the empty brow slightly furrowed

December 19 [Wed], 2012, 18:50
A horse of air took only about one minute, then returned to the military base.This time, as the Dragon King's death and the king's escape the beast, a large number of the Zerg have retreat UGG Classic Argyle Knit, only sporadic small shares the Zerg has no risk, the soldiers began sporadic counter."Those guys were playing is good with the abacus, explain what should be weiweijiuzhao?Secretly and hide extension of the idea, but the......"For other tests are not in the military base, a horse is empty then figured out.He shook his head, eyes reveal a disdain -- destroy Zerg nest is certainly a hidden branch line, but those who underestimate the difficulty of the task.?Not to want those who will certainly bastard trials were in the air, so the station horse look down from a height overlooking the land, but several flashing will find Zhao Linger.See in shreds and patches of blood all over their bodies, clothes horse empty, some concerns about Zhao Linger: "you just kill ray king go?Not to do not matter, but you do not blind overexert ah!"Ray king and Dragon King teamed up to attack a horse of air, not as long as one thousand degrees of myopia, as long as they stay inside the base can see, Zhao Linger is no exception.In fact, when the response from Zhao Linger, immediately rushed to the line side, want to help one or two.But her bad luck, it met a has order two early stage strength of the elite of the Zerg, if not the soldiers together with fire suppression, afraid that she not be alive now." Canada Goose Heli-Arctic;Since I came back, it represents the thunder king is dead."The horse so like a big brother next door, to the sister with a kindly smile.Although the empty face throughout the blood some unpleasant, it is difficult to produce what the genial spring feeling.Before Zhao Linger could say anything, the free opening directly: "my body can support three minutes will collapse, need to repair the cabin to heal wounds." Canada Goose Men's Tremblant Full Zip Hoody;Hear a horse empty words, Zhao Linger would face every hour and moment are hung with indifference when the Shaidun scattered small, reddish strain way: "you say so much!Hurry up!"Yes, I am.Do not know the way.""Come with me!"A horse in the storage ring empty-handed was a nameless obscure fluctuation, cut was an instant received in, he had to go.Two speed, five breathe time, they came to repair the cabin."In repair of this time, please take care.You remember, don't let anyone except Lewis."Explain the sentence, a horse of air directly Cuanru repair class, Zhao Linger put his delicate fingers, point the repair module above the "START" button, the deep blue nutrition instant the horse so the submerged up.In the nutrient solution soaking, repair class continue to emit some frequencies of indeterminate weak energy radiation, assisted nutrition liquid horse empty body, so that his body be repaired.A horse can't help breathing the air, was directly inhaled some nutrition liquid.But then he was surprised to find that the oxygen content of nutrient solution in higher than air many times, it can directly provide he absorbed.To feel the physical collapse has been stopped, and began slowly to fix up, the air has been frayed nerves that relaxed.So, he can't help recalling the dragon king lion kill ray when mechanical tone synthesis."Kill the Zerg -- senior elite Dragon King, rewards points 800.""Kill the Zerg Ultralisk senior elite -- the king, received awards 800."(a two order early stage of Dragon Prince gave 800 reward points, how the two strength was approaching the two order high guy also gave only 800 points?)In the pale blue of nutrient solution, the empty brow slightly furrowed, but the twinkling of an eye he had relieved.(appears critical in Dragon Prince "main character" the words.The attack on the Zerg base camp Dick, this may be fraught with grim possibilities of the...)After getting this point, intense fighting about the fatigue feeling like a tide flooded the empty, so he fell asleep the past.......The day after.Maguire Singh's trial in the evening of the seventh day.
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