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> The Chapter 040 GUIYUAN center industry did not know six Senior Branch is suffering because of his sake Ma Yun-hui, the first time since the school disaster, but to no avail for Lu elders intercept, Jin Zhenhai and other Chuang into six senior branch of the devastation, close to the sea and breathe the line ...... "Gang Lord, you mean to say, into the upper bound and lower bound is no limit, but the upper bound of the lower bound but need to consume a great energy strategy? "side of the pathway and the line rushed Gang Ye said the island, while Ma Yun-hui has also been asked about the world, can be considered cramming. www QUanbEN com "Well, almost is the meaning of it." Gang Lord heard this, he said: "Cosmos Avenue's own rules, the upper bound of the people into the lower bound of this there is a suspected violation, so every time the shuttle will face channel law of force to suppress the danger, once repression, ranging from 30 May to more than three to five years, this time will lose everything in their power, weak even over, but ordinary people, and to immune all Danwan, medicinal drug. " Therefore, in order to ensure that the lower bound of the disciples to guarantee arrival at the lower bound of its own power to maintain the normal level of the lower bound of the usual tasks, those forces within the organization strong cloth under a lot of energy will be shot in the lower bound of disciples who, in order to resist the power of repression by the channel rule . "the stronger the strength of the people, need to consume energy more, on the contrary, the smaller, plus if energy consumption is too large, the strong will have no small impact, resulting in some unexpected occur, so that the people of the world, not something, in fact, rarely appear in the lower bound, for example on the planet like Earth. "Gang Ye breath talking about this, this paused for a moment, then said:" Fortunately, your current strength is even lower than the world average, to enter the world after finishing If you want to return to Earth, Gods mirror just a second, third strong can easily be done, as long as you pay for certain compensation, but nothing much of a problem. "" Oh ... "Ma Yun-hui like a a extremely dry sponge, is hard to absorb moisture, Gang Ye this on just fallen in, he followed and asked : "The world is specific to where?" "the world ......" Gang Ye-resistant patience, Ma Yun-hui detailed explanation. After up to several hours to explain, Ma Yun-hui finally learned from the mouth of the Gang Ye about the world, roughly about the Guiyuan three thousand community Gang Lord calls' the world ', is actually called' normalization yuan center sector ', generally referred to as' normalized sector', where the return per 3000 sector is known to thousands of the center of the planet's life. If the normalized boundary than as a signal base on the planet, then his life in this planet like the Earth is in this signal base stations within the coverage of mobile terminals. Every single life planet has one or more locations similar to the signal receiver, the output port of the device, the return per sector, these devices can easily reach hundreds of millions or even billions of tens of billions of light-years away Living Planet comply with the to shuttle the basic conditions of life, and life on the planet billions, tens of billions of light years away through this device safe arrival of the center of the world owned by element sector. In accordance with the description of the Gang Lord, in the final element sector is actually a planet, but the the normalized 3000 boundaries sector people more willing to call her 'community', because the total area of ​​the return per sector is equivalent to a total of nearly earth bigger, it is a huge incredible to think that the planet Gang Ye told Ma Yun-hui, the return per sector ecosystem is stronger than the Earth a thousand times times, but the total number of ordinary people living in GUIYUAN sector a mere three billion, seems to be bound by the laws of heaven and earth Similarly, the ordinary people of the return per sector has maintained three billion scale, neither increase unabated, weird unimaginable. The same time, due to the common needs of all forces, in the final element sector is a pure world of life, the reason that she was pure, it is because the the Guiyuan sector of human society is still stuck in Earth-like ancient extent that any such technology, industry in areas such as new technology, once there, will immediately provoke sanctions and exterminated by the parties. Emerging technologies come yuan community to significantly increase efficiency and reduce labor, be regarded as the liberation of human labor in the earth, but became a witch spells, one will end up with the situation of individual people cry, such a situation due to the need for all sides to maintain GUIYUAN sector pure, only guarantee that such ecosystems maintained, the Guiyuan sector in order to better provide them with abundant resources. In the the Guiyuan sector, used to store card may be regarded as similar to the high-tech stuff is the only all exist by default, in addition like a lamp, car or something, that did not even think, not only GUIYUAN sector, the lower bound of the high-tech goods to the the GUIYUAN community, nor could get out of the use of open and aboveboard. Bound by the forces of the parties, the entire normalized sector is like a self-styled world, no years to maintain the original social system, the human world countries every corner of the distribution in GUIYUAN sector, although a small population, but the soldiers minimum strength are real environment sixth. Gang Ye also to make fun of the Ma Yun-hui, said his strength in accordance with the return per sector human system of military ranks of the national army, almost can be mixed with a Yorozuo long play, equivalent to colonel on Earth, also in top of the Yorozuo long the Governor, EC, generals, Marshal four levels. This statement of explanation in the Gang Ye, Ma Yun-hui in fact, has been almost can imagine to the benefit of the level of the overall strength of the element sector ...... the kill coelostat strong on earth is already quite powerful presence, to say the least, alone China PRC, a kill day will be able to mirror the strong support from a large family, almost on the top of the pyramid in this country. Can sector GUIYUAN, Ma Yun-hui kill today coelostat the surface strength, actually only in the armed forces of a country which mixed captains ...... these forces really high level, but also what kind of strength? And normalized sector even social development constraints are all forces, illustrates in the the Guiyuan sector which a country's imperial power, which is more than but a martial art organization of the head of the place ...... Gang Lord also told Ma Yun-hui,coach factory bags, in the final element sector There are many other countries also have a wide variety of laws, but the law has been only applies to the weak, the law of the jungle in GUIYUAN sector is the real law at the same time, the normalized $ boundary surfaced, the so-called sects among ordinary people break Hewei name , gang, in fact, are some of the mediocre mob, really powerful martial art often are more low-key, at least among the ordinary people are quite low-key. Such a monster like one three seven Palace 18 hospital 16 House, in fact, more dependent on the presence of secular equivalent to transcend the mundane, but, for many people, one three seven Palace 18 hospital 16 House are the legendary fairy Holy Land. As for why this planet like the Earth to be branded a benefit of $ 3,000 circles the name, it is because in ancient times GUIYUAN sector just found, but not too much just 3,000 lives planet connection channel , is referred to as the final element 000 circles, a symbol of the normalization world, a total of 3,000 world. But in fact, after long years of evolution and development, is now the true number of the 3000 sector GUIYUAN Living Planet, already broke through the 9,000 mark, is moving close to ten thousand lives planet constantly. In the the Guiyuan sector, the classification of the martial art organization there are clear criteria, those who are not exclusive Living Planet resources martial art organization, all will be included to the mediocre level, this level of martial art organizations, often rooted in secular society,Jordan After Game Shoes, the mix of good and bad. As long as there is the exclusive one life planet, this martial art organization barely be into the flow, can be referred to as a third-rate organization with eligible normalized element sector upper circle. When a number of Gods mirror the strong third-rate organization, will be among the ranks of second-rate organization, with a higher authority delegation to develop spiritual magic Fam ...... Oh, linghuan Fam is a higher level than the dark Fam Fam, dark, and Uncharted produced a virtual Dan, the spirit magic Fam produced a panacea for a balanced the normalized element the sector linghuan Fam development frequency, normalized profession unwritten rules of a creature of habit, and that is in accordance with the different levels of the different martial art organization take different development limit. Therefore, raising the level of the respective martial art organization, is the same as improve the development linghuan Fam permission the ... Gang Ye chatter Ma Yun-hui to explain the various situations on GUIYUAN sector, but nonetheless it so much, you want to use a few The hours of the world put a huge world is analyzed completely to someone else ... which is impossible to do things. And because of the amount of information is too great, Gang Ye can not disaggregated information will be sorted out, and then by the spiritual power passed directly to Ma Yun-hui. So, after a few hours time commentary, Ma Yun-hui is actually only normalized element sector probably a relatively very vague understanding As for more specific details ...... Gang Lord, if really want to rely on the commentary to let Ma Yun-hui understand, then, that at least was speaking on ten days ten night ah Therefore Gang Ye are selected those comparison priorities problems commentary, the question of details it ...... and so on Ma Yun-hui stature into eating a few losses, not on naturally of understand it? "In front of the tall island it wants." Into the Arctic Ocean about four hours after the end of the Gang Ye normalized element sector to explain, toward the horse Yun-hui said: "quickly in the past." Hear intoxicated Ma Yun-hui heard The sober him, promised soon looked up, only the size of the area of ​​five square kilometers in front of a lush growth of lush greenery of the island suddenly jumped into his eyes ... "from the island, you can enter to that magical normalized world? " Ma Yun Fai secretly in their hearts to himself: "Do not know what I will encounter in the world? ,Air Jordan 13 Sale...... Chuckle after Ma Yun-hui speed up to board this small island PS: fifth, and The annuity Long "to this chapter is over, I believe many of my brothers have seen," V, Manning Kim Long "is actually stronger than the main line of bedding role role, hey ...... which one end of the content has been laid a solid foundation for the later, na, tomorrow sixth. I can advance leaks, the name of the sixth sub-volume content, called "sixth battle-Gods" that, look at the name will be able to know that this is a roll of high - tide after another, people yu cents yu dead stuff ...... fifth Write tired, brothers can not vote twelve I - tide after another the dead yu yu cents, called the pass ... this month pass really good Dongdong, The tears ran ...... the Chapter 040 GUIYUAN center sector 040 GUIYUAN center sector to Website <
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