2006年01月19日(木) 21時12分
I was studying in the library.
Suddenly I found a chance to send an e-mail to him.
It was extremely unplanned but I remembered what Michako said that morning.
And i decided to make some acction.
Finally I told him that i'd like to be familiar with him.
It was so natural and he said ok willingly.
so happy! but this is the start of my battle.
The future is up to me.


2006年01月16日(月) 21時10分
His appearance made me feel so happy!
What does it mean?

Dear Rallly
One year has passed.
I still miss you terribly...
I love you.
Please look at me from the sky!


2006年01月08日(日) 23時19分
Am I just like him or like so much him
I have no answer.
Because now I like him so much, but when being with a nice another boy, I like the boy and forget him like now.
Is anyone who looks good ok for me?? NO NO NO!
But if I can find a really good guy, I'll forget completely at the morment.
Why can't I find???

Today I went to small exclass-party of 5th in Riseisha. It was nicer than expected.
Everyone was funny! I had a great time.
But when the real big party of 5th will be held in summer, I won't go.
Cause there'll be some people I hate.


2006年01月02日(月) 3時10分
Happy new year.
It was a not so bad morning.
I saw the first sun and took a bath.It was nice.
But now PC is broken! And I'm broken too!!
I've been eating ,eating and eating!!!!!!!!
I know I'm crazy, but I can't stop it!!!!!
I know the reason. But it may not only because of it! I don't know! I don't want to know! I don't want to think about it!
Anyway, I don't care about my weight any more!!
I eat what I want when I want! ha ha!


2005年12月31日(土) 23時59分
Remembering 2005, I met many unforgettable people and really great friends.
No, I might have had good friends already.
But I didn't want to regard them as important things.
I was afraid of losing or being betrayed by them.
I disliked or gave up to be familiar with people. I had no confidence.
But the people I met in UK and the good friends of Sharp and university changed me a little.
I appreciate them. And I wish I can change myself more.


2005年12月29日(木) 23時27分
I decided! I found what I should do.
It's difficult but right.
Now all I have to do is to prepare for my job-hunting.
Anything is ok. I know what I can do now.
It's so simple. Why don't you do it?
I'm nuts.
He isn't a man I should give the eye to.
Give up! give up! give up!!!!
I'm nuts.........


2005年12月28日(水) 3時43分
Although I have much to have done, I did nothing today, yesterday! What a fool I am.....
But I need such a time sometimes.
Recently I had many enjoyable events and I enjoyed them. But I was little tired. So these to days were good for me.
Now I think I should change my life and do the works one by one.
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