If I can write it in my exam,I won't be so sad.Damn it! 

May 04 [Thu], 2006, 16:53
Last year, the first astronaut of China came to Hong Kong and it has brought a trend of exploring space. Many people tend to know more about the space. Therefore, the space exploration-training programme is a valuable chance to us, Hong Kong people, and it is very important.

First of all, there are only a few organization would hold this kind of occasion in Hong Kong. A lot of young people have waited this chance for a long time. Moreover, the development of technology of space exploration in Hong Kong is fall behind the Mainland. If we join this activity, we can widen our horizon and know more about the space. That knowledge is hard to get only by reading books and teachers would not teach us in the lessons. The programme, therefore, is very important to Hong Kong person and it must be included us, because we have long for it for a long period.

Besides, I think I am the person that you are looking for. I love explore the space and I wonder to touch the moon everyday. I know that being an astronaut is a hard job, but I am tough enough to handle it. Because I would not feel ill when I am playing the game in the museum that is against the gravity of earth. Mr. Yeung Li wai is my idol,I want to be him! I will not afraid of anything and like to face challenges, because “Adversity is a good school master.”

In order to let you know I really want to take part in this programme, I would read more and more book that related to the universe, before the selection and training process. Also, I would search the news on the Internet everyday. I would equip myself with written information first. Of course, I would keep my fitness and have a mental preparation. Please let my dream comes true. I want to be a successful astronaut when I have grown up and I would contribute to my country, China.

pass is not what I want 

April 28 [Fri], 2006, 1:04
I got the piano mock exam result.It was pass but I still upset.practice more~~
Finally I have listened the CD of June,just haven't finished part three.I think it is very fast and difficult.Read app.maths ,I won't count it.My classmates will do it tomorrow on the blackboard.The fact is that before the easter sir ask us to do it,one question for one student.I did it last week, so I just need to watch the show tmr.
CE SYLB 95 paper 2 is really difficult! There are two MC cloze!!
TMR SYLA,egg need to take the exam.She gave a composition to me last two day.I read it anf find that her gammar has improved a lots.I 'm happy with this.She must past the exam,just don't know whether she can get C or not.
Forget it! Don't bother about the thing that not relate to me.Ready to Study!Chinese,English and Music.
A happy day is coming.
exam,exam and exam,
after may is june.
exam comes again.
then we can take a rest.
A-level please don't fail.


April 13 [Thu], 2006, 1:33
Still downloading "Konjiki no Gash". vol.(1~150),It's too many and hard to download all at once,as BT is dangerous.But I downloaded a OVA.My tears went out several times when I was watching it.
Studied interference,did a AL pure 06 Q.1 and played piano,I did those things on today.Not enough,lazy again.I have not studied CE eng and chin.Maybe tomorrow,just shut down the computer and accomplish all the things within Easter.
Oh~~I want to express my feeling,too.It is very boring during the holiday.Tung and my cousin need to prepare for CE.TMGSS and YIM still have to go to school for their u.t.I am not used to chat with my new classmates.24hrs at home and the room is very hot.I can't study for more than 2 hrs.The holiday is not fun!Now,just forget it,keep on working!
I read NANA!!Not so good~I really think that NANA is like me despite I am not as betiful as NANA.


April 11 [Tue], 2006, 1:15
I have do nothing today.Time flies,I'm afraid I will fail in all exam.sigh~~It's so hot.I don't want to do anything.In fact, I parctised piano in morning and study some PHY at night.It's not enough...Also,I finished a comprehension at mid-night 2:00am, and I did it within 15mins,maybe just 10mins.I think it is powerful!!!Or the comprehension is too easy.It seems I did lots of works.But I spend most of the time on the Internet, wasted a day!!! Horrible!!!!!I don't want to repeat F.6 and I want to do better at CE.Moreover,I need to face grade 8 piano exam.I have a great load and pressure comes with air.I can't breath.I can't be lazy anymore or I will get a failure.
Sometimes,I think I no need to put all my effort on CE,because I got a pass.I try to find a way to escape.One of my friend fail at last CE exam in English.This year she takes syl.A.I have read her composition.The composition is really bad.Mine is not good ,but hers even worse.I can't help her....just see....That's life!!!My situation is not so bad and I don't give up!
FIGHTING!!My AL EXAM is waiting for me~~~STUDY!!!TOMORROW,don't waste time or I may die.

Not just pass 

March 31 [Fri], 2006, 0:44
I get a bad result in the test. It is under my control,so it's okay.
But there is a girl always think that she have a good result,always want to show off.Damn it all!She is not really clever.She remember all the things.I wait to see that how much can she remember.
Also,there have another girl always say something bad of other people.I hate her very much.Because she even want to teach me what should I do after failed so many subjects in the test.
The test only count 25% of the mark of whole year.I don't know why my classmates think this is serious.I hate study all the time,I am different from them.
During easter I would study.I have my own plan,I will not let the school affect me , and I will not be a repeater.I know what I am doing, please shut up!!!
I hate this school, I want to leave.
A lot of students in this school is 苟且tau生.
I will not be the one that is just live for pass, I want to go to U and get a degree.


February 14 [Tue], 2006, 1:03


January 27 [Fri], 2006, 1:23
VINGT release on 03.03.2006
Why release on that day again?Because of "rebirth".



December 31 [Sat], 2005, 2:08
Fantasia the last day's words



Zaki:Happy new year!!很不捨得......2006了。



Fantasia 2006 new album



December 31 [Sat], 2005, 2:04
I think of you at every second today.
worry......I don't want you to know it have affect me.
I can't sleep.Why you don't call me
I wait for you ....in the icq and msn.....
I am fear to phone you....I don't want you to remember the bad things.
What can I do for you?

your smile
I haven't seen it for long time.
When I think you're smiling,in fact, you're sad.
I can feel it....because I am sad too.
But why I still think you're happy?
Just because I don't want you to be upset.
However, we both......


December 24 [Sat], 2005, 20:19
Merry Christmas!!
What a wonderful day
I want to sing a song to you
Can you hear me
Just listen by your heart
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