"Pena Carabana" is a famous Real Madrid fan club 

September 07 [Fri], 2012, 15:35
"Pena Carabana" is a famous Real Madrid fan club, their representatives accept the maca said in an interview: "I think that in this matter, Ronaldo was indeed committed errors, but Ronaldo air yeezy 2 cheap was Ronaldo, we will continue to support him. We admire him, we will, from the beginning to the end is on his side. "Real Madrid fans opinions, summed up is that Ronaldo did wrong, but this does not make his idol temperament reduced or eliminated. Real Madrid fans will continue to love him, also hoped for a clear statement.  
Conversation between Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo went smoothly, is also very effective. Comfort and encouragement of Cristiano Ronaldo Mourinho was at that time the phone, he told the nike air yeezy for sale disciples that Real Madrid are in love with him, willing to provide help to keep him, he said: "here you are important players, it is beyond doubt that, you do not have any doubts. We all attach great importance to you, you should feel about your appreciation and love. We will help you as much as possible in all aspects. Waiting for you to come back and we spoke at length. One thing you have to keep in mind: people here are willing to listen to your ideas, give you help. You have a good rest, eyes look to the future. ”  
For team competition, small Act states that: "all of Barcelona's midfield has the same philosophy, but it has its own characteristics. Guardiola after retiring, unable to understand Harvey football fans the beginning, Harvey so criticized, but Harvey is one of the best players in the history of Barcelona. Fans need time to adapt to and understand the characteristics of each player. I may have some anxiety in the presence, always forward-looking, not as Barca are now doing it, some of the football to a halt. In any case, I am happy, I have come to the place where wanted to come back over the years, and now I feel calm. ”  

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