Graduation ceremory 

2006年03月01日(水) 21時13分
Our school had a graduation ceremony today.
I was soooooooo moved by students' words and performances.

I could joined 3-1 class, and the students gave me some flowers and a gift.
I didn't expect it at all
They sang a song which they won a school chorus competiton with.
I coulnd't stop my tears

I think I was lucky to be able to join the class, especially with Mr. Yuuki, who will retire by the end of this month. He is actually strict, but I felt that students know him as a good teacher. He is strict to show the students their actual situations and to instruct them their way to go.

After the ceremony, teachers moved to a hotel to celeblate graduation with students' parents.
I was at the same table with Mr. Yuuki, so I could talked with him quite a long time. He will turn 62 this year, about almost the same age as my dad, and he spent 33 years at school. 33 years......what a long long time, it's almost like a history for me!!
He often inspires me by introducing English learning materials.
At the party, he was drunk, but he uttered the words, "I'll retire and I'll tell you what I've learned." I strongly feel the responsibility to teach children these days.
He also said, "I was employed because of my English, then I have to keep brushing it up."
I'm so glad to have met him at school.
He has a passion for students and education.

Eiken 1st Grade 

2006年01月22日(日) 21時53分
I'm going to take 1st Grade Eiken exam next Sunday.

I've taken Eiken many times, but this time is different!
Cause I've talked about my taking 1st grade at school assenbly...
So everybody knows that I'm gonna take it. is a bit tight situation for me, but I've been studying hard for it for 1 week so far. Now I'll have another 1 week to go on

This week, I'm gonna study especially these two categories;
・Writing essay

Just do my best!
( and I found myself enjoying this challenging time)

Wedding invitaion 

2006年01月15日(日) 21時37分
I received a letter from Jenny, who is one of my best friends in Sydney.

It was her Wedding Invitation!

I was sooooo surprised when I found her words saying "I'm going to get married."
She invited me to her wedding in October.

Jenny had been my host sister when I had visited Sydney on my junior high school English program. I met her again two years ago, when I stayed in Australia for a year on my university exchange program.
Jenny is really energetic and very attractive for her positiveness.
She is actually younger than me by 1 year...but she is like my older sister.
I respect her for her way of enjoying life.

Oh, what a great surprise!
I'm so happy for her!

CONGRATULATIONS on your Wedding Jen


2006年01月10日(火) 21時14分
We had a opening assembly today at school.
And I had to make a speech for 3 minutes in front of students and teachers.
There were around 1000 people in the hall.

I talked about what kind of high school students I was, and how much I've changed from what I was.
I cannot believe that I could enjoy talking to people, although I felt so nurvous before I made my speech.
Students, especially 3rd-year- student, responded to my small questions, and I was very happy about it. Thanks!
At the end of my speech, I said I would take frist grade Eiken this now I really really have to concentrate on my study to pass the exam.

English Workshop 

2006年01月07日(土) 21時08分
We had the English winter workshop today.

The lecturer pointed out that the lack of confidence of using English is from the lack of experience of using it.
Now I'd like to take in small practices of using Real English at the beginning of each lesson. Real English refers to English used in our daily situations, such as telephoning, cooking, listening to English TV news, writing English diaries...etc..
I thought I should not forget to offer students many opportunities of using a variety of everyday English.

New Year holidays 

2006年01月05日(木) 21時12分
The winter holiday had been over, but I took a day off today.
and I'm relaxing at home.

During new year holidays, I got some mails from friends in my high shcool and university days. It's nice to hear from old friends and know they are enjoying their lives.I'll see some of them at the end of this month. I can't wait to see how they've changed.

Well, 2006 has just started and I guess I will have a lot of unexpected things around me throughout the year......A bit scared, but excited as well!

At the moment, I'm working on a students' trip to New Zealdn in March.
I went to NZ two years ago, and I met some nice friends there, hey Ruth:-)
And I was amazed with absolutely beautiful nature of the country and I decided I would come back to NZ again.
I hope I can enjoy NZ with students this time.
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