Grand Secretary Shen Li murdered exercise Aftermath

October 20 [Thu], 2016, 23:26
Zao Bingming the king to the emperor the way things being assassinated emperor therefore angry, ordered Zao pursue the matter. Zao send the king gave to the king emperor Qianlong Di, on the road, the king Zao hope to help find their own maid Su Yi-Ching. Zao one should be under. Liu Ji emperor and empress that already know this and are determined to track down, suddenly into confusion, because once they know that the emperor is to kill the king of the mastermind, that Liu Ji and Queen will not protect the head. At this moment, the Queen and Liu Ji also had to take a conciliatory strategy, they decided to remove traces of their crime, to stabilize the king, to avoid more trouble.
Tongzhou Linhe village, and fell off the cliff Su Yi-Qing Shen exercise did not die, but by passing villagers rescued. Su Yi-awake after they immediately want to go to the capital. Jianshang by the Shin exercise were sent to his father's friends or old healing Medical Center. In this case, deal with the aftermath of Fang Yi came to the Tongzhou, four tracing application, the Soviet Union two whereabouts, just coming out of the homes of villagers Su Yi-Ching was they found, just as Su Yi-Qing helpless, about to be caught when by Zao designated East plant agents came to her rescued. The exercise will not be so lucky Shen, Fang Yi Medical Center to find no fruit, angry, set fire to the Medical Center, Shanghai exercise and father who hid in the basement forced it through friends or old smoky until fainted, just spared for difficult. Shen Lixing opened his eyes and saw his father. Because that son's sake, lead Medical Center were burned and died a disciple, Shen Zi Mu feel unworthy of old friends, even against the applicant to exercise several pumping slap servants hurried next to persuade discouraged, after all, the body of Shanghai Lixing Jianshang not good. Shen Lixing want to go to his father's disciples also made the winter, so he helped himself to join six doors. Know officialdom sinister Shen Zi Mu strongly disagree, let him keep a good family business, good landlord is king. At this time also made winter to murder capital of the Tongzhou Shen rushed home to find the division Fu Shenzi wood to help solve the case, in response to the Board of Punishments command.
Shen Zi wood found during the autopsy, the deceased fatal stab wound in the rib, in accordance with its black teeth, Shen Zi Mu judge who should opium addiction. The lower body suffered castration, and his face criss-cross cuts, just to deceive the public, confuse and disturb Detective handling ideas. Thus, Shen Zi Mu people to check there
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Di Qianlong came to the king to let his men who help themselves declined numerous requests to meet ministers, but in spite of Liu Ji can block, insisted to see the king. The king met with Liu Ji, Liu Ji said he found the murderers to assassinate the king, the king and ask him to go see. But when the king came together with Liu Ji jail time, but only saw a few corpses mutilated. Liu Ji and his men Douzhihuishi Guard Liu into each other, from the two-man play, the assassination of the king of blame pushed to the greenwood hero's body. Well aware of the king saw through their trick play this out, but
Giuseppe Zanotti Women Shearling Panel Sneakers In White did not spot exposed. Liu Ji ambiguous attitude to see the king, it had decided to remove the traces to kill the king. Thus, once the men sent Fang Yi Fang Yi Sun dried killed to silence, and promised things are there after his successor Fang Yi of one hundred jobs. There must be rewarded under Isao, Sun dried regardless of past feelings, or tired of Shen Fang Yi hunt after exercise to take advantage of, brutal killing Fang Yi, Fang Yi, who took out a symbol of the identity of one hundred nameplate, took his place.
Su Yi-Ching came to the capital to find the king, referring to their own way to help the pseudonym of Shen Cheng Yaojin exercise, want the king to the person as a confidant of the capital. The king promised to find Shen exercise with gratitude, but did not develop their own ideas of forces in the capital, he decided to make his own peace of mind to return to Jinan
Giuseppe Zanotti Femmes London Buckle Sneakers Blanc Military Governors. At this time, the door asked to see Zao, Zao king to express the idea of what you want left Beijing, hoping Zhao Gonggong sent to help escort, and told the king Zhu Zao see overflow, once they left the capital, it would be certain death.