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May 13 [Mon], 2013, 15:45
> "You ...... you Do not come over ......,, their own will their own the scourge of lost the capacity for action, a see Ma Men-fai descended from the sky, the's body of the Phillips on the could not help but burst of intense trembling, yanmou among the In addition to the and hideous terror In addition, as well as the of the color of the a deep sense of despair. wwW, QUanbEN, coM hear the the Word of of the Phillips, Ma Men-fai was originally would like to you talk to him multi-to say a few nonsense with, but the the to remind of the Gang Secretary's but then I let him to to dispel the the their own the idea of "hastened to hands-on, southwest, southeast of in both directions there are people who drove up with, the highest is days Slaughter mirror the the fifth re-in, by them wraps you're in trouble! "Ah. "Ma Yun-fai Hearing the word, Make sure you do not miss out by on the convergence and the ideas and personal considerations of the of their own the hearts of the,Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, gently Enliaoyisheng at the same time, holding the in the the right hand which refining macro days Tibetan daggers also has been He cited to the front of the xiōng, on the in Phillips panic promiscuous which, a series of dozens of Road, of the desperate eyes Gangqi is Tsam Jiugen the raindrops is generally headed toward the him ...... "rumbling" a more-intensive sound of the explosion sounded in the the the over the of the ice sheet after the, and smite the Phillips, Ma Yun-hui Shi expand the sly step-by-step such as the specter of -like disappeared without a without a trace. respect of the in the Ma Yun-fai after the to leave the scene less than ten seconds time, the southwest of the direction of searched the of search team of the team as well as the southeast of direction of on the has been rush around of the rushed to the. "how's going on? "Rodriguez for the first a falls on the the have already to be bombers the Phillips of the not adult-like beside the body of, see that the and this with that move along the ground according has been fast becomes the bodies of of the Rouni, Rodriguez frowned." Seems to be Philip the the bodies of of the Sri Lanka junior in the sector "closely follow the in the Rodriguez behind falling a student at the sight of the weapons of the the ice surface of, on the immediately made a judgment on to" Yes, that's right, that is, him! "" Phillips dead? ! "The just-rushed to the Renault an hear the the Word of of the this name of students, The the hearts of is gone origin of the of the Yi Chan the, and then look Phillips is miserable of the dead m ......," how's going on? Ma Men-hui people? ! "Did not wait for Renault Zaiqu thinking, to hear the the sounds of Minister Junichiro Koizumi has also been rushed to the, he falling from the sky,coach outlet, asked:" He is not in the here do? ! "" Has been ran away. "Looking at the the the bodies of of the Phillips, Rodriguez it is inevitable that a with emotion of Tusihubei, he and Phillips the same as, are God word-level Branch of their potentials to the fullest or attain the child the genius of, except that he is the the the once the first day of of this, while the Phillips but it is the the first genius of of now. Phillips but now li the time of in the a a short period shortage of to half a minute by the Ma Men-fai bombers to kill become a pair of miserable and kind of ... This let the the mood of the Rodriguez become quite bad. but why this time, before the escape Zhoukang Ming and Chen thick Lie also fold come back the, the sight of standing on the the of the multitude of in the Phillips beside the body of, the two of them is like is to find the the backbone of the wildly, overjoyed "Minister Junichiro Koizumi senior, Rodriguez brothers and, you all came ah! "That both men do not speak out but fortunately,, the this out loud is on the immediately provoke a Rodriguez monstrous of the anger." Ah? "Hear the of the discourse of the Zhoukang Ming duo said in unison, the mood has been become the To a considerable matters worse Rodriguez suddenly go back and glared at duo, I asked with asperity:" Phillips junior in the sector killed in action, the two of you Where have you been? Answer me, just, immediately,! ! ! "" Between us and I, "Zhou Kangming and CHEN Hou-Lit duo, Alexis Zhang the Zhang mouth, but do not know how to opening the, with a total can not say that the three of they one see to the situation wrong turned and ran, the results Phillips bad luck been Ma Yun-fai to catch up with and the H kill? Fortunately, the this time Gonzalez too late to be fully useful, the crowd I saw one large and one of the small two shadow dropped from the air ache an ache the manner soon as dropped in the the at the same time of the ice surface of, the the voice of of the Gonzalez also from the the air transmission came over "the Scott junior in the sector has killed in action,. What does are you doing here? ! "" Scott a senior (junior in the sector) also died in battle? ! "The news of the brought about by of Gonzalez stunned and the the crowd a burst of are face to face glimpse of,-This-how-long, and seventeen men on the in leaving only the 15 of people? To participate in the on Ma Yun-fai hunted down the seventeen people of the action the prior on the has already done the psychological ready to, everyone knows that to, and even In this case that are Ma Men-fai is not simple, can be who are not think that the Ma Men-fai can to avoid the their will join forces hunted down. Now, however, placed in the the the reality of of the front of them but it is Ma Yun-fai not only be able to to avoid the the their hunted down. under the surprisingly, he still flagrantly moving to them, counterattack ...... far the most important point is that, Ma Yun-fai is not only moving to fight back the, and even also successfully in the tens of seconds time li one breath Liansha the two ...... looked at to the corpse on the the ground two Cadiz Côte, as well as as the have already to be bombers the Phillips of the not adult-like, these fifteen personal which there are at least half of the are subconsciously of the swallowing a mouthful of saliva, and some regret it. the scene the tragic death of by Phillips and Scott let these fifteen personal fear extremely, and no one never thought of to Ma Men-fai come there are still such strength. Gonzalez with a heavy heart, his face confront uncertain of the staring at the the two dead body of the ice surface of the looked a a burst of better, he had just out loud said: "to abstain from ice sheet of the the Weisha plan, set off immediately rushed to the the Thai allies! "Gonzalez is not a a fool, Ma Yun-fai already the Facts of blood have used told the him, you If you do not be searched separately from to should not even think about to to find my the whereabouts of, but if you separately from, give the the opportunity to of the I one by one break of the ...... he must admit that, he before is indeed small saw Ma Men-fai, he is simply do not think the Ma Men-fai in the such a situation under the surprisingly, he still caused to them by threat. while the now the reality of now in the face, even if the the Gonzalez the hearts of has no amount of does not reluctantly, also only would be able to temporarily to choose what the gave up, after all, he. It was subsequently to have to a to the Ajax Erye call it a day, and now Phillips was already dead, If you and then stick to it, even if the the last smote the Ma Yun-fai, then a huge loss nor is it he can Kangzhu of the. For Therefore, the Gonzalez with after a short-term thinking after the and, will, decisive made a choice, He whispered: the "along the way who also are not allowed to again separated action, pay attention to multi-cooperate with, the the thick darkness secret territory is the our last chance! "" Gonzalez brothers and has said is is very "hear the the words of of the Gonzalez, and the remaining fourteen students is no matter is willing to for as you not willing to it, also could only nod to should be. A matter of fact there are at least The twelve students is the endorsed the Gangsa Lei Sri Lanka of the arrangements of the Scott and Phillips de Phillips of the, dead has been let them to to understanding of the to the of the the strength of the horse Yun-hui of the, also know continue to in the on the ice field hunted down go on, the final loss the largest is the they their own. under the so circumstances as long as it is a a little brain people, are know should be how to choose of the, Moreover, they has been scared, a again separated their actions? want to die you on their own to go ah! "Ma Men-fai in fact, does not go this too far away, far hiding in the an of depressions to to observe the distant of the For God so word the-level Branch of students, to see the the students of the this fifteen For God so word the-level Branch of poly to the together after the longer does not have a separate the meaning of, has only just to kill of two people horse Yun-hui a bit strange, but also accompanied by a little bit of of of wonder. God word-level Branch of against him hunted down plan ... it is clear that already will he jī anger, he also'd love to In this on the ice field of these the the Slaughter of of the God word-level Branch of the mirror of days students leaving All. In However, the his only chance that is, looking for the opportunity to start taking advantage of the they separate when, Once the all these people poly to together, and he became lost the opportunity to the continue to hands-on. After all, the now the strength of of the oriented is still far from up to the less than on the them completely suppress the of the Cheng, this case If rashly shot the words of, is likely to will be caught in to the Among heavy surrounded by difficult to get away. Therefore, the the to see the of these fifteen personal are poly together and then does not have a separate the meaning of, he shall know that that the this time hunted down-anti-operations In this way inexplicable came to a close. "On the ice field is no longer possible hands-on." The Gang Lord in the the which the mind of Ma Yun-hui's said: "If I expected has not failed me, the the these fifteen personal of the the next on the road also convergence together to and refused to leave, you the remainder of the now the last the opportunity to, but also is yon shady secret territory the. "to the Gang Lord, the words of, Ma Yun-fai slightly nodded his head, Although the the the hearts of a bit disappointed, and is pretty also can not be considered despair, anyway, he, home of is not a ice sheet, but rather yon shady secret territory! Aware of to the revealed to the in the inter-the no intention to of the Ma Men-fai kill the idea, the touches does not matter of the Gang Lord smiled and said: "these fifteen personal a certain will to were in formations, Along the way research how to Weisha which the in the the thick darkness secret territory you ......... while the when thou the task of this on the road, is the would like to the way to to increase the the Distance of battle attack! "" to increase the the Distance of battle attack? "Ma Yun-fai was surprised of the asked:" how to in order to increase? "the length of the Distance of battle attack, directly decided to the Ma Yun-fai ability to in the the thick darkness which the secret territory of fully waving the the their own advantages, For this, he is of course, is very got the idea. Gang Lord Actually, I'm there are hanging the the the meaning of of the Ma Men-fai 's appetite, to hear the he questioning, Gang Lord and he said,: "to increase the the distance of the battle to attack, the can in fact be be increase while passing through the portray with the the amount of the injection of of the first Tian-gang Ling as well as to strengthen the loading of free energy in the the after the the completion of the portray structure to fulfilled. Having said that Here, the cessation of the the slightly of the Gang Lord a moment, and then went on to Road,: "these skills I will on the road one by one taught them to you, but you now nose good or hastened to on the road,", those who were guy come over the. "" Ah? " "Positive to to intend to of appropriate learn from their experience of the horse Yun-hui to to take to the Gang Lord and heard this, he surprised a moment under the convergence of mind, the rise of of the subconsciously look to the front, and sure enough to see the Gonzalez and so on al. Has been completed the to discuss, is moving in the the direction of he where the and move it slowly come over. to see the this scene, Ma Yun-fai also can only be in the heart head slowly and subtly grunt, and then they withdraw that you follow the in low-lying at the, to flash to the a few kilometers away. be until the confirm that the Gonzalez and so on al. has been may be to give up in the a on the ice field on the his hunted down, after the the and has left the ice sheet, Ma Yun-fai before returning a the iceberg of the hiding the luggage compartment foot of a mountain in the Prior to their own, with ............... results, "strange, I have just obviously is placed on here ah, how to empty? ! "To looked at the has been people obvious manipulated the the of the ice of the foot pit, in particular is looked at inside was empty of the scene, Ma Men-fai brow furrowed, rage Road,:" Who Moved Lao Tzu's luggage compartment? Get out of here it out! ,Air Jordan 10 UK! ! "In the the luggage compartment filled with Aquilaria dragon wood, which was the Ma Yun-hui's' s life an sub-ah!!. <
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