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May 15 [Wed], 2013, 10:59
> Hear of the question-Did you of the Yaohe Liang, Lin Zhenhua said: "Yes, Yao teacher. WWW. QUanBen COM just now I have already to introduce you to over, our factory is a to the pursuit of the independent innovation of the the enterprise. In In order to better carry out technical innovation , we first carried out on the in the mechanism innovation, through the the the collective a cooperative manner of the labor the masses, the establishment of the pilot enterprises of the the a company whose shares cooperative system, called Hon Wah Industrial Development Corporation. we this company intend to in order to the the way of production and research one of the, in to to propulsion technology innovation, to the technology to promote of development,. "" the cooperative shares system? "Yao Heliang a bit of a surprise, the the meaning of of of this institutional Of course he be able to guessed, but he can not think of that the domestic also may allow a the presence of such a system so. Lin Zhenhua Road: "Yes, we this company, was supported by the zhōngyāng approval of the leadership, is the pilot enterprises. The Běijīng the Li Ning of the University of Professor, once took part in the the the establishment of the the company's general meeting of." "Oh, it seems that some of I the ideological with the do not on the the the era of. "Yao Heliang nodded and said, he with the Li Ning Although the interlacing as foster, but in the the on the the of the meeting of the the Ministry of Education, the have also played face to face. He knew that, Li Ning be able to to attend the the company the establishment of the the General Assembly, should be is relatively Kaopu. "Well, the the production and research of you said just now one of the, but also refers to the what is it?" Yao Heliang continue to asked. "Of one of the production and research, is to teaching in the colleges and universities li the, scientific research activities, with the the production activities of in the our factory, there Contact up, the formation of the mechanism of a and promote each other. Specifically it, our company would like to are money and funded to carry out scientific research activities to the some of the colleges and universities, of course, , the contents of the of the scientific research is should be the for with the to our the company's development related to. these achievements in scientific research, will in our company transformed into the actual the productivity of, to to create profits for our company. while the part of the the middle of the of these profits, we which would in turn it re-enter the to the scientific research in the to go. so that you can to the formation of the mutually reinforcing relationship. "" You This is the would like to occupies a the achievements in scientific research of colleges and universities free of charge, been self-serving and it for small collective? "Yaohe Liang call a spade a spade said. Lin Zhenhua enough to create misunderstandings, also is no wonder that, this kind in the the the future generations's very common ways of cooperation, in the same year is still very-sensitive, Yaohe Liang the first time to make the such a reaction, but also the the bounds of reason. "Yao teacher, we did not intend to to and national try to steal the achievements in scientific research, we just hope that the to get some countries disdain to adopt achievements in scientific research only. The States to refrain from, we took, transformed into, the same or services As at the nation-building, there are What is wrong with which turn out the right products for the right products do? "" The Forest Big Brother, you is this way to say that is not right, and countries how will to disdain in the to adopt achievements in scientific research it? "Du Xiangyang in the the side of the interjected Road,. Lin Zhenhua smiled, looked at, Yaohe Liang Road,: "this problem, I would like to Yao teacher there will be the answer, right?" Yao Heliang is a little embarrassed, he hum and haw when he said: "At present, the National all aspects of things of is is also more multi-, some achievements in scientific research, and sometimes The application the opportunity to could not be found, but also the very normal thing,Coach Outlet Handbags. "Lin Zhenhua the hearts of giggle, he know the embarrassment of of Yaohe Liang stems from anything for. In In It turned out that Yaohe Liang was once developed with a the one of his team Guo the the automatic tool change on the the system in the a set of machine tools, this set of system in the the the machine tools sector of the was global at the time of of the are belong to the leading the level of. A result, the after the the development and come out of of the this technology, there is no any, a machine tool enterprises willing to adopt, the technology has been shelved in vain up. A few years after the, the a rì-of this of the an machine tool enterprises R & D out of the the same technology, and applied for a patent, until the the the era of of the Lin Zhenhua read post-graduate, China's machine tool enterprises in the the use of this technology when, but also to pay an patent fee to the the rì himself . This matter, the on the liege lord of the a very big blow. After a lapse of for many years, when the the matter of the he says, speaking, or a look of frustrated. It is said, he that year once ran across the the a few Ministry of Machinery Industry In order to sell the this set of technology while the, people in the village in order to the a variety of reasons to which he sent came back. If the Lin Zhenhua did not remember the words of correctly,, the current precisely liege lord in the the "run the" stage of the the Ministry of, while the the of the that home of machine tool enterprises, rì The,, not yet come up with this design to to it. "Yao teacher, As far as I understand it, of himself there are of You a some of the of achievements in scientific research, the current also lying on the the the drawer of your the Office of the, and there be none to one is interested it. I am worried that, like to the this type of accomplishment, if the came alive again in on the the past few years, maybe on the by foreign of people compete for the first. "Lin Zhenhua directly Tiaopo the the windows of paper. The His remark a, positive hit the knot of the the most the fragile heart in Yaohe Liang, He heaved a sigh of loudly: "Alas!" It cried,Coach(R) Multicolor Bags Factory. "! I Could it not be know this point ah! But, no way, countries are now BaiFeiDaiXing, really There are a a lot of of things is can not be is completely satisfactory of the. "Lin Zhenhua know Yao Heliang do not want to in front of students the the bureaucratic style of work of of the criticism ministries and commissions, he also did not go to to refute, just said to along the the thread of her conversation, go on said:" Yao teacher, we Hon Wah Industrial Co.,, there are 30% is a of state-owned enterprises of the shares, In addition 70% of the belong to the the collective all of the the workers of the company, is also the belong to of public ownership enterprises. to say the least, even if we is just a small collective, after all, the the people of China too their own enterprises, right? you really the heart to you the outcome of has been rì of my pre-empt application of the? "" Kobayashi, you in detail talk about the to see, you this of one of the production and research, intend to how of subjects to cāo dealt? "the attitude of the Yaohe Liang loose. Is not a stiff set of the people in liege lord, Chuang-tzu has said, for human use resourcefulness and, then the the vitality heart. Single liege lord can take a lifetime to and mechanical to deal with, the Simpleton also like a mechanical the same as quoted prices in an active. "We hope that to and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Huaqing sign a co-operation agreement, Of course, the currently the scope of cooperation can is limited to your team. We annually to the provide you with the a portion of its research funds with, the current Well, calculated in press the with 10 thousand yuan bar, the future, as we the the expansion of of the size of the company, and then gradually increase the. the fruits of your research, we took, to into products again, I promise, 10% of the of the of these profits from product sales, we will serve as the additional input, the return of to the the University of Huaqing. In addition, we are willing to as a Hua the Tsing the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of practice base for students, welcome to including Komori and other Huaqing students, go to the guide the work of the our company. "" Well, we needs to be done What is the things it? "" First, I hope you and your team was able to for the provide us with some of the the the guidance of of the technical aspects of, If we encountered in the production the technical problems, can assure you to ask. "" This is the the what we should do,. "Yaohe Liang said," we engage in scientific research of the, originally also need to for the production of first-line to provide technical services. In addition, the in through the to to help you solve the the problems encountered in the practice, but also can give our scientific research to bring some enlightenment. and which a that I fully can promised to. "Lin Zhenhua in the the said in his heart, I on the know that you will promised to. He surface of did not show it, or continue to said: "Second, the we will put forward some of pending the the development of of the direction of, made available for the purposes of your reference, If do you think to interesting, on the put into jīng force conduct research, we then the provide the required of financial resources and other conditions by . the the outcome of of so that the stemming from the research come out, by our the two sides common to all. "Yao Heliang thought for a moment. and said:" The condition may also can promise, in fact,, the the conditions of of you say is very generous, and we are willing to be done all, are unwilling to do on the It can be not do it, that such a condition, I what is there left picky. "" Third, the the the technical of My fellow teachers independent research and development, If you can not find the to apply of the the opportunity to, while the without hold anything against the our enterprise a is too small one the words of The can co-operate of the now, and let us reason the two sides, application. the the revenue generated of technology applications, allocated in the the between the two sides, the specific the proportion of, you can regarding a proposed. "Yaohe Liang muses:" This one, and even can not be regarded as ye have open with the out of the conditions,, the contrary,Coach(R), like a for us the sake of the things. in accordance with this article, and ye on the we there is no or bind them in any way, is completely passive the only thing in. "" It is so. "says Lin Zhenhua.. I am "However, Kobayashi, on such terms with my also understand that your mind. A matter of fact, With such one, you at any time can in order to money as bait, to attract the Our teacher take the initiative to put their own the outcome of the transfer give you. From the me and you come in contact this will the effort of view, I believe that the you are definitely have such thoughts. "Yaohe Liang debunk with a smile the true intentions of the Lin Zhenhua. Du Xiangyang hear Yaohe Liang say so,, said the turned on the Lin Zhenhua: "Lin Big Brother, you to do so, so, one is going too immoral, This is not a an attempt to to to lure our teacher with money and interests of the it?" Lin Zhenhua shook his head: "Komori , you ask Yao teacher, take a look at he would like to do not want to be I to lure? "Duxiang Yang but also twisted back to see Yaohe Liang, Yaohe Liang is slowly when he said:" Komori, this can not be regarded as to lure. zhōngyāng also advocated Guo, the scientific and technological workers should five sons and Davydenko, that is, house, car registers, stoves,, the child, hat, is not solved these problems, the scientific and technological workers it is difficult to worry about their work. the the country now is still very poor, If the Kobayashi be able to in the the on under the premise of that match the the principle of to help Let of the teacher to solve these problems , let the teacher them to worry about lifting, mood happily devoted to research and, With regard to States, but also the a meaningful thing. "Lin Zhenhua his thumbs and, Road,:" the liege lord is noble and wise. "" liege lord? "Yao Heliang by the Lin Zhenhua to this name, Lane confused, he At that time, who just turned 50-year-old, but also to the is can not be referred to liege lord extent is it. Lin Zhenhua Bu Zhisheng with a smile, Yaohe Liang looked the Lin Zhenhua a half-day, and finally their own also ha ha and laughed: "you this Kobayashi, take it seriously quite on the the my temper. How kind, there is no interested in coming to read the my graduate students ah?" <
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