customize iphone 5 case - Bergkamp was replaced P

August 21 [Thu], 2014, 15:44

After the warm-up is completed, Bergkamp back side Wenger Wenger patted him on the shoulder, then put him come up the field. Bergkamp was replaced Pires, Reyes returned to the left midfield position, partner striker Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry, Bergkamp played only one mission, to help Arsenal to score again, but not one, two ! Field under Jose blew a loud whistle, which is to remind his players, iPhone 5 cases intermission, when told of things to come,iphone cases, and small who are cheer to Wholesale iPhone Cases carefully before playing this old guys !

However, Bergkamp a play, Mallorca immediately let these young people know, the older generation of stars can still pitch at this age can play in the match, will have their own excellent place ! Perhaps iPhone 5S cases now can not pull the ball in the penalty area even had two men then turned and fired the ball goal of the dead, maybe not now turn their backs Wholesale iPhone Cases followed by an incredible defensive player who had the action points to force a breakthrough ball to score in the penalty area,ipad cases, maybe not now Wholesale iPhone Cases after receiving a long pass teammate 60 meters unloading a deduction of a break, but in the field, Wholesale iPhone Cases but still have their own value, and unparalleled sense of the ball.

Midfielder Henry retreated to scoop the ball, then the ball to the wing plug Hleb, after Hleb return under the bottom,Wholesale iPhone Cases, to keep up with the collusion of Henry came a ground ball flew into the restricted area in mind, Bergkamp back to goal in the penalty area, in the case of Matthias behind the disturbances, gently lift the right foot, the heel above the ball gently rub ! / u0026 gt; heel tease shot into the far corner ! Upload stands out a huge sigh ! Edwin van der Sar from the ground up, took a deep breath. Bergkamp earlier this foot heel shot done quite subtle, however Shot power in this case is not too large, Edwin van der Sar precisely determine this,cases for iPhone, Wholesale iPhone Cases in lateral movement when it comes to fighting a step let Wholesale iPhone Cases has enough space to fight the blaze, the fact that, it is Edwin van der Sar 's this about moving, let Wholesale iPhone Cases were barely threw the ball, if there is no movement that step, perhaps Wholesale iPhone Cases arms reach and then a long, can not touch to the ball !

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