see Korea where safe return

May 20 [Mon], 2013, 16:38
> In order to avoid the strong North Island team tracking, Meng Xiang and Zoro around in a big circle, and finally take a taxi to rush to Times Square. Companions to escape it? Did not receive the Lord God prompted count minus 1, Meng Xiang calm the biggest reason. North Island team's strength is not more than the the nameless team and the East China Sea team together, but the North Island team the most terrible, not Carter, but their captain Aisiyintan. He did not even show up, but to send companions do not know what method to use Ino Changshan liberation of soul knife cut beheaded inside the dress into travelers police and Ino Changshan Meng Xiang together they flee the case of video-recorded, they put a square Confucianism wishful thinking disrupted. Such intelligence as a demon, than Carter even more frightening. Zoro determined to remain nameless team, and I feel comfortable in a taxi eating dry food, drinking fruit juice, very casual. Back to Times Square, it is already 4,5 o'clock in the morning the next day. The original lively square finally calmed down, the wind Yu Yu, seems to laugh at the failure of the nameless team. See the outcome of a very heavy, not only Zoro. When Meng Xiang and Zoro back to the convention Western Restaurant, dim lighting 4 people sitting are square Confucianism, Mu FIR, position well Ying Jie Juan. Side of Confucianism with a lot of money wrapped the Western restaurant, Western restaurant boss, the waiter early rest went to the Western restaurant silent. Square Confucianism face sadly, sometimes whispered and muttered to himself, as in thinking like a remorse, even see Meng Xiang and Zoro back together, he did not look up at them. Mu FIR see Mengxiang Ping An return, Bengjin Lianrong was relaxed, such as a bird was greeted by the palm of your hand tugging Meng Xiang said: "Meng Brother,Air Jordan Womens, you come back safely great, you ...... "she suddenly found Meng Xiang frowned, thick palm of your hand holding the hands of some **, looked down, only to find of Meng Xiang wrist and palm on her skin then pull, pulled next block sordida, inside the exudate slippery concentrated liquid. Meng Xiang Reiki restoring force, two injured arm has healed 6,7, bad skin is pulled down and out of the way, but just a little tingling. Mu FIR would almost screamed, palm stroking Meng Xiang Q: Brother, I'm sorry, your injury is serious? "Meng Xiang gently shook his head, white next to Zoro a:" Zoro's injury is relatively heavy, Jie Juan, to help us with the Light treatment. "Jie Juan smiled, a white light Meng Xiang and Zoro has enveloped Zoro sitting in a chair and looking a side of Confucianism, said dismissively:" The outcome is just common, can come back alive, that is, we won . He even has been turn a blind eye to the Foreign Affairs Confucianism, stunned, looked up at Zoro like never never seen Zoro Zoro has been very contempt square Confucianism, not only because he to think square Confucianism afraid to die, but also because different concepts. Zoro pursuit of victory go fight the enemy down, side Confucianism is focus on the analysis, layout and plans, so Zoro a chance to verbally phase satirical, but this time they speak to the tone of comfort, how can companions not surprised? Perhaps only Meng Xiang know Zoro causes of change, this time he not only saved Zoro also help Zoro determine the faith. Zoro turn The head is still a look of panic-Mu FIR said: "I want meat, milk, fast. "Mu FIR slightly surprised a moment, then nodded hard, went to the kitchen to waiter prepared steak, fresh milk and other food holding out, before Zoro Zoro really rude, even if it is pierced waist had yet to heal, he also turned a deaf ear, not even hand wash, pick up the steak munching up side Confucianism face dejected look, sighed, won a wine glass filled with red wine, drank wine. Meng Xiang Mu Feier ministry undressed, cleaning the wound. the flaking skin below has grow tender meat, like peeling the shell of the egg, very smooth he Lianlu lighted,Nike Jordan 5 Shoes, Jie Juan St. light therapy, when to be dawn, his injuries will be able to fully recover to finish. Jie Juan Exchange of Thrones descent and the Advanced Light, and even unlock the potential lock, then the cure speed and effectiveness not ...... " But the Meng Xiang instant off the idea. Jie Juan is not life and death as a thing, cause she has not been able to unlock the potential of the lock, or unlock the potential to lock one should be an easy task to her potential, when Meng Xiang re- back to the restaurant, Zoro has wiped out the steak and milk, he is leaning on a chair, eyes closed, sleeping and waking, very casual contented Meng Xiang known intelligence briefly again, square Confucianism do not know there listening to his trance, have to regret it looks like the door of the restaurant opened, Ino Changshan panting hastily came in, sat down at the table a glass of water drink and do, and then said slowly: "You all right good, I fear that I was the first person back. "That name is Gail strong tough it? "Meng Xiang asked dismissively." Yes, his speed on top of me, I can only keep him from timely manner thousand cherry harassing him, but his shock wave is not a sign of weakness, the result chase to go after the fight, just like running a marathon, and later he finally gave up,Crossbodys Coach, I get the car back. Well, if not afraid of his companions to come and help, I really do not want to catch up with the enemy. "Ino Changshan said angrily, in his eyes, revealing not willing to emotions as the captain of the East China Sea, being chased for a few hours, Ino Changshan self-esteem really suffered a serious setback, but he has not chaotic escape plan originally laid down, has been to escape in the end, so the body addition to full bromidrosis taste, but still without any scars. "your captain? "Ino Changshan look around, but can not find Korean Fan." Rest assured, his unnamed team players, there will be no accident. "Meng Xiang said with confidence, and Korea where fighting strong strength in general, the Han who exchange instantaneous step to escape not difficult." Mr. Fang, in the end how it is? Your plan is not the same way. "Ino Changshan see sitting on the opposite side of Confucianism silent silent, they immediately took the Some condemned taste tone said," I ... I lost. The square Confucianism suddenly spit out a few words, after he was stunned, "? Why do I say that he lost? "" Side of Big Brother, are you okay? "Mu FIR said with worry." Square Confucianism, you are not mind it? Juan Ying Jie smiled, his eyes staring at the side of Confucianism, like to see through the mind of the party Confucianism. "Square big brother, come on, we do not blame you. "Han who pushed open the door, said as he came." Captain! "Han Fan! "Companions happily called out, even Meng Xiang, nodded slightly, his face completely tolerant down. Although he confidence in the Korean Fan, but have not seen Han who figure, he was always uneasy. see Korea where safe return, he is really calm down. way, all the players safe return, The nameless team failed, but did not cause the loss. Han who unlock clothes, exposing the inside of a criss-cross scars, these still Tangzhuo blood Jianhen shows how he was hard to come back here together with the companion who's hurt, he does not care, but some healing medicine to discuss Meng Xiang Mu fir help He painted, and then he put on his clothes, sitting on the side of Confucianism around said softly: "square big brother, we fight with the North Island team to complete it, you do not give up so soon, this time lost the next time we win back on the line. "No, wondering why I would say 'and' word? Faint, I feel like I worked with the wise men of the North Island team played against, but this is not possible, this is only my second horror film ...... "side of Confucianism is still something missing Nan said, full of a psychopath not really mind problems, right? Mu fir naively asked, his eyes full of gall heart look. "Does not rule out a problem with the brain, but my thoughts are very clear. Grew more and more surprised, as I really have lost to North Island team, but the thought of this, it is unwilling feeling. "Side of Confucianism, brow furrowed, has been muttering, whispering" impossible ", the word" How ". <
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