an entire bottle of Nodos

June 13 [Thu], 2013, 17:39
I see where you are coming from in a way, however, LFR is great for Alts and very casual players who just want to enjoy WoW at a leisurely pace. This is why LFR finder is so popular, and I expect to remain so. God dammit Blizzard, stop it. Stop invalidating old content by rewarding ridiculously powerful items from lfr. LFR current tier should NOT be higher than the previous tier's normal gear. What's more, the more various raiding levels you add, the more the future of dungeons in the next xpac darkens.

It's like you took an entire bottle of Nodos and are just throwing out random ideas that pop into your head. Stop it. Go to sleep. The people who are getting 522+ raid gear, though, are going to be getting 553 gear very quickly. And all gear is immediately invalidated by the next tier, you just don't like that LFR only raiders are getting gear that is worse than upgraded 522 gear, and barely better than upgraded Heroic Scenario gear.

Man then you should be really mad that you can grind a bunch of BGs over a weekend and completely invalidate the old content. Seriously though when 5.2 came out did you want to keep grinding HoF every week each time you picked up a new raider. Even TBC raiders complained about that and I'm told they were the best.

"God dammit Blizzard, Normal current tier should NOT be higher than the previous tier's Heroic gear." I find it odd that your only bone to pick is with LFR and...well, nothing else.
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