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> Congregation a stone-bit stomach a bit biased eleven or I'll give you another day another Shunzhou benefits under the care reminds us. Www! QuanBEn! COM "No, thank Executive, this position is the most appropriate number Zhuo us, do not change, really!" "Oh, you have the final say. Officers see Li insisted not say any more quickly neat signed a form, and then "snapped." is heard, under the hood of a red seal. "After this the number position is your future home, and there, there are a lot of rules in the base, which is a The Fund's manual is necessary for each new team, and I hope it be helpful to you and you are best to find a base for the elderly, this place is very complicated "the officer wanted to say something, but suddenly think of what words to half screeching halt. "Thank you, sir, Thank you, sir! Then we left ah! "" Well, you take this form to the second hurdle, where someone will take you to a number of locations, remember do not impulse, it is best to find. Locals familiar with the environment, in short, be careful of "Thank you, thank, then we gone!" Few packs of cigarettes, different attitudes before and after the officer, but officers mentioned twice to find a familiar environment locals. Li hearts nor by the attention to it. Just arrived,Coach OP Art, and the wind from the left radio, but also listen to faint out of this base is not quite so good. The next journey will be no officers led it. The third hurdle over time, charge the oldest effort, finally Haoshuodaishuo, has come up with just the resettlement office out of the proof, this was released. Into the ring, Li Yizhong, they finally saw the signs of human habitation, not those people who work outside, but a real crowd gathering area. However, I could see everything, simply beyond their imagination! Low tents, tattered clothing. Thin dry wood inhabitants. Numbness glazing eyes, most of the tent before you a humble stalls, above them all sorts of things, of course. Except food. Many pale and thin woman in front of his tent behavior among makeup, brush encountered relatively glamorous looking man. But we are using out of the body stops, just a little to much for the food. Throughout a camp seemed extremely depressed, every corner from time to time you can still see a corpse, people scared yes. Many corpses were mutilated, not bitten, but the knife after cutting traces, "This is the radio said the survivors paradise??" Qin Waner muttering. In front of all there like a human base, if that is the refugee camp is also similar. Not! Camp is not as! There is a minimum order of camps, where they do not see a patrol Li soldiers to ignore not far from happening. Just a few hundred meters away, murder, robbery, rape Qiang *, all of human civilization ugly things can be seen here. They do not shoot, road patrols will not bother you. Single shots together, flew there brigade rushed to the crash site patrols, and then all of a person holding a gun, regardless of right and wrong all the killing on the spot! ! Heavy heart squad crowd, slowly driving a car along the middle of the road reserved for leniency walked, no talking in the cabin **, the atmosphere seemed very dull. Li line porridge car. And they are all large vehicles,Jordan 10 Sale, coupled with robust modification, sturdy players. Along the way, attracting countless eyes. Many people stopped on the roadside with their complex looked at Li, envy, gloating, two put green, which makes Li Yideng people nervous! ! ! Suddenly! ! Zhao Bo pick foremost front of the car to see more than a silhouette! Reflexively to depress the brake. A series of harsh braking sound. "Squeak!!! Squeak!" People in the car and shoved forward and backward, almost hit the front on the inside. "Zhao Bojiang. Preceding how else? Everyone alert! Alert!!! Guangjun, with your team to get off, give me cover your team!" In this strange domain where Li had to be extremely careful. While leaning on the car next to the handle, while the fastest issued a series of orders! "Captain! Front individual blocking our way!!" "A few?" "A!!" "Why do not hit in the past!." Li Yizhong, shortness of breath, if an individual will be able to stand in front of his team, then the road today do not go! ! "Captain, this person said there is a very important thing to tell you!" "Very important?" Li wonder, "Is my old acquaintance?" "Li Guangjun, you put people into my car, and then fleet continues to move forward, Zhao Bojiang, then encountered such a thing. directly to me and drove, I have not really afraid of death. Fortunately convoy is traveling at lower speeds, and if the speed is slightly faster then Zhibu Ding rear-end accident occurs. "Yes! . "Zhao Bojiang also" Do not stay, and quickly move forward! "" Yes, "the team slowly started running, said that there are important things that a person was brought to the Li where the car." Are you? "Messy hair, sallow complexion. Wearing a hat can not see the color, the body is a worn-out jeans, and then down, Li saw a pair of yellow shoes covered with mud. Taking a closer look, this people in addition to a pair of eyes still bright, the entire human body on a slight breeze. And Li did not know this person "Listen my men say that you have something important to me? Who are you? What can I do? "" Shao Feng spoon in my mouth! ! You're the captain it. Now your situation is very bad, and I was the first batch of people Huangkou base, the base is now very complex, a dozen forces cohabitation. For you, a short time will not understand the situation here. And I do blame here is very familiar with, you can be the lack of a staff and provide information to you people. And I was the most suitable! ! "" You mean,Air Jordan Outlet, take refuge? "Li understand, at the same time this has also been a point of Shao Feng with interest, after all, what this world would not have volunteered for no reason." Yes! "" Why? "" I am alone, a large share of this base three forces ", a medium-gang, there is not a small gang inflow familiarity unparalleled! And I know many people on this base is also very familiar with it. "" Oh? being the case you should be a good mix Well, then how can you be reduced to the point? "end of the world is cruel, and experienced a series of things, Li also slowly become seasoned, and at a glance Shao peaks of this abnormal place. "The original medium gang here and a mouth home, but there are a few months ago but was suppressed dissolved, and I was the strategist of this gang," so ah! "Li rubbed his chin, which is thinking when he is not conscious of the little tricks." Then you temporary stay, if you do not have as good as you say, you will not have good results! ! "Just two reminders Li officers attached to the base as soon as possible to find a familiar" locals. "No is not too pointless, this Shao Feng said he was originally a gang of military adviser, if he was telling the truth then. Presumably on the base of the situation more than the average person to understand. Exactly the solution of the urgent needs of their own, If what he said is not true, Li do not mind wasting a bullet and this end of the world. most worthless is human lives! "That can give me something to eat, I have not eaten in two days. "Finish this sentence, Rao is the nerve Shao Feng sufficient thickness to practice, but also stand up to some blush, his stomach is growling disappointing twice." Give him a dry food! "Li Feng watched a meaningful one, and then right next to Ms Qin said one, who from inside the box and pulled out a few bake a good cake, even with a bottle of mineral water. Conjunction delivery gave Shao Feng Shao Feng words do not waste time and hands the food began to struggle!! while the side of the Li Yideng people are interested in watching Shao Feng extremely indecent eating phase. convoy moving again, a few hundred meters, came to the second line of defense before this line of defense on the walls, only Li Bizet came they saw that road Taniguchi slightly lower, than the passing of a dozen lines of defense are strong, and stationed also a considerable number of persons. "stop! ! What are you people, where allowed and out! ! "Just off the ground Ge, a cordon, putting the Zhao Bojiang was stopped, Li quickly bring back proof of payment resettlement office, jumped out of the car." The comrades, we just came to the base fleet, which is proof of our presence "flying number!" lead the soldiers, looked at the number on the proof print and Zhang, Li raised his head and said on "You wait, I went to report sir." "a good, trouble comrades the. " Tricyclic experienced before the inspection, Li procedures are already familiar with this one, looked at ease soldiers took their evidence to the city walked in front of a small house. Li squad of people do not know, the car Shao Feng was greatly surprised, this is only the fields convoy was able to come into the second ring. But you know Ring. Medium-gang and was the site of a small gang, any of which have at least a small gang forces with hundreds of people! The side of the Li Yideng people are interested in looking at a small Shao Feng extremely indecent to eat with. Road a few hundred meters from the team once again, came to the second line of defense before. This line of defense on the walls, only Li than the net when they come to see that road Taniguchi slightly lower, than the passing of a dozen lines of defense are strong, and the personnel stationed a considerable number. "Stop!! What are you people here not allowed to wander in and out!!" 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