Florentino Pérez has been elected chairman 5th time

June 20 [Tue], 2017, 11:24
From the official official news of the Spanish Real Madrid Club, the current chairman of the club, Mr. Florentino, buy fifa coins won the presidential campaign and he will continue to serve as President of Real Madrid until 2021. This is Florentino's fifth elected Real Madrid club chairman, he served as Galaxy warships brought 19 championship trophy, Real Madrid is considered one of the most successful chairman of the history.
Florentino's first election to Real Madrid is still the beginning of this century 2000. After taking office in 2000, Florentino in order to increase the support rate and attention, chose the "Zidane + Pavin" policy. One year to introduce a superstar at the same time, but also vigorously promote the youth cadets of young talent,de.fifacoin.com which makes Galaxy warships at the beginning of this century won a lot of championship honor. In 2006, Lafayette resigned his presidency for a variety of reasons, ending his first term in Real Madrid's position.
In 2009, Florentino once again became Real Madrid President, and amended the terms of the election of Real Madrid President. In the harsh conditions, Florentino few competitors. Until this year's general, he is still the only candidate for Real Madrid President election.
70-year-old Florentino worthy of Real Madrid's history, one of the most successful chairman, he served as Real Madrid during the two times to help the team to get the Champions League, the most recent 4 years 3 wins the Champions League, cheap fifa coins Florentino In the re-election is bound to continue to lead the Real Madrid to create new glory.