2006年09月26日(火) 22時01分
grey weather. lots of rain and wind. japanese say cold but not as cold as poland so not for me. not really the most pleasant weather on earth.
only good that nara was great and the weather was sunny, bright, not too hot and not too chilly, exactly perfect :D nice very nice day it was.

probably my last post from japan before i make order with all the notes and transfer them to something a tad more useful than this ugly temporary thing. yet it had to make an existance cause now and here no ftp client so access to my server is limited.

see you guys in poland in 2 days!


2006年09月13日(水) 18時06分
yeah yeah.... one year older again :P thanks to everyone that remembered my bday even day after, but especially on the doomsday. quite many even... shamely the people i`ve been the most counting and sure they`ll show a sign, send out even an one liner, not mentioning a call [this goes to parents], well, they didn`t do either of those disappointing me deeply. one call, thank you dear :*
here friends in japan made my day on that day. we were set up for a party after work, so at work i didn`t expect anything to happen, got positively flummoxed thou. cake, champagne, another cake, a gosu rori minnie mouse :D my friends came and we had great fun while i was still working. before i went to izakaya i mixed myself a couple of drinks and a funny red bull for the road, and then we spend 5 hours in izakaya :D fun fun.
since that time it`s work and meetings with friends, normal stuff, but one significant thing, yesterday, twelve, it was a very unlucky day- i had a car accident and i lost a little over thousand yen x_x;;;; i mean like yesterday was a total disaster.... car accident was the weirdest, cause in contrast to the rest of that day i was concious and looked carefully if there`s no car before i turned, but still, there was somehow a car? weird really.. it ran onto me. at work everyone told me i`m stupid cause i should ahve called police, insurance here is high, even for little injuries. yet i don`t know the phone number [doh -.-;], apart of the fact i didn`t even think of calling the police. the bike is totally broken, front wheel and frame bent, repairing would cost about 3 new bikes... -.-; money i lost of distraction, entirely my fault.. yet after work i tend to be tired [and a bit inebriated as well...] so.. this can be an excuse here. still my mood ain`t fun now.

that`s the week`s highlights and shades, stay tuned for more info as most probably there will be some interesting ongoings here!

shake it baby! 

2006年08月31日(木) 20時00分
first earthquake. kinda weird, and my behaviour was utterly weird XD my house is still standin, and since i have no furniture nothing fell.

seikatsu ni tsuite 

2006年08月30日(水) 18時50分
5ji - get up, breakfast, yoga
6:30 - japanese review
7:30/8:00 - internet and go out
9:30 - come late to work
6-6:30 - finish work, go home
8ji - go to sleep

nimotsu ga todoita wa~ 

2006年08月19日(土) 17時47分
so, what does a polish parent send to a child whom she won`t be able to see even in one month? a bottle of polish spirit! :DDD when i saw it i smiled to myself. it truly preserves the polish spirit... doesn`t it? hehe.. maybe we`re the only country which actually can bottle a spirit and then send to a child abroad to make her feel like home ;P anyway, i laugh but most probably the main purpouse of my mom doing that was to keep me healthy, this kind of alcohol i found in the parcel is also considered a treatment [and a great excuse for drinking :PP].
the parcel has reached me, thank you.
i bashed the english bookstore- lots of cheap books, reaaaally time consuming and dangerous for me, as a bookworm that i am. interesting books... therefore if you get a book off me when i come back poland don`t be surprised.

ehhhhs :/ 

2006年08月17日(木) 18時56分
okay so about music- no one did any uploads for me, boo for you. the lacking songs i remember now were sharlene- sweeta sweeta, christina milan - dip it low. also i hear half of the mtv often, like usher, ludacris and nelly furtado, pitbull- toma [nice]. stuff like that.

everydai life in tokyo appeared to be just as boring as anywhere else. especially when you are grounded cause having almost no money to commute to meet with friends. so in the end my prediction was right, august is boring and a thing to live through only. bah :/ so no more entries will be made here until soemthing starts happening. daily routine of learning, yoga, work and sleep ain`t really that intersting. it`s only for me- three things i do for my own sake.

weird foodalike things from tokyo 

2006年08月08日(火) 18時55分
so as i wanted myself i am experiencing japanese foods on my own stomach. the taste is okay, just that i cannot get rid of the stomachache after, but i keep in mind that the cause might be nerves.


konbini: manju [pan alike bun with stuff- i ate pizza and meat filling ones] sweet manju [with azuki, sweet red bean paste], melon pan [pancacke with melon muse inside and melon pan outside], cakes with azuki, korean chocolate and chocolates, japanese chocolate, chicken [like kfc but better and loads cheaper], rice buns with azuki, rice buns grass flavoured with azuki, rice buns with green tea flavoured azuki, azuki candy, green tea azuki candy
restaurants and street stands: ramen, some kinds of it, wonton, kimchi, meat and rice in many features, miso and other soups, meat balls, riceballs with 4 types of sauces, sukiyaki, okonomiyaki, shabushabu, sushi

from which i didn`t like: nattou- smells, tastes relatively bad- well, it`s edible, but not the best thing in the world for sure. raw egg- i can`t eat it. it was together in a sushi with nattou. disgusting to previously unknown degree. melon pan- though it`s gonna be better. tastes okay, just that i don`t really like melons. uni, aka, snails. yuck. it was in sushi. grass flavoured rice ball with azuki- grass flavour is good when burnt, not when being eaten. kimchi served here, it`s worse than the one you can get canned in poland. i also don`t like ikura. 100 years eggs. some other additional parts of sushi bento.

and i like: azuki, very much, riceballs, manju, sweet azuki stuff, meat stuff, ramen!!, naruto [the funny white pink thing floating in your soup], octopus sushi, cancer, very very tasty. did i mention i like azuki in its all forms and korean chocolates?
good. for now it`s all.

finally :) 

2006年08月08日(火) 18時41分
so finally some nice guys show up. one *extremely* cute [like men`s egg pink hiroko`s favourite model] salaryman, even not short. then a group of `kids` aka short and cute guys, they`ve been showing up from time to time. in the group o` 4 two are quite interesting, one looks like jun from glay and is korean, definately gonna stay in contact with this one, and second is a cute mix of peruvian and japanese blood. can be fun, they go party here quite frequently.
in the end my throat aches again, it`s hopeless here with the air conditioning. it wanna kill me most apparently.
music is good, people are interesting, but still i miss something. or rather someone. after 13th gonna be more fun in here, hopefully. the `living in tokyo` or anywhere else on the planet can be just as boring as here and now without the most basic thing, but that you got to build up, what i`m doing now :) funny thing, possibly i miss u guys now, and when i`m finally gonna go back to poland [stopped thinking about packing up on a daily basis! progress.] i`m gonna miss folks from here. queer ain`t it so?
yesterday americans came. how pathetic. a triangle, so loose, got trashed up to the state of `i can`t sit on a chair` and `oh you`re opposite sex, let`s have fun in the toilet`. very bad example... until yesterday nothing like that happened, and not like any americans haven`t came here before.

just additional couple of words 

2006年08月07日(月) 17時48分

<< someone please upload me mp3 o`that [album] andddd lessay kisou of dir en grey?? nice pwease.

current mood:

madison avenue - don`t call me baby [check it here > http://www.homeoflyrics.com/lyrics/Madison_Avenue-Don't_Call_Me_Baby-lyrics.html ]

that goes to the guys around here. unfortunately for them the lyrics are just right for the situations.

other songs that are on my mind for the lyrics or music or both:
britney spears - toxic, will smith - switch [please upload?? anyone?], amerie ft. eve - 1 thing, of course shakira, pussycat dolls- don`t even have to tell the names, you know which songs i mean. there`s more but i forgot, will put in here later.


on and on 

2006年08月07日(月) 17時26分
grr it deleted my post again.

so the news are: eating back to normal. yesterday i`ve also found the best place for ramen- best in the whole world. even after 15mins after stepping out of the store i could hardly think about anything but the ramen i just have eaten while ago. i found it coming back from the restaurant- i just love the little restaurants with almost homemade food. they are very local with permanent clients.. the atmosphere also got a lot nicer after i started talking with the neighbours. just a little talk and how big the difference.

important notice: on this week`s wednesday, at 1pm i will get an exclusive access tot he skype enabled computer. it will be about 5 am in poland at that time, but still, would be nice if someone would show up, for instance neko- you know girl how busy *some* stuff are around me in here and i have some words of wisdom for you i`ve been collecting since our last talk- hence, loads of stuff to say between you and me.

as for now i think that`s all. take care guys!
c u
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