2005年08月03日(水) 4時49分
I'm so bored -__- I go screen printing with Felicia at 4, to pring the Gone With the Wonky shirt and the Sufjan Stevens shirt, though!

All these fans are copying Aku and I and are commenting on Tara and Takumi's blogs >_> XD~ I wouldn't mind if it they weren't so CHOU SUPAH FANGIRLY.

I wonder if Takumi mentioned us :D

I'm listening to Jitsuroku Shonen Hanzai Kikagaku by DAISHI and sitting here. o_o And I don't really want to enter in LJ. So yes. Here is a funny link to make up for pontless entry (not that anyone reads this *dies*):

The end~

First entry! 

2005年08月02日(火) 15時53分
This is my first entry in yaplog~!

This is so much cooler than livejournal <3

So last night I went to Circa Survive with Ari, her friends Claire and...someone, and her girlfriend. And it was so good *__* The first two bands kind of sucked, but Circa Survive was great! The music was fantastic, and the singer was AWESOME, but the rest of the band members were so boring. But I had a great time. AND BECAUSE IT WAS AT BOTTOM OF THE HILL I GOT X'S ON MY HANDS AND NOW I'M STRAIGHT EDGE!!!one

...>_> yes.

Here is the baton meme thing. I got tagged by AKU-CHAN:
1. How big is your music file on your computer?
6 GB in my itunes alone, plus a lot more!

2.The song you are listening to right now
Catch ~walk up to the continue~ by PANIC*ch

3.A CD you recently bought
[Coll:set] by D'espairsRay, Crystal Wall by l'yse:nore, and I hope to get Kuroiro by Kagerou soon!

4. 5 songs you always listen to or that have sentimental value to you
Nukegara - Plastic Tree
Kugatsu Mikka no Kokuin - MUCC
The Seer's Tower - Sufjan Stevens
Satsuki - Kagrra,
Last Word "_" - Rentrer en Soi
(Ahhh this is the best I could come up with off the top of my head ;_; It's probablly not right)

5. 5 people you will pass the baton to
Satsuk- >_> Akusoup-chan

The end~!
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» Bored (2005年08月03日)
» Bored (2005年08月03日)
» First entry! (2005年08月02日)
» First entry! (2005年08月02日)
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