shoulders and said: "To be honest, this was calculated so I have some recollection of feeling, and even I give birth to an Al Anse again engaged the enemy of the great illusion. "" ...... "Robin again and again mentioned 安斯艾尔奥 Si Weide, which completely defeated Vivian heart defense. In fact, ao95 reason will be accepted Vivian's heart, partly because of his looks and temperament and Anse Al too much alike, on the other hand, also because ao95 in calculating lì Fae, the exhibited a kind of elegance to Vivian to return to the past, again assisted him standing beside Anse Al illusion. Right kind of near Anse Al mí crazy love, so Vivian fall completely in his own world. In this world, she tried to make her forget the fact Anse Al had died,New Arrivals Coach, she became just imagine Anse Al experienced a minor defeat it, he is still in this life for her and trough her children to strive for. Thus, in ao95 come back to visit her and the child, Vivian never call this number ao95 like name, she simply called ao95 to you "as a way to escape. Now, the emergence of Robin Wei Weian memory that was sealed up again, waking up, and let her have a clear understanding of the true victory over Robin Anse Al fact. Faced with such a man, the real Anse Al can not even win, let alone is ao95 this substitute. unconsciously, such an idea in the minds of Vivian initiation, which makes her abnormal fear, she began to worry about what happens once the nightmare will happen again, but now it's a wonderful life and dream-like life and life will be shattered. "No! n It's not his fault, this is my idea! n Please do not, "" inner defenses collapse instantly becomes so weak Vivian, her helpless pleading Robin and tightly clasped his ao95, kind of terrified demeanor as if once again experienced a Ansi Yi Seoul's life to death. "Please rest assured that I would be here today, just to confirm one thing, and I am not going to blame you or any one of them ao95 Although your plans with my own plans have some conflicts, but I've worked with ao95 negotiated, and I think these little conflict does not interfere with our collaboration. "looked terrified air flow lù out of Vivian, Robin sighed again promises. And once again heard Robin cautious commitments, ao95 made up what seemed like a general determination Vivian patted the back of a sudden down on one knee in front of Robin: "Your honor, here, I swear allegiance to You! n I will put all my life and to dedicate to you! n "" allegiance? "Robin frowned at him:" This is your decision? Are you serious? "" Yes, your excellency. "ao95 with a firm looked at the Robin, loudly repeating:" I'm serious! n "" Okay, I accept the said allegiance And, I am committed to fulfill my promise to you. "Robin pat the beat ao95 shoulder, motioned him to stand up. "You ......" In ao95 side, Vivian kept moist eyes with the back erased. Why did she understand ao95, better understand ao95 oath of allegiance has the meanings behind. At the moment, her body felt in ao95 Anse Al never give her the kind of warmth and a sense of security, which seemed to her efforts to create a fantasy world to inject some new things, and Al and Anse ao95 that a similar figure, it seems that at this moment getting overlap, and eventually become perfect. "Vivian, I can tell you to do so?" Harvest ao95 allegiance after Robin will look look to Vivian. "Yes, sir." Vivian naturally will complete the transformation of identity, the identity of the families began to subordinate to Robin salute. "Well, Vivian ..." "Robin thought for a moment, suddenly cautious tone asked:" I want to know Dan Ding, El Carmen assassinate Anse process, as well as their successful assassination thing. I need to take this to confirm whether it is possible that they are now in the Hoffman empire! n "" ...... "This time I go on vacation, so stop more of the six days, really very sorry ah! ~ now I'm back, so starting today resume update, I hope you do not resent me ah .. Please can continue Support the book, not the Crown Prince sense jī @ <
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