Microsoft push Surface flat panel wall advertising near Apple retail store

October 12 [Fri], 2012, 23:41
According to foreign media reports, Microsoft's Tablet PC Surface will released on October 26, Microsoft launched a marketing plan, including launched a "graffiti advertising near an Apple retail stores in Chicago.

Microsoft ads somewhat unexpected, their choice in the wall of a car wash. The graffiti contents display and red, blue keyboard. Advertising production is relatively crude. Advertising lower right side, and marked "Microsoft".

Industry insiders said, Microsoft's advertising fails. Because so far, Microsoft has not yet announced the price of Surface Tablet PC, consumers have yet to form a purchase expected, many consumers do not even know what the "Surface".

Said the industry, Microsoft advertising purposes, it seems more for Apple fans for Surface tablet, the location of the wall advertising, from Chicago Lincoln Park Apple products and accessories retail stores, only a distance of one kilometer.

iPhone 5 dedicated 30-pin adapter to start shipping

October 12 [Fri], 2012, 23:40
Apple iPhone 5 an the upcoming iPod touch and iPod nano all used new Lightning interfaces, the previous iPhone owners are tend to have a lot of 30-pin accessories, they are anxiously looking forward appropriate adapter to connected these accessories and iPhone 5.

Apple have contacted several scheduled this adapter residents in Australia, said they will soon be able to get the first shipment. The shops of the United States did not get any new information, still indicate that the adapter shelves in October.

According to the news said that Apple said in the notice, the 30-pin adapter is transferred Lightning in transit, the customer will receive the goods in the October 9.

Apple offers two versions of the adapter, $ 29 is not connected to the line, $ 39 with a shorter cable,

Does Apple really necessary to the acquisition of Nokia?

October 12 [Fri], 2012, 23:33
Apple iPhone5 used iOS6 with Apple's own map and suffered industry and users criticized and comments,then there is some analyast said does Apple should purchase Nokia? Of course, apart from Nokia has the industry's best map application, the comments also believe that Nokia has the industry's best patent portfolio, which suppresses Microsoft in the smartphone market force worthy of the reasons Apple M & Nokia. Apple has 100 billion U.S. dollars in cash mergers and acquisitions market capitalization of only about $ 10 billion of Nokia, and even a premium of 100%, then, is a piece of cake, the key is wanted to spend wisely Apple really will be mergers and acquisitions Nokia? If purchased Nokia, what will it bring to Apple?

There is no denying that the Nokia spent $ 8,000,000,000 acquisition of geographic information systems company Navteq, Nokia has some of the best in the industry position of software and database Nevertheless, this does not help the competitive advantage in the field of smart phones, Nokia Nokia at least, the industry leader in map application is not the decisive factor, after all, the map is just one of many smart phone applications, although it is important. The author does not deny this Apple's own map application defects, just want competition in the smart phone market is already integrated strength, a feature of the flaws have been difficult to have the power to change the competitive landscape, especially for Apple and Nokia is such a contrast between the enterprise.

In fact, according to the latest tech news,it comes to defects, when Steve Jobs alive the iPhone4 expose the so-called "antenna gate", compared to today's Apple Maps application flaws, users worse, influential "Consumer Reports" therefore iPhone4 included not recommended to buy the list goes on. Still, when Apple introduced the remedial measures, iPhone4 still become the best-selling phone, before iPhone4S listed full contend with competitors 18 years without failure. Perhaps lessons last iPhone4 lesson, this time to face the iPhone5, "Consumer Reports", after in through Apple Map flaws considerations, and many other mobile phone free map compared to Apple iPhone 5 is still insufficient at, but it and other new iPhone Maps app has enough horizontal, iPhone5 is one of the best mobile phone in the current market, and to recommend the purchase. The author also believes that this, and face map flaws problems, Apple completely able to be resolved, big deal, Google is not being prepared to launch the map application based on iOS6 well.

As for the value of Nokia's patent portfolio, I believe that the patent is more a defensive weapon, even the face of litigation, but in view of the numerous patents in the field of smart phones, and the parties may infringe each other's patents, the use of cross-licensing is the most commonly used methods. It comes to cross-licensing, Apple's current annual payment of $ 600 million -10 billion to Nokia patent costs, in terms of the amount the apple will spend up to $ 10 billion in 10 years, Moreover, during this period, the development and competitiveness of the industry will , who also is difficult to predict what happens transform. Important is the strength of Apple in patent before Apple and Samsung's patent battle can not be discounted. Despite Apple's patent number is far lower than the Samsung.

There is reason to curb Microsoft's so-called M & Nokia. From the current competitive landscape, Apple is far ahead of Microsoft's Windows Phone. Lumia series phone from Nokia and Microsoft to establish a strategic partnership launched sales of view, far from being able to pose a substantial threat for Apple. Such as Apple iPhone5 first weekend sales of 5 million, this figure is even higher than the the Nokia Lumia one quarter shipments of 4,000,000 to 1,000,000, which shows the gap between the two. Also proves that even Apple M & Nokia also do not have a big impact on Microsoft's Windows Phone, Windows Phone cardinality is low.

Above a simple analysis of the Apple if M & Nokia will not give Apple the benefits, then give Apple bring what negative impact it? As we all know, in the last quarter, Nokia loss amounted to $ 1.7 billion In this case, Apple acquired Nokia's considerable time in the future, will directly affect Apple's profits, but profit is the industry, including the Wall Street considerations Apple the most important indicators of competitiveness. After all, in the shipments, Apple has been Samsung beyond. This time, due to mergers and acquisitions Nokia cause the reduction of their own profits, Apple's stock price is the disaster. Apple should be well aware of this.

More critical is the Nokia business smartphone, there are nearly 7/8 feature phones and smart phone business in a declining. Lengthy product line, and across two different categories and market of smart phones and feature phones, specializes in a single product and a short supply chain management is a very serious challenge for Apple, Apple established strengths will not only lose, but also by the Nokia is a deep drag on.

Microsoft denied to release IOS and Androids Office applications next year

October 11 [Thu], 2012, 13:27
There is rumor from the Czech Republic said that a Microsoft product managers said the iOS and Android versions of Office applications will soon be released in March next year, but then this is reported immediately by Microsoft removed the front of the official Microsoft spokesman Frank X. Shaw denied the thenreports, on Twitter, said: "this is from the Czech subsidiary of the information is not correct, and our plans."

Yesterday evening Czech press release the blog post said: "In addition to the Windows System Office office software will also be released on other operating systems, including Windows Phone, Windows RT, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Symbian." So written statement to. Yesterday, the press release said that the earliest iOS-based Office applications will be released in early 2013.

Other related news:

Microsoft is replaced by Patch Tuesday

October 11 [Thu], 2012, 13:24

October 11 news, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft "notorious" Patch Tuesday Update Tuesday replaced the company to completely turned to Windows 8 and its core applications.

Windows 7 Windows8 between seven major changes are as follows:

A desktop user interface: Windows 8 new user interface based on Microsoft's Metro design language. Interface environment is characterized by new block-based startup screen, the screen is very similar to Windows Phone. A vertical toolbar provides access to the system and application-related features, such as search, sharing, device management, and start button.

2. Windows Store Apps: Windows 8 will introduce a new style of application, the program provides fast, smooth experience, touch screen environment optimization. Also being started to provide dynamic content on the screen.

3. Integration of online services: Windows 8 to provide a more integrated online services. Users can now use Microsoft account login, this account is officially named Windows Live ID. This allows different users to sync settings between multiple computers can access the Windows SkyDrive cloud storage service, and also allows the application to be saved directly to SkyDrive. Windows 8 integrated Xbox Live, including binding Xbox Live games, music and video applications, SmartGlass application Xbox360 video game console as a content and use.

4. Windows 8 system, Hybrid Boot Sleep technology to save Windows kernel memory to the hard disk to allow for faster boot times, and re-loaded at startup.

5. Windows 8 system, Windows To GO allows Windows 8 Enterprise "start" or from a bootable USB devices such as flash drives "escape". Two new recovery functions to include refresh and reset. The refresh function will restore all Windows files to their original state, while maintaining the settings, files and applications, the reset function to restore the computer to factory default condition.

6. Windows 8 systems support USB 3.0.

Other features include 7. Windows 8 system the Internet Explorer10, Internet Explorer10 is a desktop program, also will be a touch-optimized applications. The file manager includes a functional area, can provide more detailed statistics update file operations dialog and pause file transfer capabilities to be able to deal with the conflict problem when copying files.

Compared with Windows7, Windows 8 delete the following:

1. "Start" menu to delete, and supports full-screen interface is referred to as the "Start Screen".

2. Aero Glass theme delete support Metro style theme.

3. Microsoft Gadgets deleted.

4 new Ribbon command bar.

5. Windows Media Center will no longer be included in the default.

6. Parental Controls Family Safety.

7. Blue Screen of Death is no longer as much as possible to cause the computer to stop error information.

In addition, the notebook computer equipment, Windows 8 system requirements slightly higher than Windows 7.