phoenix smoke soft sigh of relief

December 14 [Fri], 2012, 15:16

Two hundred and ninetieth nine chapters you the arrogant ass Songgao De eyes flashing praise: generation outstanding figure, even aspirations to the next generation of Gezhu! the Second Princess if he can marry the day demon Palace, access to the days demon Palace support, replenish the skies you either Gezhu of that iron nails things! soft stare at him, grumpy and said: days demon Palace the seven princess is Yaozu seven Pearl, If they could marry them wives, and naturally get days demon Palace support. Ye Xu smiled and said: disciples played against experience. Butian Court of disciples know they in YE mind actually this evaluation, certainly not help Biao tears. Caw! Mountains, suddenly jumped out a huge six Jinchan, crouched in a mountain of mountains, saddled a Spirit House, six eyes like heaven green moon, the shining brilliance, only six Jinchan eyes Wherever he went, the space warp. Looked glanced six Jinchan eyes, mouth, one of a sudden to YE side seems, issued a rumbling loud: send you on your way! It is a vertical leap, there are dozens of miles of distance, to avoid a heavy ban in the high-altitude, to chase leaves Asahi, low-level ban or even a direct hit in the past, will ban devoid. The Golden Toad six Xiongwei radiance, eyes tightly locked Ye Xu. Song Gaode speechless: , whistling rushed forward, Chen Sheng said: Heli pushed, YE boat, walking through the mountains between the low-altitude. Phoenix smoke soft eyes light flow, looked around, constantly opening pointing them to avoid the ban. Less low altitude into the ban, let them near misses. Boom! Six Jinchan claws from behind them were barely depresses collapsed woods, its paw stepped on a piece of Ling Tian crushed the flower of a Millennium colorful wings ban together with the spiritual field directly crush even Vaillant did not erupt, it is devoid of! The six Jinchan immediately leaps to scarlet tongue roll call is heard, this tongue up to a hundred miles, shuttling between the mountains, like the snake, extremely flexible, always YE boat. Finally, six Jinchan tongue reached its limit, shrink back. YE trio just relieved, suddenly a huge toad head from between two mountains to explore the big mouth, his mouth full of sharp extremely fangs Kacha a bit off, it seems the space it bitten off a barely bite from the trio behind the surging flow suddenly the boat lift to fly! Six Jinchan blow in, slightly jitter huge body, suddenly launched into the back of the tall Spirit House, more and more enveloped dozens of miles. This Spirit House call the repression YE et al, it seems to have their income Fuchu. Young leaves, this time you escape no escape! People pressure. earthquake is LEIN, MJOLNIR who spent is Floor gods Ray! This trick Wei Xuan Wu law cross I do not know than Huang Canjiang, how much is simply heaven overturning of the potential, pressure fed from, yet close, they put the bottom of several hills ban activate these prohibitions just broke out Viagra can they pounded fragmentation, no longer exists! Wei Xuan standing in Fuchu, like a god behind his gigantic six Jinchan eyes wide open, which leaves boat tightly pegged. , do not mess go! The YE looked back, saw Wei Xuan chase to Spirit House is floating in mid-air, the floor day LEIN fall fleet raised a thin rays valley, his witch law Dangxia the. Wei Xuan roar the Spirit of government repression, down the tyrannical force has always been blocked and can not fall Canada Goose Outlet. this valley. He just entered the prohibition, suddenly, a huge bird six Jinchan eyes nostrils and even the surface of the skin, emerge green saplings, dense, in the twinkling of an eye they grow into towering trees! Wei Xuan speak, body refined gas in Crazy passage, also rapidly narrowing his soul! Vaillant these old trees in a frenzy to learn from his soul, into its own energy, turned trees nourishment! trees! This is an ancient array, the specialized restraint sorcerers soul, the Enchanter soul as a large array of nutrients, the three gods throughout the Sorcerer enter only a dead end! He hastened to withdraw back Menheng soon, the whole body gushed dry days Agni, calcined soul again, removing those young trees rooted in the flesh and soul. Large array of The toad was crouched down, and not into the array. His soul to stay outside in the battle, the flesh into the array, not subject to ban large array of God, can move freely. Phoenix smoke soft gingerly walking in front, Ye Xu and Song Gaode slavishly followed behind her, after a long time, they finally came to the center of the valley, phoenix smoke soft sigh of relief, smiled and said: . the growth of one of a spiritual Tanaka Yushu, as if jasper carved Jimmy Choo Sora Boots, even the foliage is also jade general. Long solitary strains strange tree where high Zhang Yu, though seemingly carved jasper, but in fact, it is an extremely rare elixir called the empty blue wanzai, broken tree branches, there nectar outflow, natural is the panacea. This is a the Masterpieces rare elixir, Ye Xu had heard rumors of such a panacea, said that this tree a thousand years before the growth of an inch, the combination of a drop of elixir, a drop of elixir it is equivalent to a third spiritual pulse Reiki! Wanzai this strain of empty green high-Zhang Yu, has apparently grown I do not know how many years, which I do not know how much bred drops Wanzai empty green the supreme elixir real! Three eyebrows, even soft phoenix smoke can not help but be excited, so large a Yushu, absolutely can release a large bowl the Wanzai empty green their strength to fly generally improved, or even enough for the three of them , became the the three gods territory of the strong! smiled and said: you are not in this column. akimbo UGG Classic Short On Sale, laughed: Wei old man, no soul you arrogant ass? the I hand will be able to kill you! the Song brothers soul master the flesh is very powerful ...... reminds us. said: nor crooked! Wei Xuan awe-inspiring: also to able you all killed! He's a hair from the head to float, to Song Gaode cut! ro! ~!

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