The FIFA Offers Often Lack of Control

July 25 [Fri], 2014, 12:19

We often see the imformation prepare for FiFa 15 such as the series of notice relate to gameplay improvement at E3.Although it can't see any significant changes after FiFa 07
indicated a great success era for the franchise,we also control the game in a static game.
When playing FiFa,we will out of control little by little as result.And then,passengers will
feel more frustrating and disappoint.
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I see FIFA grow to a football heretics from a game day by day. The heretics is for the players who don't know much about football or who are glad to ignore how football works while they find out find out important win.I don't like the opponents whose tactics is pass their ball into the attack blindly before releasing crazy lobbed through balls that must come off often.
I hate to see that neither I, or my rival hadn't say in really,the matches decided by headed goals. The AI ignores threats frigidly or flat out creates them while it should support me. I will fed up with defend.
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I really think FIFA is in need of gradually change as a game and I hope the changes are about the way in which we control the game, though Maybe I am not validated.Over these years,EA have added some modifiers,but this is few know about and use it actually. Only with Tactical Defending that there is a real upheaval(what's more,the features is named inaptly).FIFA's controls seem like sacred and inviolable for the most part.This means that we can look forward to the same core mechanics in FIFA 15 as we saw in FIFA fut 15 coins