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> After listening to the words of Wang Hongyi, Sung's brother hesitated,coach handbags outlet. wWw. QUAnBEn. com "you are Guoqi system in accordance large Yantai Zu, with horses and father-in-law are not official." Wang Hongyi Gechuang. looking out, drink. The water is calm, said: "three close relatives can no longer become government officials already have official retirement home." Dayan legal system "consort Li Feng consort Commandery, life can not have but Dai Lu official. daughter Princess level, the palace will Enzhi to her father "is generally positive Mishina scattered officer, three to six months to see the degree of favored certainly be knighted. Concubine's father is to seal the primary, but this primary is not hereditary monopoly of wisdom, only 2,000 Shi Dai Lu, pass to the next generation is less a product of "child", 1000 Stone Dai Paul, and then the next generation is the "M" "500 Shi Dai Lu, Bastard 200 Shi Dai Lu to keep a home,Jordan Superfly Shoes. the four Princess and the Queen's father, Monkey, and so on, do not look for in the three imperial examination. "Some of you family idea, solitary slightly Dracula, large Yantai Zu is the right law, solitary can not break it, but it does not have to be so strict, solitary or take the traditional method "can not Mishina" You are the queen Father, Uncle solitary loved ones, you can come to appear before a month. "Solitary set of customs, is now the Five" You first official position of leading a city ship deputy to This is after the from Mishina Yamen, solitary expect several million ounces of silver over by your hand, you want to constrain the family nephew, not to get into trouble alone "well that this government, we are preparing this errand, happy understand? ", Song Han Song Heng hear sweating, Fu Shen knelt down, again and again said:" Yes! "Xie Wang Chen understand grace!" That's right. "Wang Hongyi satisfied smile, a touch of saying:" Get up, not have said, we now own large private chat, need not be so binding "promise." both of them rush to sit down, just looked a little stared. Wang Hongyi and just said "too impact Wang Hongyi touch to say a few words" is to let Song served as the establishment of the customs river off work, and work out a reasonable sea duty pumping system, on the spot to the ten body. Feng Sung's brother could not help but delight. As queen relatives, they would have long broken the idea of ​​official career "just waiting for the former administration system" seal Marquis pass generations, and plenty of money at home anyway, can not be official career is unfortunately they will not affect their livelihoods. Not there when the officer does not limit future generations officer. The Song Han wake up, said: "Wang Song trust, Song will be trying to phase reported!" See the two reaction "Wang Hongyi satisfied with respect nodded, commanded Hou outside the chamberlain:" send two adults out. "Snow! Dusk, the sky gradually dim down a spacious carriage slowly moving on the streets, the speed of the line fast nor slow, not a nuisance. Meet someone in the street block the road, the driver just snapped out in a timely manner stopped to such carriage "in the city of Xiangyang Bibi. Strict testimonies "one of the officials in the city are very cautious" low-key "act for fear of being messengers Hold the handle and carefully, out of disgraced carriage, the cries of hawkers, the noise of the pedestrian, the sound became a in this will soon become a night Xiangyang city is bustling. A quiet carriage the Song brothers out from the palace traveling in this carriage to go home, Song Han leaning on a cushion, squints, thinking. Song Constant bowed his head "by sitting in the corner, flushing, it is clear that the two now, emotion, are difficult to calm down this is not just its own official career, the more critical the other official career has always been the family forces controlled the king, willing to open the door, Song, this was before he entered the palace did not think to do! Brother afraid I did not expect this? raised his head, sitting in opposite really looking complicated, looks are thinking mind "Song Heng secretly thinking, big brother only emotional time, will be so dignified. Way without words "both heart has things not carriage chat. Line section of the road, the carriage stopped in the the Song brothers of other homes down the foundation is not here, they temporarily with his family members came to Xiangyang building only two other homes. two brothers has always been a good relationship, The neighboring mansion was built next to the Song Han sites, Song Heng mansion. To stop before the House of Song Han, Song Han was the first under the car in front is alighting from his brother, said: "younger brother" will be used after a trip to my study, I have things to discuss with you. "Big Brother, brother is to come." Song Heng nod, smile says. Also, the stakes are filed, the first not to others. "One Song Han told. Song Heng nod. The two back to their respective sites. The Song Han move went into the mansion, confronted Xu Xian Chang's second wife. Younger than 30 Chang's looked up and down him something, "Song Han and nothing wrong, one breath, full of glad saying:" Fortunately, the classic thing "so anxious Huang Huang classic called into palace, and the undefined status also thought what a phenomenal accomplishment! Buddha insurance estimates, Buddha security assessment, the classic safe return ...... "Getting these words, Song Han is a frown" said dismissively: Kings Song has always been generous, summoned me what is wrong? There can be a big deal? You womenfolk are random in mind! "Undefined status is not to worry about your what? "Song Han snapped Chang's second wife immediately fool hop, some aggrieved rubbed his eyes, said. The Song Han frown looked at her, although some unhappy, could not bear to continue to rebuke" had to say: "In the future, speak and act, to refrain from lost sense of proportion, Your Song mistress, what to say, what not to say, you do not know? sentence is wrong, you can give Song provoke scourge you have entered the gate of the Song, is necessary for the sake of Song. "" Master, undefined status know that was wrong. "Song Han getting more and more well done, Chang's busy cautiously admit. Song Han and respect for one another, following room regarded as Seeing no problem. "Master, you hungry? With no speculation on a few side dishes to let the stove?" Chang's see the Song Han face to slow, busy cautiously asked. Song Han Huan intra-abdominal some depletion, said: "fried a few light can be." Speak in the palace for a long time, now ask, will immediately feel hungry. Please wait a classic the undefined status'll go as people prepared. "Chang's carefully said, went out, seems personally to greet people. Watching Chang's out back, Song Han weak inaudible sigh. In fact, Chang's, and his people born in the small officials also good, in addition to some petty, birth is not very good, not to bring more benefits to the Song, the other in good condition. Long very dignified, outstanding appearance, eye and man can understand some sense of proportion,Air Jordan 5 Shoes, he is take care of Canada, the election of a woman as a second wife, he is not dissatisfied. Chang's origin was low, do not exactly what he had requested it? Had, in addition to a few people, Soong direct descendant in Chengdu government together to kill, even his thousand concubines no one alive. Later, Song was able to make a comeback, because of the identity of the special, and not in the weekdays slightest arrogance. Even the children of the marriage, the spirit of someone with a spotless election. Slightly larger forces affect the bigger the family, no matter how excellent the children, they do not dare to choose, for fear that has a clique suspects "the foundation just to stabilize the Sung once again pushed into the cusp. Himself second wife wife, the with low marry marry Yin conditions, select a born woman of ordinary officials, between the two men and what feelings along down fairly fit life a hundred years, so bad enough! Song his hands lost it, you can quickly turn revived in his hands! think in the palace, the king when he said to their brothers, Song Han could not help but blood boiling up with two brothers in within breath to the body of ten, which is the take-off of the family. Soon, dietary be placed up. Song Han looked, if he liked a few dishes, do not say, the second wife did a good job on the basic necessities of life, but this time no heart Siduo Jia tasting food in a hurry after a meal to rush to the study "And it was commanded, in addition to the two old people in no hurry but not all at the same time the House of Song Heng, hung up the crowd with because Soong brother summoned to the palace to the safe return of the child to see their own classic, took a deep breath . A group of woman and son around the Song Heng inquired. Have to say that the original amulet, Song Heng Department be involved is relatively small, leaving many people, this is a blessing. "Just unusual for questioning, you are afraid of what? Casually perfunctory one, Song Heng people prepare meals, eat indiscriminately, went to his brother's mansion. "Lord, lord to. Song Han's study, it was said. Door opens, Song Heng came in from the outside: "Big Boss, I heard that you have used the meal? Very fast. "You do not? Song Han laugh talking about two brothers as the smile suddenly relaxed down sit, waiting for you a long time for you prepare some tea set up our own cook. Brother seated "Song Han said to the servant commanded. "Snow." Immediately to prepare tea. Put on the tea, Song Han the servant withdrew, leaving only room he and Song Heng two brothers. At this time, the two first not directly speak only rootless water kettle, put a small furnace, without a moment, water rings, Song Heng put pot in hand, poured two and a half cup of boiling water, and shook his drained plus tea, another little bit watered down this time, full of rippling tea room "Han Song to see tea Bise amber, with a smile:" Yes! "product a little bit, fragrant mouthful put down the cup, coughs, the question came. ! ~! . . <
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