beaten nearly fell to the ground

May 22 [Wed], 2013, 15:19
> When Chu Fei heard two years to recover from this myself did not win beauty girl smile like his mouth and spit it will undoubtedly pleased almost jumped up. WWw! QUAnBen! Com but now he did not jump, he just suddenly felt his hands shaking a bit. "Little, you in the end what nonsense ah?" There is only one side of the rain roared looked at the silly girl said. Little ignore her, a pair of eyes looking at the next full of desperate Chu fly, like in this world have abandoned her like. Chu Fei did not answer, did not refuse, for two years, a full two years, he most want to hear little to say, then, is just the phrase. But now ...... I do not know why,Oakley Fast Jacket Sale, suddenly this sentence Su Xiaoxiao mouth out from when he was a little trance ...... "Chu fly ...... Do not you always say they like me? Do not you like me?" Only Listen Su Xiaoxiao Cangbaizhelian at him. Chu Fei look ugly, suddenly do not know how to answer, he has been able to see, Su Xiaoxiao suffered a blow, but by what kind of fight, do not know. Chu Fei is a dude, this is true. But his heart is still a man. A genuine man. So he gave Su Xiaoxiao's answer is: "Little, today you get drunk, the first not to talk about this topic." Chu Fei not do that not a man to do, which is proud of his past personality caused but also because he really is such a person. Su Xiaoxiao laughed, then laughed a bit desperate. "Chu less today, we still do not play it, I think today might be a little uncomfortable ......" "Well,!" Chu Fei nodded his head,Coach Online Store, and he certainly knows a little something today, or this girl never Such. "Dong Han, Zhang Li to go with you to drive, we'll go." Less turned round to listen Chu said. Side of the flat head boys and Zhang Li together quickly out of the door when they go in the direction toward the parking lot. "No ...... I want to drink, I want to drink." Su Xiaoxiao wins while struggling side bottle on the table to go to. Zhao drizzle straining holding his sisters. "Little, you calm down ...... you how in the end?" Rain of the eyes were all red, looking like crazy Su Xiaoxiao. Chu Fei side,oakley for cheap, there are two other boys hands flawless. "Chu less, or the first little back to school now." Another one of the boys called Ma Chao said. Chu Fei looked at some of his little heartache. Nodded. To arm Su Xiaoxiao, when this girl hard struggle ...... drizzle over there holding her, until she finally tired ...... like finally no longer struggling, Chu fly only slowly wrapped up her arm and another one help up, and went out. After some dramatic scenes just said Yang Hua, the heart does not know how, a little lost, as if lost a good baby like. He was a man standing in the corner drinking. For this time to meet with the girl dramatic, Yang Hua undoubtedly feel a bit inflated head ...... he does not want to hurt this girl ...... but now the result is that he has hurt, and is severely hurt her. Meng Yi Pieyan, I saw the other side of Su Xiaoxiao was a handsome boy, and dragged down the stairs next to Zhao rain, he startled at the hands of the bottle there ...... inadvertently fiercely clenched, as if That should squeeze the bottle to burst the same. Because Yang Hua Su Xiaoxiao corner where they can not see ...... so they did not find in a corner, a man is being carefully looked at them. When Chu Fei and drizzle a little totter when approaching the car park, Zhang Li suddenly heard the piercing cry came. They are Yizheng. Turned to look, I saw this in the past claimed that daring Zhang Li was crying running toward the side. "Chu Dong Han Fei ...... go and help him ......" there is only running while Zhang Li cried. Chu Fei suddenly froze. "How is it? '" Was soon killed ...... "listen Zhang Li cried. "What?" Chu Fei stood beside another boy stared Ma Chao asked. "In the end how it happens? Dong Han people do now?" Listen Ma Chao asked. "Over there." Just listen to the parking lot in front of Zhang Li pointing cried. "We have just downstairs to the car, another gang drove the car to come ...... because they occupy the position of our exports, so Dong Han requires them to move a car move, who knows those people are bullies, down after hit up ...... said ...... "" and said what ah? "standing beside Ma Chao urgent fast jumped. "Said ...... if you want this thing today so the case, we should ...... to ...... girls to accompany them overnight." "Damn court death." Ma Chao when, after hearing this past relied on family money, the eldest son brother how can be affected by this useless gas, did not understand the situation ran toward the parking lot. "You ...... Come on, go help him ah ......" there is only anxious Zhang Li said. Side of the Chao Chu Fei rain there is also the face of astonishment. "Come over and see how it ......." Just listen Chu Fei said. When they came to the parking lot, and I heard one of rampant laughter came over from the parking lot there. Which also mixed big condemning. I saw the front of the place really stood ninety-seven people standing there. One of a long hair, the eyes are the most evil hand tugged at the moment is that just rushed past Ma Chao neckline, bang punch hit in Ma Chao's face. Ma Chao screams, was beaten nearly fell to the ground, the nose is bleeding. Ah ...... there are just over the side of Zhang Li Zhao rain, which scared the two girls could not help but cry out. Dong Han saw Baba there are Liaodao the ground ...... sense of not only one fear rose up. Looks like there's a few guys hear male voices, turned to look, not just themselves. "I am the grass, there is a beautiful girl ah." Just listen to one wearing a black vest, arm tattooed guy two months ** woman looked at the shining light rain and Zhang Li Zhao. A pair of eyes could not help but light rain covered in Zhao looked. Zhao rain though scared, but I could not resist that bully nausea attention. "Rogue ......" Zhao rain Qiaolian whitish cursed. That man was wearing a black vest that did not think this sentence is a derogatory term meaning rogue, but added it is laughing in his eyes, Zhao drizzle two spindly legs looked at live. "This girl's ** roundness ah ...... night from behind, then certainly fresh cool! Ha ha." That rogue eyes shine looking Su Xiaoxiao wearing black skirt wrapped plump little round hips. Zhao drizzle heard by this shameless man say such nasty words when Qiaolian gas shivering, could not help but now want to put that rogue alive to eat. "Bastard." Just listen Chu Fei soon as satire, he rushed up. There's a few guys, obviously do not care about this in front of the small white face. 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