cheapest fifa coins bury Brazil's World Cup dream

March 02 [Mon], 2015, 18:11
Soccer hosts final tragedy

Original title: Soccer hosts final "tragedy"

Xinhua Beijing January 30 sports, Reuters (reporter Zheng Xin Yao Youming) the climax of this year's Asian Cup, and 31st will be held in Sydney Australia Stadium. Australia and Korea in this tournament, "junior partner", the final showdown. Despite sitting on home court advantage Australia people complacent, but many host to stumble in the final judging by the precedents on the pitch, are enjoying the cheers, the "Socceroos" also has to cope with the huge pressures most tragic in the history of the World Cup "finals", cheapest fifa coins it is about unforgettable defeat to the host, "maracana strike" remains the Brazil fans aching pain memory.In 1950, first came to the home of Samba football World Cup, hosted by continuous demolition of Sweden and Spain, was in a round-robin match at the time, the last against Uruguay, was also a who wins to win the "battle" game, and the maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro the influx of more than 100,000 fans. Confident Brazil who opened try to win and to score a goal early, but the 1930 FIFA World Cup champions Uruguay have even pulled the two balls, bury Brazil's World Cup dream, got the soccer world into a sea of tears and sorrow from recent one hosted "tragedies", only less than 3 years ago. 20112012 UEFA Champions League final is in Munich, Allianz, one of the stadium's owner, the Bundesliga leader Bayern Munich all the way into the finals, opponents were thrilling eliminated Barcelona in the semifinals of the Premier League as Chelsea.
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