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January 21 [Mon], 2013, 12:13

To hear Zhang Yanhong hello to the voice of the ink the michael kors sale's father Nie also walk from the bedroom, he was a taciturn man, the head of the first living room was lively open the pot also never seen the women play a leading role when the stage should handed over to the woman, michael kors thought has been, has been so firmly doing, but he gave the stage is too vast, that sometimes people forget this family should have to play the leading role of the actor.

When he came out, her hand tucked cigarette, just hello, Zhang Yanhong, we increased aid, said: "You want to smoke in the bedroom quietly pumping it out also pumping? michael kors purses trachea is not good, you do not know? "michael kors Oh sigh, Samsam hands of the cigarette butts in the ashtray snuffed reprimanded in the daughter, son-in front to make life difficult for some, how many face, the action is not as weekdays as deft and skilled, the unburned thin smoke magic emanation immediately released into the atmosphere in the room off.

Living room atmosphere becomes some strange forest to ink the expression if the seal surface of the millennium change, Zhang Yanhong rapturously wreathed in smiles, Nie noncommittal, michael kors handbags caught in the middle of the three of them, to look at this and see Look at that, to ink wisely said: "You find me something? we come to speak."