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May 25 [Sat], 2013, 18:08
> Stone declared suddenly felt J 'face bitter, which seems to Lin Yao Past originally a goddess, just squint one for a particular original! Large} and reincarnation descend '} Mutual became an ordinary person, and then in the ordinary one official circles and their own place in a relationship, and now she's just back into the original identity, dagger days become J' goddess 'have feelings,Coach Online Outlet, naturally gone. "Perhaps, this feeling, is really just a section of her life episode." Stone declared bleak moment becomes indescribable feeling, some feelings in life, is so unforgettable, people can not forget themselves, But the truth is forever so cruel. "My sister ...... from the past to the present ...... she is a layer of the same, apart from me, she never will not accept any creatures around, but I did not think she will be the reincarnation ** It 'segment time, and became the lover ...... you ...... "eyes Girl Here, suddenly flushed Qiaolian hidden cloud, even excited joy up:" I really ...... really happy one sister, the original my sister's heart, but also eager to get emotional, Stone declared, you will want to save my l sister, I investigated the sister turn 1f Bu * after all experience and I 'wish her generation J &qu; - only Lin Yao , rather than what infinite king. "Stone declared has become somewhat callous, said:" Infinite king has now returned less door ',' feet by memory nor J &qu; you let me how can I do? Moreover, she becomes infinite regression king, not that ye want? &qu; girl in front of shocked, and then looked at Stone declared exclaimed: "Who said that? At least ...... at least I ...... at least I hope my sister, always happy, without having to do anything this infinite king, I really want to, really want to see my sister happy laugh look. "Here, in front of this girl eyes were red again, murmured:" Stone declared, you know, my sister girl, is known as the curse of the child and the Greek Chinese J &qu;., We are born, mother died giving birth, even if there is a great force that great record, it can not save me to pay pro ...... "Here, 'the root has been exposed before the girl's face sad look, murmured:" We birth, we kill our own mother ...... and in our predictions about, we have seen as a curse and the Greek silver child ...... "Stone declared frowned, watching the girls look, could not help some inexplicable pity, perhaps because she was so much alike Lin Yao, or Qi Lin Yao previous life she was originally a sister 1 &qu; 7. could not help but said: "What does that mean, you and I'm a king of infinite, is the curse and the Greek timber The kids? &qu; "is ...... the god of prophecy said, I and girl sister, one would hope, but it will bring a curse pocket suck ... funny thing is, even the god of prophecy, and I do not know sister, who is hope for the future, prospective doomsday will bring terrible curse. "Stone declared the heart of a cold, just because he has been known as J 'destiny" Hope's son, "and heard the front with less to J 'hope and curse like a child, could not help but have J' some resonance sense, could not help but sigh and said "That's how to do? later differentiate clear to you? &qu; eyes girl shook his head and said:" Which bit, which we call 'father' there is no way the great, one pair among children,Oakley Sunglasses Polarized, one represents hope, one is cursed, the god of prophecy warned 'father', to remove the curse, believe in hope ... ridiculous is able to distinguish clearly did not associate me and my sister, who is a curse quasi hope, later, my sister's character, but the longer accounted strange, more and more indifferent, then, people are beginning to suspect that she is representing the curse of child J &qu; ... "Stone declared the heart of a dynamic, eyes girl has been crying out:" Only I know, do not l sister like this is to J 'protect me ...... she would prefer to be treated as a cursed child, I do not want to hurt ...... sister ......, "Lin Yao a" Stone declared secretly cried, my heart felt indescribable taste, chest pinned by something like, indescribable uncomfortable. "Although more and more strange character will l sister getting cold, but people are also just wonder, after all, could not be, because of this, l girl will be able to save their lives, otherwise we that 'father', hum , the wretched, he only believed what the prophecy of God, without regard to any family. "11, lJ he had" little behind what BU should not be so objectionable adult ...... everyone, in fact, a normal love you Bu The ...... "Suddenly the dark, a muffled sound up. "Amo, Am I right or do? I'm still able to live, but also because it is not the word of God of Prophecy do? If it is not predicted to change, you say I can live up to now, but also to do here? 'Eyes girl suddenly fell dark eyes, voice said, apparently tone among who for their own "father" very dissatisfied. That dark "Amo," sighed J 'day gas,Nike Air Jordan, no longer speak J'. Stone declared a frown, look to the front girl and said: "Why do you say? Your father will tell you wretched? &qu; Girl smile, just smile seemed unspeakable desolation:" The irony is that my sister as a curse The child was eliminated only after all truth, I was the one who predicted that among the truly cursed child, sister girl, in fact, represents hope kids ...... This has been later ...... girl sister Youyi infinite Wang's identity resurrected, ...... Stone declared togethers, one I discuss speechless, watching the girls. "Is it strange that I did as a child curse households still alive after it is our 'father' reluctant, in fact, all this is due to prophecy here, girls laughing together, just smile '1, seemed unable to speak self-La? do not know inside I always thought that change ...... Oh ...... "Speaking Stone declared sometimes do not know what to say, just feel inside story complex, infinite encounters king felt the inexplicable pain. But also faint squint a past life as Lin Yao "Sister since he wiped out, and why for themselves, for that silly prophecy, and brutal l two have been born again man's sister girl? Once again the king's sister girl with unlimited identity resurrected? niu I'd rather just be an ordinary human, at least at that time, she Diao 'is her nature, I think, sister girl heart really desires, is this. "girl who called, it seems to be asking the heaven, but heaven silent, did not give her any response. I decided early light of the l from. With l Ridge knee _l (lT action; berth since the cold corpse also seems vague _ County main heart when fried. CAO Xi public of a Japanese family and cup of l bite?! ~! .. <
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